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    1. Le cadre national de référence définit ainsi des responsabilités partagées par l'État et les Régions et des compétences spécifiques exercées de façon concertée et coordonnée.

      un document de16 pages

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    1. The latest version of Ubuntu's default PDF viewer Evince has a built-in highlighter. It is very efficient. And unlike other softwares, the highlighted text is also detected when we open it using other softwares like Adobe PDF Viewer.
    1. Un convertor BUN spre FOARTE BUN din multe puncte de vedere, dar din păcate fișierul DOCX rezultat NU poate fi paginat după cum vreau eu (ORICÂT m-am chinuit NU am reușit să formatez pagina la A4 și marginile la „normal”=2,5 cm)

    1. Un convertor BUN spre FOARTE BUN din multe puncte de vedere, dar din păcate fișierul DOCX rezultat NU poate fi paginat după cum vreau eu (ORICÂT m-am chinuit NU am reușit să formatez pagina la A4 și marginile la „normal”=2,5 cm)

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    1. The coat is a use value that satisfies a particular want

      Marx: "Yesterday I pawned a coat dating back to my Liverpool days in order to buy writing paper" (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Collected Works, vol. 38 [1852-55]: 221).

      On the significance of Marx's coat, see Peter Stallybrass, “Marx’s Coat,” in Border Fetishisms: Material Objects in Unstable Spaces, ed. Patricia Spyer (New York: Routledge, 1998): 183–207. [PDF].

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    1. (Grenier (2017), p. 2)↩

      Je pense que justement à cause de la double parenthèse, cette référence n'a pas été interprêtée dans le pdf

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    1. Wong and Gerras did a frightening study of the need for Army officers to lie routinely

      The original PDF is currently unavailable, but Google has cached it here.

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    1. The transformation between two coordinate systems is represented by a 3-by-3transformation matrix written as Because a transformation matrix has only six elements that can be changed, it isusually specified in PDF as the six-element array [abcdef].

      Transformation vector definition.

    2. Translations are specified as[1001txty], where txand tyare the distances totranslate the origin of the coordinate system in the horizontal and verticaldimensions, respectively. •Scaling is obtained by [sx00sy00]. This scales the coordinates so that 1unit in the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the new coordinate system isthe same size as sx and sy units, respectively, in the previous coordinate system. •Rotations are produced by [cosθsinθ−sinθcosθ00], which has the effectof rotating the coordinate system axes by an angle θ counterclockwise. •Skew is specified by [1tanαtanβ100], which skews the xaxis by an angleα and the y axis by an angle β.

      Transformation vector component definitions.

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    1. This is one of many discussions of Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation. More of the page is taken up with decoration and graphics than needs to be the case but this page is included in this list because it offers a printable guide and because the hierarchy of the four levels is clearly shown. The text itself is printed in black on a white background and it is presented as a bulleted list (the bullets are not organized as well as they could be). Nonetheless it is a usable presentation of this model. rating 3/5

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    1. "What is regarded as important and interesting is what is likely to be recognised by others as important and interesting, and thus to make the man who produces it appear more important and interesting in the eye of others."

      There are many different reasons scientists research different subject matters. These intentions are not always known to the public, but the public has a sense of hope that these intentions are in the interest of the people and the research is done to better those who will be affected. The research to find a cure to cancer is a prime example where the people hope this research is done to better the people. The public hopes that scientists will find a cure to save their loved ones. However, this quote bursts this bubble of hope, in a sense. It takes away the innocence of these good intentions and creates doubt in the minds of the public. This quote makes the people wonder if research is being conducted to further the professional reputation of the scientists by being the first one to discover a knew piece of information and create history. People often default to thinking others have the best intentions in mind, but this quote brings a sense of darkness about that innocence. Is research really conducted to benefit the public, or is it done so a scientist can become a piece of history?

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    1. If the ID can’t be extracted (because the PDF doesn’t contain a trailer, the trailer doesn’t contain a valid ID array, etc) then use an MD5 digest of the first 1024 bytes of the file instead
    2. The ID entry is an array of two byte strings. The first byte string in the array is a “permanent identifier” that’s “based on the contents of the file at the time it was originally created” and “shall not change when the file is incrementally updated”. This is the identifier that we’re interested in. The second byte string is a secondary identifier that should also be based on the contents of the file, and should initially have the same value as the first identifier, but that should be re-computed based on the new file contents each time the file is updated. It enables you to identify a different version of the same file. Hypothesis doesn’t use this second identifier.
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    1. if cross-format identifiers like DOIs are used, annotations made in one format (eg, EPUB) can be seen in the same document published in other formats (eg, HTML, PDF) and in other locations.

      Whaa..? This sounds seriously hard. But remarkably clever.

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    1. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has evolved since it was first announced, and HEFCE guidance to institutions on its implementation reveals a number of significant concessions to evidence, common sense and fairness. Institutions may well implement useful teaching improvement mechanisms in response, as they have always done regardless of the nature of external quality assurance demands. However the rationale of the TEF remains – and it is deeply flawed. It is the rationale that this paper focuses on. It is argued here that its interpretation of evidence about educational quality, employability and value for money ratings, used to justify a TEF, are irrational and are not supported by evidence. Making fine judgments about institutional rankings (and hence fee levels) on the basis of metrics is likely to be thwarted by the very small differences in scores between institutions. Some of its proposed metrics are invalid. Its belief in the ability of a small panel of experts to make sound quality judgments is not well founded given the poor record of past attempts to make such judgments about teaching quality in higher education. The higher education market is very complex and perhaps only a minority of institutions will be able to benefit in the way the TEF intends. The TEF seems unlikely to be perceived, by most, as rewarding.

      This is interesting I can annotate this abstract in html format but I cannot annotate the article in the pop up window because it is in PDF format. So going forwards it might be a good idea to have a html format for the articles? Discuss....

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    1. Hypothesis now uses DOIs to join variants of the same document in the same way it uses PDF fingerprints. Both pieces of metadata — the DOI, and the PDF URL — are typically included in HTML metadata.

      This is really cool! Thanks for the great explanation!

    1. What can you do with a PDF? You can read it! It’s pretty just like the print versions. You can send it to someone else.

      One of the biggest barriers to OER adoption/adaption. . Serious work yet to do in this area.

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    1. PDFs have be­come bur­den­some

      However, PDFs are great for printing and archiving papers, so I'm not suggesting that they be completely replaced, but merely supplemented.

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    1. Forexample, in a 2–MW wind turbine, the weight of the rotorand the tower is typically about 250 tons [10]. As reportedbelow, a kite generator of the same rated power can beobtained using a 500–m2kite and cables 1000–m long, witha total weight of about 2 tons only.

      Is this a reasonable claim?

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    1. —both in the future as a better world and as one in which the United States bestrides the globe as a colossus. 2

      On the public version of this PDF at Project Muse (password protected), I've created an annotation at this point in the text. But it does not appear in this local version of the PDF.


      This is my demo PDF for local annotation with hypothes.is. See my sample annotation on the first paragraph of the essay. Add your own test annotations and replies.

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    1. An array of FDF annotation dictionaries (see “FDF Annotation Dictionaries” on page 681). The array can include annotations of any of the standard types listed in Table 8.16 on page 580 except Link , Movie , Widget , PrinterMark , Screen , and TrapNet .
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    1. Adobe Acrobat Standard has the same functionality as Adobe Elements, but it can also organize comments from multiple reviewers with sorting and fil- tering tools; combine applicat ion files into a single Adobe PDF document; digitally sign and certify documents; and manage specialized content from Microsoft Outlook, MS Internet Explorer, Access, and Publisher.

      This one isn't bad.

    2. In this book, I assume you and the end users of the PDF files you’re produc- ing have Adobe Reader—a free PDF viewer that works with a plethora of operat- ing systems—installed. You can use it as a standalone product or as a plug-in for your browser. It allows you to view, print, and search PDF files. It doesn’t let you create or change PDF files. People often confuse Adobe Reader with Acrobat— for example, thinking that the free read er is capable of saving data entered into any PDF form. (That’s only possible with reader-enabled PDF s.)

      Sad times in annotation town.

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