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  1. May 2019
  2. Nov 2018
  3. Mar 2018
    1. As of this writing, Markdown has no syntax for specifying the dimensions of an image; if this is important to you, you can simply use regular HTML <img> tags.

      markdown 目前的语法不支持设置图片大小, 但可以通过一般的HTML 标签实现

  4. Jun 2016
    1. Hartl’s Tenth Rule of Typesetting Any sufficiently complicated typesetting system contains an ad hoc, informally specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of LATEX.

      Sounds like Norman’s Law.

  5. Jan 2015
  6. Oct 2013
    1. Modern science has proved that the fundamental traits of every individual are indelibly stamped in the shape of his body, head, face and hands—an X-ray by which you can read the characteristics of any person on sight.

      Ma première annotation partagée publiquement!

  7. Sep 2013