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  1. Aug 2021
  2. May 2021
    1. Dr Ellie Murray. (2021, May 7). I’m seeing a lot of “these people are over-estimating risk” chatter that doesn’t acknowledge that the probability you die if you get covid is always less than the probability anyone dies if you get covid. It’s not “over-estimation” to consider community impacts. [Tweet]. @EpiEllie. https://twitter.com/EpiEllie/status/1390792624777334797

    2. Benjy Renton. (2021, May 15). Latest data from CDC on breakthrough cases (out of 115 million people fully vaccinated): - 1,359 hospitalized or fatal cases—52% female, 79% over 65, 21% asymptomatic—794 COVID-related hospitalizations—181 COVID-related deaths https://t.co/NTPBxgpcAV https://t.co/AGQnih2Ggq [Tweet]. @bhrenton. https://twitter.com/bhrenton/status/1393391680292859906

  3. Aug 2020