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  1. Jan 2021
    1. There is a dimension of personal preference to it. I don't like to expose more than strictly necessary to external consumers, because it makes it harder to track usages. If you find a bind:prop in a consumer, you know prop is used (which you already kind of knew since the prop is part of the "public" API of the component). Done. If you find a bind:this, you now need to track all usages of this this.
  2. Dec 2020
    1. In fact, even <svelte:slot /> feels a bit confusing because it introduces a new kind of slot, where the concept is already a bit crowded (there the <slot /> in the parent component, and the target slot="name" for the slot content).

      tag?: crowded (how do we disambiguate, make it not ambiguous?)

    1. Some devs prefer Svelte’s minimal approach that defers problems to userland, encouraging more innovation, choice, and fragmentation, and other devs prefer a more fully integrated toolkit with a well-supported happy path.

      tag?: what scope of provided features / recommended happy path is needed?

    2. It’s worth mentioning that Svelte limits its scope to being only a UI component framework. Like React, it provides the view layer, but it has more batteries included with its component-scoped CSS and extensible stores for state management. Others like Angular and Vue provide a more all-in-one solution with official routers, opinionated state management, CLIs, and more. Sapper is Svelte’s official app framework that adds routing, server-side rendering, code splitting, and some other essential app features, but it has no opinions about state management and beyond. Some devs prefer Svelte’s minimal approach that defers problems to userland, encouraging more innovation, choice, and fragmentation, and other devs prefer a more fully integrated toolkit with a well-supported happy path.

      tag?: what scope of provided features / recommended happy path is needed?

    3. With the caveat that hero worship can be gross, distorting, and unhelpful to everyone involved, Svelte author Rich Harris (@rich_harris on Twitter) is one of my favorite open source developers. In the JS community he’s well-known among tool authors for spreading interesting ideas. He’s the creator of many open source projects including Rollup, the bundler of choice for many libraries including React and Vue.
    4. Svelte is its own language, not plain HTML+CSS+JS

      its own _

    5. The compiler architecture moves complexity from the runtime and source code to buildtime and tools. Behind Svelte’s simple APIs sits a beefy compiler. Frontend web development has become very tool heavy in the webapp era, so in practice this adds little cost beyond what developers like myself already pay, but increased build complexity is important to acknowledge.

      tool-heavy dependence on build tools / heavy/complex build-time

  3. Nov 2020
    1. (15x) ENJOYMENT: Forgettable Outstanding(10x) DEPTH (IN RELATION TO COMPLEXITY): Lacking Meaty (5x) LUCK FACTOR: All Luck All Skill (3x) REPLAYABILITY: Nil Limitless(10x) MECHANICS: Boring Interesting (4x) PLAYER INTERACTION: Low High (4x) PLAYER COUNT PERFORMANCE: Not Balanced Balanced (2x) GAME LENGTH: Too Short/Long Just Right (2x) CLARITY OF RULES: Mud Crystal (5x) COMPONENT QUALITY: Cheap World ClassINITIAL RATING (sum(Criteria Rating x Criteria Weight)/Total Weight) = 7.7

      rating scale evaluation

    1. This removes all the decision making about where to put things that you frequently run into with Evernote, Notion, etc. When everything can be everywhere, you don’t have to worry about the filing structure. You just keep adding links. 

      Nat's conclusion is correct, but his reason for arriving at that conclusion is wrong.

      You're not faced with the question of where to put things with Roam because you can do the following:

      (1) You can tag a new entry on the fly, in-line, CLI style. (2) If the tag exists, it will autocomplete, if it doesn't you can create it with no extra effort (3) Any tags you add are links to their respective pages, which allows you to (a) navigate their as soon as you've typed the tag/page name and (b) it creates a backlink on those pages so your new entry is automatically linked to from there.

    2. This also highlights a big difference between Roam and other note taking tools: tags are both everything and nothing. Every page is a tag, and every tag is a page.

      Nat says that tags are everything and nothing, but I don't agree with that.

      Pages consist of blocks.

      A reference to a page is treated in the exact same way as a tag.

      A block is not treated in the same way. A block is not a tag.

    1. It looks like you just deleted our lovely crafted issue template. It was there for good reasons. Please help us solving your issue by answering the questions asked in this template. I'm closing this. Please either update the issue with the template and reopen, or open a new issue.

      Ignoring official advice

    1. http://jonudell.info/h/tag-rename-02.mp4

      Most people would embed a YouTube video. Nice to see no dependency on 3rd-party service here.

  4. Oct 2020
    1. We could broadcast a warning if we find the variable to be set in the environment, but that is more likely than not to annoy people who intentionally set it.

      New tag?: warnings that may annoy people who intentionally do something. (Need a way to selectively silence certain warnings?)

    1. Doing so also means adding empty import statements to guarantee correct order of evaluation of modules (in ES modules, evaluation order is determined statically by the order of import declarations, whereas in CommonJS – and environments that simulate CommonJS by shipping a module loader, i.e. Browserify and Webpack – evaluation order is determined at runtime by the order in which require statements are encountered).

      Here: dynamic loading (libraries/functions) meaning: at run time

    1. Tagging

      I have found that tagging is really helpful. It might be interesting to see what are common themes.

    1. It is important to note here that the flow does not need to begin with a user interaction. With the rise of asynchronous middleware like redux-saga and redux-observable, the ability to trigger any code on a component anywhere is very useful.

      This tag doesn't quite fit: can be used independently (fine-grained/decoupled)

    1. The primary motivation behind virtual-dom is to allow us to write code independent of previous state. So when our application state changes we will generate a new VTree. The diff function creates a set of DOM patches that, based on the difference between the previous VTree and the current VTree, will update the previous DOM tree to match the new VTree.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: for: "code independent of previous state."

      annotation meta: may need new tag: for: diffs other than source/text code diffs (in this case diffs between virtual DOM trees)

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    1. 习经济学要目标高,因为偏向理论研究,所以本科就是基础阶段,硕士、博士才是追求。2、经济学的理论是有趣的,但是这些理论的产生过程是非常乏味的,在四年本科学习中,我们要花费大量的时间与表格、数据、数字模型打交道。你要做好这个思想准备。3、如果想深入学习这个专业,我个人的看法是必须本科双专业,也就是经济

      this is new annotation from daweilai



    1. My current research interests include human-computer interaction


  10. Apr 2020
    1. Google Tag Manager allows you to avoid tagging scripts as described below, although this is limited to a certain category of scripts – scripts that are not positional/do not define a position. It, therefore, does not handle embed scripts such as those related to advertising banners, youtube video widgets, facebook like buttons etc.
  11. Mar 2020
    1. This method has the advantage of being quite fast but with the limit of working only for scripts that don’t require a specific position. Google Tag Manager is therefore not effective for all scripts that display a specific element in a specific position of the page (such as the Facebook Like button).
  12. Dec 2019
    1. Since the time of Henry I, it has been used by the reigning monarch and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe

      Make an note.

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  16. Mar 2019
    1. Behaviorism

      Learning-Theories.com published a very handy few pages that describe various learning theories. This is a quick, straightforward, simple way to access information on the different theories. This article, Behaviorism, explains that the theory assumes learners learn by responding to external stimuli in their environment. Learning under behaviorism is characterized by a change in the learner's behavior. I use this in my horse training as I use both positive reinforcement (clicker training) and negative reinforcement (pressure-release) to structure my horse's behaviors. Behaviorism can be translated to human work, too. I've used TAG teaching (clicker training for humans) to teach people to get on and off horses with ease and also to trim horses' hooves. I also use it to clicker train my cats! 6/10

  17. Nov 2018
    1. This is an annotation I made.



  18. Oct 2018
    1. MLS constitutes one of the major professional sports leagues of the United States and Canada


  19. Sep 2018
    1. Import duty on air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines under 10-kilogram capacity has been doubled to 20 percent each from 10 percent earlier. The basic customs duty on radial tyres is now 15 percent compared with 10 percent earlier,

      dch hgchgcvh hkhk

  20. Jul 2018
    1. In conceptual terms, the new LINSIGHT method is closely related to our previous fitCons method
      1. annotation test 1;
      2. annotation 2;
    1. A document is the unit of searching in a full text search system; for example, a magazine article or email message.


  21. Jun 2018
  22. May 2018
    1. Ironically, DWYL reinforces exploitation even within the so-called lovable professions where off-the-clock, underpaid, or unpaid labor is the new norm:

      Doing what you love, isolates and degrades other workforces and elevates others and more so, the ones of higher economic class. One should be paid fair dues as per their work and have good working conditions. She wants people to realize that they deserve goods jobs and they should never settle for less in the name of doing what they love.

    2. limits

      The article argues different theories regarding doing what is right, with the bigger question being is it wrong for people to strive to be able to do what they love. But, at the same time, what is the limit of people seeking what they love without overstepping the boundaries?

  23. Apr 2018
    1. Online data visualisation has become very popular in recent years. Improved technologies allow web libraries to display data visualisations that are farbeyond anything Excel can provide.


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  28. Sep 2017
    1. Une élection est l’occasion de réviser le pacte social. Celle de 2017 vient en France après une décennie de faible croissance économique qui n’a permis de réduire ni le chômage ni la dette publique. L’économie allemande a bénéficié d’une parité monétaire favorable à ses exportations mondiales, les gouvernements français ont profité de l’euro pour financer la dette à moindre coût et maintenir les emplois publics. Cependant, la réduction de la mobilité sociale qui va de pair avec le vieillissement relatif de la population, la concentration territoriale des difficultés sociales et la pression financière que les « dépenses contraintes » font peser sur la majorité des foyers renforcent le désenchantement du monde thématisé voici un siècle par Max Weber 1 . Une pauvreté durable pour beaucoup et un monde social marqué pour la plupart par l’emprise des données que nous consommons et émettons par tous les canaux d’information, et qui augmentent en permanence l’inquiétude de l’avenir. Tout nous incite à tenir les biens immatériels qui sont au cœur du social pour des instances pratiquement automatisées et garanties, et à limiter notre information à ce qui vient confirmer nos croyances. Dans une démocratie tenue pour un service, le vote exprime une réclamation privée autant qu’un engagement civique.

      Première annotation, yallah.

  29. Aug 2017
    1. Hosting a discussion on Hypothesis breaks up

      Are annotations sorted by time or by place on the page?

  30. Jul 2017
    1. This guideline covers road-traffic-related air pollution and its links to ill health. It aims to improve air quality and so prevent a range of health conditions and deaths.


    1. Que faire ? Récemment, le Nobel d’économie Joseph Stiglitz expliquait auMonde : « La première priorité est d’aider les victimes de la mondialisation à se former afin qu’elles acquièrent les compétences leur permettant d’occuper de nouveaux emplois. Mais il faut également créer de nouveaux jobs, notamment du côté des services. […] Où trouver les ressources ? En augmentant l’imposition des plus aisés, par exemple ».

      J'ai mis cette note avec Nico

  31. May 2017
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  33. Oct 2016
    1. "Here is the land of opportunity -- money and success," Mr. Guarnizo said. "But social life is also important to Dominicans. They talk a lot, sharing, hanging out with friends. Here they work so hard they have to give a lot of that up. They have to strengthen their culture here to keep going in a society that appears hostile. They love their country. They recreate Dominicanness here."

      have to strengthen their culture here to keep going in society..."

    2. wenty years ago, her mother started cooking a Dominican stew called sancocho for neighborhood customers.

      bring domincan lifestyle into nyc. combine two worlds

  34. Sep 2016
    1. or body. Inside the jack, the contacts are suspended diagonally toward the insertion interface. W

      test annotation

  35. May 2016
    1. The team used a whiteboard with task cards, stand-up meetings, weekly iterations, and prioritization. They even estimated their work, measured flow, and held retrospectives.
    2. “[Agility] comes in different forms, but basically it’s the ability to quickly adapt to or even anticipate and lead change. Agility in the broadest form affects strategic thinking, operations, technology innovation and the ability to innovate in products, processes and business models.”
  36. Apr 2016
    1. I installed the Chrome extension for Hypothesis and then looked for a pdf or article type page. It is not working on my pdf right now but seemed to function for this Merlot article.

  37. Mar 2016
    1. “We lack the creative faculty to imagine that which we know.” That was back in 1820
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    1. Im Jahr 1241 drangen die mongolischen Reiterscharen

      Bold hahha



    1. William James was just wrong when he tried to argue that “two minds can know one thing.”
    2. sometime in the late 1800s and early 1900s, probabilities started cropping up in ways that appeared objective
    3. the universe is before us so that we can shape it, that it can be changed, and that it will push back on us. We’ll understand our limits by noticing how much it pushes back on us.
    4. One way to look at it is that the laws of physics aren’t about the stuff “out there.” Rather, they are our best expressions, our most inclusive statements, of what our own limitations are.
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  46. Apr 2014
  47. Feb 2014
    1. Ho w to R ead a Judicia l Opin ion: A G uid e for N ew L aw Stu den ts Professor Orin S. Kerr George Washington University Law School Washington, DC Version 2.0 (August 2005) This essay is desig ned to help entering law students understand ho w to read cas es for class. It explains what judicial opinions are, how they are structured, and what you should look for when you read them. Part I explains the various ingredients found in a typical judicial opinion, and is the most essential section of the essay . Par t II discusses what you should look for when you re ad an opinion for class. Part II I con clu des with a brief discussion of why law schools use the case method.

      I need a way to add tags to a document that will apply to all annotations in a particular document (except where explicitly canceled).

      The problem is that I often want to query all annotations related to a specific document, collection of documents, or type of activity.

      Type of activity requires further explanation: Given a document or collection of documents I may annotate the document for different reasons at different times.

      For example, while annotating the reading materials, video transcripts, and related documents for the CopyrightX course there are certain types of annotations that may be "bundled together" so that when I search for those things later I can easily narrow my searches to just that subset of annotations; but at the same time I need a way to globally group things together.

      While reading judicial opinions the first activity/mode of interaction with a particular document may be to identify the structure of the judicial opinion (the document attached to this annotation describes the parts of the judicial opinion I might want to identify: *caption, case citation, author, facts of the case, law of the case, disposition, concurring and/or dissenting opinions, etc).

      The above-described mode I may use for multiple documents in one session related to the course syllabus for the week.

      To connect each of these documents together I might add the tags: copyx (my shorthand for the name of the course, CopyrightX), week 1 (how far into the course syllabus), foundations (the subject matter in the syllabus which may span week 1, week 2, etc), judicial opinions (the specific topic I am focused on learning at the moment (may or may not be related to the syllabus).

      Later on another day I might update my existing annotations or add new ones when I am preparing to study for an exam. I might add tags like to study, on midterm, on final to mark areas I need to review.

      After the exam I might add more tags based on my test score, especially focusing on areas that received a poor score so I can study that section more or, if I missed some sections so didn't study and it resulted in a poor score in that area, add tags to study for later if necessary.

      I have many more examples and modes of interaction in mind that I can explain more later, but it all hinges on a rich and flexible tagging system that:

      • allows tagging a document once in a way that applies to all annotations in a document
      • allows tagging a session once in a way that applies to all annotations in all documents connected to a particular session
      • allows tagging a session and/or a document that bundles together new tags added to an annotation (e.g. tags for grammar/spelling, tags for rhetological fallacy classification, etc)
      • fast keyboard-based selection of content
      • batch selection of annotation areas with incremental filling-- I may want to simply select all the parts of a document to annotate first and then increment through each of those placeholders to fill in tags and commentary
      • Mark multiple sections of the document at once to combine into a single annotation
      • Excerpting only parts of a text selection, but still carry the surrounding textual context with the excerpt to easily expose the surrounding context when necessary
      • A summary view of a document that is the result of remixing parts of the original document with both clarifications or self-containing summary re-writes and/or commentary from the reader
      • structural tagging vs content tagging
  48. Oct 2013
  49. epubjs-reader.appspot.com epubjs-reader.appspot.com
    1. s exactly; yet, now that I recall all the circumstances, I think I can see a little into the springs and motives which being cunningly presented to me under various disguises, induced me to set about performing the part I did, besides cajoling me into the delusion that it was a cho


  50. Sep 2013
    1. A few years and missions later, Hubble’s glimpse into what is known as the deep field has revealed that we are just one tin


    1. LEAVING Microsoft quietly was never on the cards for Steve Ballmer (pictured, right). Only a week after the surprise announcement that he would retire within a year from the post of chief executive he has held since January 2000,


  51. Aug 2013
    1. Change happens in IT whether you want it to or not. But even with all the talk of the "post-PC" era and the rise of the horrifically named "bring your own device" hype, change has happened in a patchwork.