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  1. Dec 2023
    1. Evernote 的筆記標籤、連結等無法直接轉移,需要一邊執行一邊重新建立。

      WAH? Evernote tags cannot be imported into Upnote??? Seriously?

      This video contradicts and mentions tags can be imported:



    2. 很棒的是,匯入後會保留筆記建立、更新時間等資訊

      This is huge! Imported Evernote notes keep their creation and modified date, and sorting in Upnote observes that.

    3. 先在 Evernote 中選擇需要的筆記、記事本,匯出成 enex 檔案。

      Confirming Upnote support ENEX import from Evernote. I'm ready to pay $1/month for this!

    1. the new ability to import tags from Evernote I get a lot of questions about importing tags from Evernote

      Awesome! This is so important. I wonder why Esor in his intro to Upnote said Evernote tags can't be imported to Upnote.


    1. Evernote Vs UpNote

      Useful thread overwhelmingly supporting leaving Evernote for Upnote. 討論串壓倒性支持從Evernote出走,奔向Upnote。

      The video does an in-depth comparison of the two apps. 影片深入比較兩者功能。

    1. Confessions Of A Digital Hoarder Taylor hatmaker / Jan 24, 2013 / Web <img width="610" height="400" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/themes/rw/images/single-featured-default.jpg" alt="Confessions Of A Digital Hoarder" /> <img width="26" height="26" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/themes/rw/images/fb-icon-light.png" /> <img width="26" height="26" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/themes/rw/images/twitter-icon-light.png" /> <img width="26" height="26" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/themes/rw/images/linkedin.png" /> <img width="26" height="26" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/themes/rw/images/email-share-icon.png" /> <img width="500" height="282" decoding="async" src="https://readwrite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MTIyMjk0Nzg0NDMyODMzMTI2.jpg"> In the dawning era of persistent digital experience, an obsessive documentarian like myself should flourish. In my pre-Web, analog life, I was the one with shoeboxes of photos, scrawling notes and lists on anything scrawlable. But the advent of the cloud – the arrival of multi-gigabyte virtual storage lockers, auto-syncing, and bookmarklets, oh bookmarklets! – has taken it all too far. My sanity is buckling under the collective desire to keep everything on the Internet. All of these little processes, saving that New Yorker essay to Pocket, poring over my archived tweets, figuring out which corner of the cloud I stuffed that then-genius story idea in… it makes me crazy and I hate it and I’m done. I come to you teetering on the existential irony of it all – the recursive madness of obsessively chronicling my life in lieu of living it.  Is there a Hoarders for the Web? Sign me up. The Enabler: Evernote One tool landed me in this mess to begin with: Evernote. I turned to Evernote to subtract the paralysis of where do I keep this?


    1. Jax Huang  · Top Contributor  · enotdorpSs2humgf62f9210umh u80cu1l4uhl741m4g7ie07a2Ji2fnh41i  · Shared with Public group將 Evernote 2千多筆筆記一筆一筆轉移到 Upnote 心得。我是2011年開始 Evernote 的用戶,在evernote裡的筆記總共有 2600筆。決定將全部搬到 Upnote ,但我是斷捨離高手,趁機大整理一頓。一些心得跟感想如下1. Upnote免費版只能存50則筆記,所以我訂閱了Upnote,一個月1美金。便能有無限筆記+無限裝置。2. 回到 Evernote, 用 Mac 版的 「過濾」,選擇「建立日期」=> 自訂。一次選一整年(如圖)。例如選2011年1月1日~2011年12月31日。一次列出一整年的資料,一筆一筆決定哪些要直接刪、哪些要備份。選好後,找「Export to ENEX 格式」令人髮指的是舊筆記讀取不到!! 在這一個步驟時,我發現 太多筆資料,連顯示都沒辦法顯示出來。在卡片預覽的地方有顯示文字,但是正規點擊該記事,卻只會出現一片空白,運氣好才會顯示出來(超惱人)。我試著到Evernote 官網用網頁版開,也是一樣問題。而這都只是純文字檔案而已,甚至不到500個字元。從2014年,到2023年的記事都有相同的問題。心冷、生氣後,更加速我要趕快搬到 Upnote。3. 到 Upnote中選 「Import from Evernote」,選擇剛剛的檔案,就能很快匯入了。4. 我每一整年大概都有400筆evernote筆記,趁此斷捨離,已經離現階段太久遠、已經過去了,就捨棄不備份,最後每一年只留下30筆資料。結論:evernote連 『顯示』 舊筆記都有問題,而且是「純文字 + 不到500字元」的筆記。我已經不放心我的資料放在上面了。先轉為免費用戶了。Evernote真的是老牌+大牌,所有其他筆記軟體都支援專門從Evernote匯入的格式。


      我可以,只是Evernote一次性匯出25000個筆記到 ENEX(以便再用其他軟體承接轉出內容,如Obsidian,YARLE),已經出錯 5 次了,完全不給原因,至今耗時 15 小時。

    1. 我是Evernote 12年的用戶,最近很多人也感覺到 evernote 「殘破」,連基本功能都破損了!經朋友介紹,我發現「Upnote」這個工具是最像 Evernote 的!● 支援各種平台(android, mac, windows) ● 可以單獨把文字上色 ● 可以貼圖片 ● 可以離線使用以上是我自己很重視的點。像 Notion 就不太能離線使用,而且搞得很複雜,我只是要一個簡單的記事而已。Upnote 免費版最多50則記事,付費的話一個月只要1美元。比起 evernote 又貴又爛,真的可以考慮一下。我今天(5/13)正式使用 Upnote,會持續使用1個月看看。分享給大家,我現在覺得 Upnote 的介面實在 屌爆了!#upnote #evernote #alternative
    1. 5月開始試用 upnote,說用一個月後才知道upnote 到底好用否。現在過2個月了。當時的文(前情):https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627367534162306/permalink/3558103127755394/【結論】:太好用了!滿足我所有需求。Evernote 做不好的基本需求,這裡都被滿足,一個月才1美元我花的好開心。好用的細項:1)各平台都支援,我手機Android , 電腦Mac 都通用,也沒有任何記事同步、衝突的問題。即使你同時開啟同一記事來編輯也穩。2)沒有網路也能 #離線使用,不像Notion。3)記事除可以夾帶圖片,也可以夾帶「#檔案」 4)文字能變顏色,背景也能變顏色。5)搜尋速度快,不到一秒就完成。(我的記事總數500則)另外這是如何從Evernote 把兩千筆記事快速轉移到upnote 的分享(沒有很仔細,自己找關鍵字)https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627367534162306/permalink/3572935229605517/#upnote

      One big point for #Upnote

    1. Unreliable import from Evernote .t3_q9bw68._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #edeeef; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #6f7071; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #6f7071; } QuestionTrying to migrate to Notion from Evernote, I've tried automatic import from "My connected apps", but with that I was missing some notes. After some unsuccessful tries and investigation, I've found out that the import only processes 400 notes at a time, and I've had 756 notes in my Evernote. "Okay", thought I, "I'll just delete all the notes that's been imported already and re-import again". So I've manually went through all my notes (!) in Evernote and removed the ones that's been exported to Notion, tried import again, only to find out that the limit was shortened to 40.As much as I love Notion, its team does not make it easy to migrate to it. Does anyone have a recipe for reliable Evernote import?Update: after moving those 40 notes to trash in Evernote and restarting the import, it is now just stuck at "Importing 1 notebook from Evernote". I mean, as google shows, this problem is at least few years old, perhaps it is worth fixing now?

      Exactly my experience: no transparency as to how many notes were imported into Notion. I had 35K and the results were at most the most updated couple of hundreds. Successive attempts of reimporting did not help.


  2. Aug 2023
  3. Jul 2023
    1. Evernote as a business seems to have problems

      For those who are Obsidian users, earlier today they released a plugin for converting/importing one's Evernote notes as markdown files: https://obsidian.md/plugins?id=obsidian-importer

      See also: https://obsidian.md/blog/free-your-notes/

      Those who don't use Obsidian might consider using it temporarily to convert their files to markdown (.md) format for use in other programs.

  4. Mar 2023
    1. I found the format of these Hypothes.is notes to be much more readable than the notes on the same topic in Evernote.


      There is definitely something here from a usability (and reusability) perspective when notes are broken down into smaller pieces the way that is encouraged by Hypothes.is or by writing on index cards.

      Compare: - ://www.evernote.com/shard/s170/sh/d69cf793-1f14-48f4-bd48-43f41bd88678/DapavVTQh954eMRGKOVeEPHm7FxEqxBKvaKLfKWaSV1yuOmjREsMkSHvmQ - https://via.hypothes.is/https://www.otherlife.co/pkm/

      The first may be most useful for a note taker who is personally trying to make sense of material, but it becomes a massive wall of text that one is unlikely to re-read or attempt to reuse at a later date. If they do attempt to reuse it at a later date, it's not clear which parts are excerpts of the original and which are the author's own words. (This page also looks like it's the sort of notes, highlighting, and underlining recommended by Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain text using progressive summarization.)

      The second set, are more concrete, more atomic, more understandable, and also as a result much more usable.

  5. Jan 2023
  6. Nov 2022
    1. Holy mackerel, when I saw the subject line of this topic I thought about Zoot – which I have not thought about in many months, and not for many years before that. Zoot was my introduction to this sort of “everything bucket” app. I also tried Info Select – which is also on Windows and may be an answer to @Claude’s question, assuming it’s still updated – and then to DevonThink and Evernote. My introduction to Zoot was an article by journalist James Fallows, of all people. He is the former editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, and reports mainly on public policy and politics. I wonder if he is still using Zoot? Three more probable options: Microsoft OneNote will be the most accessible to most Windows users. It doesn’t get you the search and “see also” of DevonThink. Obsidian and Roam Research take a different approach to the content-organization problems than DevonThink/OneNote/Evernote do. They rely on links and backlinks, like a personal Wikipedia. But they achieve the same goal of organizing information. They have search. AFAIK there’s nothing comparable to “see also,” but users report the same kind of serendipitous connections just by following the links they themselves made in the past. Another liability of Roam and Obsidian compared with DT: DT supports pretty much any kind of document that your computer can read, whereas Obsidian only supports Markdown, PDF, and images. I’m not as familiar with Roam, but I believe it has the same limitations. P.S. Partial answer to my own question: Fallows comes up in this forum as a person who advocated DT in a 2005 NYTimes article about “everything bucket” apps.

      From a discussion on DEVONthink alternatives for Windows users.

  7. Jun 2022
    1. Some digital notes apps allow you to displayonly the images saved in your notes, which is a powerful way ofactivating the more intuitive, visual parts of your brain.

      Visual cues one can make in their notes and user interfaces that help to focus or center on these can be useful reminders for what appears in particular notes, especially if visual search is a possibility.

      Is this the reason that Gyuri Lajos very frequently cuts and pastes images into his Hypothes.is notes?

      Which note taking applications leverage this sort of visual mnemonic device? Evernote did certainly, but other text heavy tools like Obsidian, Logseq, and Roam Research don't. Most feed readers do this well leveraging either featured photos, photos in posts, or photos in OGP.

    2. nothing is permanent in the digital world

      Either ironic or maybe not the best advice when suggesting people might choose something like Notion or Evernote which could disappear with your data...

  8. May 2021
    1. I started using Obsidian to make better notes (Notions as I call them), and link them together where I see relevance.

      Interesting that there is also a silo version of Obsidian called Notion, which is also similar to Evernote. I wonder if this had any influence on your name? This is a reasonable indicator that it's a good name for these.

  9. Apr 2021
    1. Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format.

      This might be an interesting tool to do import/export from Evernote and/or OneNote to get documents into markdown format (possibly for use in Obsidian.)

  10. Dec 2020
    1. Evernote had long been the gold standard of note taking, flexible, functional and best of all affordable. While its user interface was a little odd at times, the features were excellent, but they made the simple mistake of not enabling wiki style internal links. Instead, they required a user to copy a note link from one note and paste it into another.

      Evernote made the mistake of not allowing on-the-fly wiki-style internal linking.

    1. Evernote is a pale shadow of its former self.

      Idk about that... If anything, Evernote's problem is that it's virtually the same as it always has been. Their recent redesign is worth examination, though.

  11. Nov 2020
    1. This is another area where Roam really stands out from Evernote and Notion. Have you tried to link to another page in either of them? It’s a nightmare of right clicks or slash commands, it takes way too long. In Roam it’s so seamless that you can do it without interrupting your typing flow.

      A big benefit of Roam is the speed with which you can make a link to a another page.

    2. Evernote’s is based on three levels: Stacks, Notebooks, and notes. Each note lives in one notebook, which lives in one stack. Notion, Workflowy, and a few others allow infinite nesting. A note lives in a note lives in a note and so on. 

      Two top-down approaches to note taking.

      In evernote your notes live in Stacks, notebooks or notes.

      In Notion and Workflowy you've got blocks than can be infinitely nested.

  12. Oct 2019
  13. Jul 2019
  14. Oct 2016
  15. Sep 2016
    1. Unfortunately Evernote stopped its syncing service. Only a pay-account can use syncing across more than two devices. This made it useless for millions of users, who are now forced to export their notes and look for a more contemporary, user-loyal alternative.