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    1. files with characters after the last newline are not text files, and those characters don't constitute a line. In many cases those bogus characters are better left ignored or removed, though there are cases where you may want to treat it as a extra line, so it's good you show how.
    1. t I think there is a risk that we end up being 'activists for the status quo' by being silent.
      • for: quote, quote - Kevin Anderson, quote - silence - activism for the status quo, Stop Oil
      • quote

        • There is a risk that we end up being activists for the status quo by being silent
      • comment

        • I would agree with Kevin. Silence is making a statement, it's not neutral
        • the "activists" are doing the dirty work of critiquing the top down actors
    1. the Bodhisattva vow can be seen as a method for control that is in alignment with, and informed by, the understanding that singular and enduring control agents do not actually exist. To see that, it is useful to consider what it might be like to have the freedom to control what thought one had next.
      • for: quote, quote - Michael Levin, quote - self as control agent, self - control agent, example, example - control agent - imperfection, spontaneous thought, spontaneous action, creativity - spontaneity
      • quote: Michael Levin

        • the Bodhisattva vow can be seen as a method for control that is in alignment with, and informed by, the understanding that singular and enduring control agents do not actually exist.
      • comment

        • adjacency between
          • nondual awareness
          • self-construct
          • self is illusion
          • singular, solid, enduring control agent
        • adjacency statement
          • nondual awareness is the deep insight that there is no solid, singular, enduring control agent.
          • creativity is unpredictable and spontaneous and would not be possible if there were perfect control
      • example - control agent - imperfection: start - the unpredictability of the realtime emergence of our next exact thought or action is a good example of this
      • example - control agent - imperfection: end

      • triggered insight: not only are thoughts and actions random, but dreams as well

        • I dreamt the night after this about something related to this paper (cannot remember what it is now!)
        • Obviously, I had no clue the idea in this paper would end up exactly as it did in next night's dream!
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    1. "Surrendering" by Ocean Vuong

      1. He moved into United State when he was age of five. He first came to United State when he started kindergarten. Seven of them live in the apartment one bedroom and bathroom to share the whole. He learned ABC song and alphabet. He knows the ABC that he forgot the letter is M comes before N.

      2. He went to the library since he was on the recess. He was in the library hiding from the bully. The bully just came in the library doing the slight frame and soft voice in front of the kid where he sit. He left the library, he walked to the middle of the schoolyard started calling him the pansy and fairy. He knows the American flag that he recognize on the microphone against the backdrop.

    1. This done, Adler can say that young crit ics of “the System” are not true revolutionaries. Real revolutionaries work within the System — since the System is the Revolution.

      How does the general idea of zeitgeist of the early 70's relate to the idea of "revolution"?

      See also: Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" (1970)

    1. Different brain-imaging techniques provide scientists with insight into different aspects of how the human brain functions.

      The content here is scant. This is listed as a Student Outcome, so is there some additional content we need to supplement future assessment questions?

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    1. Bruce Bills, a geophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and co-author of the new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. “Moonquakes reoccur again and again in the same locations at the same time of the month, which seems to link them to the monthly tidal cycles” he says, “but so far, nobody has been able to construct a physical model or clear pattern to explain the relationship.”

      2012: Nasa Bruce Bills: Moonquakes were explained by the gravitational pull on the earth but moonquakes occur again and again in the same locations at the same time every month. So far, [nobody] has been able to construct a model or clear pattern to explain the relationship.

      • Title
        • Life is not easily bounded
      • Subtitle
        • Working out where one hare ends and another begins is easy; a siphonophore, not so much. What is an individual in nature?
      • Author

        • Derk J. Skillings
      • comment

        • this article delves into the subject of defining what an individual is
          • what makes a biological organism the same or different from another biological organism?
          • This question is not so easy to answer if we are looking for a general definition that can apply to ALL species
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    1. Certainly you could adapt the code to round rather than truncate should you need to; often I find truncation feels more natural as that is effectively how clocks behave.

      What do you mean exactly? Compared clocks, or at least reading of them. What's a good example of this? If it's 3:55, we would say 3:55, or "5 to 4:00", but wouldn't probably say that it's "3".

    1. Are protected members/fields really that bad? No. They are way, way worse. As soon as a member is more accessible than private, you are making guarantees to other classes about how that member will behave. Since a field is totally uncontrolled, putting it "out in the wild" opens your class and classes that inherit from or interact with your class to higher bug risk. There is no way to know when a field changes, no way to control who or what changes it. If now, or at some point in the future, any of your code ever depends on a field some certain value, you now have to add validity checks and fallback logic in case it's not the expected value - every place you use it. That's a huge amount of wasted effort when you could've just made it a damn property instead ;) The best way to share information with deriving classes is the read-only property: protected object MyProperty { get; } If you absolutely have to make it read/write, don't. If you really, really have to make it read-write, rethink your design. If you still need it to be read-write, apologize to your colleagues and don't do it again :) A lot of developers believe - and will tell you - that this is overly strict. And it's true that you can get by just fine without being this strict. But taking this approach will help you go from just getting by to remarkably robust software. You'll spend far less time fixing bugs.

      In other words, make the member variable itself private, but can be abstracted (and access provided) via public methods/properties

    2. Python essentially doesn't have private methods, let alone protected ones, and it doesn't turn out to be that big a deal in practice.
    1. I'm not saying never mark methods private. I'm saying the better rule of thumb is to "make methods protected unless there's a good reason not to".
    2. Marking methods protected by default is a mitigation for one of the major issues in modern SW development: failure of imagination.
    3. If it's dangerous, note it in the class/method Javadocs, don't just blindly slam the door shut.
    4. Been disappointed, surprised or hurt by a library etc. that was overly permissive in it's extensibility? I have not.
    5. The old wisdom "mark it private unless you have a good reason not to" made sense in days when it was written, before open source dominated the developer library space and VCS/dependency mgmt. became hyper collaborative thanks to Github, Maven, etc. Back then there was also money to be made by constraining the way(s) in which a library could be utilized. I spent probably the first 8 or 9 years of my career strictly adhering to this "best practice". Today, I believe it to be bad advice. Sometimes there's a reasonable argument to mark a method private, or a class final but it's exceedingly rare, and even then it's probably not improving anything.
    1. what I'm asking people to do is to start considering what that means to your life what I'm asking 00:38:53 governments to do by if like I'm screaming is don't wait until the first patient you know start doing something about we're about to see Mass job losses we're about to see you know Replacements 00:39:07 of of categories of jobs at large
    1. Don’t confuse Consent Mode with Additional Consent Mode, a feature that allows you to gather consent for Google ad partners that are not yet part of the Transparency and Consent Framework but are on Google’s Ad Tech Providers (ATP) list.
  6. May 2023
    1. Seeking full energy independence from Russian gas, in response to Russia's energy blackmail in #Europe and the war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦, #Lithuania 🇱🇹 has completely abandoned Russian gas

      Lithuania abandons Russian Gas

    1. Featured Listings

      Using Silktide's Screen Reader Simulator for Chrome, I tested the webpage. The featured listing are especially confusing to understand using the screen reader because although there are only 10 featured listings, the screen reader repeats the featured listings three times (reads all 10 listings, then reads them again, then again). Screen readers are used by people who are blind or visually impaired, so the webpage has to be made in a way that makes it easy for a screen reader to navigate through, which is not the case with this webpage. This violates the "Robust" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: Look through the code to see if there is any repeated code that is causing the screen reader to read the featured listings multiple times. If there is no repeated code, then it may be a problem with how the featured listings section has been coded, so the format of the featured listings section may need to change. After making the appropriate changes, test the webpage using a screen reader before publishing to make sure that the webpage is easily navigable by a screen reader.


      Text is difficult to read because the text colour does not contrast well with the background colour. It would be difficult for people who are colourblind to read this text. This violates the "Perceivable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: The grey text colour should be changed to another colour that has good contrast with the background colour.


      The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines recommends that for any moving, blinking or scrolling information that starts automatically, lasts more than 5 seconds, and is presented in parallel with other content, the user should be provided an option to pause, stop or hide these animations, unless the animations are essential. For auto-updating information, the requirements are the same except that there there is no 5 second condition and the user should also be given the option to control the frequency of the auto-update. There are multiple places on this webpage where animations are present: the moving text that has been highlighted, the background images behind the moving text, the logos on the top right-hand corner of the webpage, and the featured listings (automatically moves to the left every few seconds and can also be dragged to move to the left or right). Furthermore, hovering over the options like "About Us" and "Register Now" causes the images to move. The animations on this webpage are non-essential and an option to pause, stop, hide, or control the frequency of the animations is not given. Moving and auto-updating content can be a problem for people who have difficulty reading text quickly, and for people who have difficulty tracking objects that move. For some people, moving and blinking objects can also be a serious distraction, especially for people who have attention-deficit disorders. This violates the "Understandable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: Add an option to stop, pause, hide, or control the frequency of the animations. When stopping the animations, the moving text can be horizontally centered on the page. Furthermore, changing the images behind the moving text and navigating through the featured listings can instead be accomplished by using clickable arrows.

    4. Arlington HeightsMount ProspectSchaumburgPalatineProperty SearchCOMMERCIAL LISTINGSLease/Credit Application

      Need to hover over the headers in order for the sub-menu options to show up. Some of the headers themselves are also links, so navigating to the header using a keyboard and pressing enter will send you to another page instead of opening up the sub-menu. The hover interaction means that the menu is inaccessible using a keyboard. People who are unable to navigate a webpage using a mouse and can only use a keyboard, such as people with a motor impairment, won't be able to access the menu. Furthermore, in general, it is difficult to see where you are on the page while navigating using just the keyboard. All this violates the "Operable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: The headers should not be links and instead, the webpage that the user would have been sent to by clicking on the header should just be added as an option to the sub-menu. Also, instead of hovering over the headers to access the sub-menu, the headers should be clickable dropdowns so that when a user navigates to the header using a keyboard and presses enter, the sub-menu should show up, and the user should then be able to access the sub-menu options using the keyboard. Furthermore, the element that the user is currently focused on should have a border around it so that the user can tell where they are on the page while navigating using a keyboard.

  7. Apr 2023
    1. But you can not make the user send a POST requests from an email

      eh? how??

    2. By default SMTP offers very little protection against interception. Traffic may be encrypted between servers but there are no guarantees.

      And how likely is it that the attacker actually owns one of the servers that is a hop on the way from mail sender to mail recipient?? Seems extremely unlikely.

    3. email as a transmission mechanism isn't secure.
    1. Using --ours did what I was after, just discarding the incoming cherry picked file. @Juan you're totally right about those warning messages needing to say what they did't do, not just why they didn't do it. And a bit more explanation that the ambiguity from the conflict needs to be resolved (by using --ours, etc) would be super helpful to this error message.
  8. Mar 2023
    1. The effect of Antarctic meltwater on ocean currents has not yet been factored in to IPCC models on climate change, but it is going to be "considerable", Prof England said.

      Another unknown not yet included in IPCC report

    1. I believe that SMS 2FA is wholly ineffective, and advocating for it is harmful.

      Would this also appyl to OTP by e-mail??

    2. This argument only works if what you’re defending is good. As I’ve already explained, SMS-2FA is not good.
    3. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Seat belts aren’t perfect either, do you argue we shouldn’t wear them? Etc, etc. This argument only works if what you’re defending is good. As I’ve already explained, SMS-2FA is not good.
    4. If you use a third party password manager, you might not realize that modern browsers have password management built in with a beautiful UX. Frankly, it’s harder to not use it.
    5. If you’re a security conscious user... You don’t need SMS-2FA. You can use unique passwords, this makes you immune to credential stuffing and reduces the impact of phishing. If you use the password manager built in to modern browsers, it can effectively eliminate phishing as well.

      not needed: password manager: 3rd-party

    1. repressed intuition "returns to consciousness in distorted form" as the symbolic ways we compulsively try to ground ourselves and make ourselves real in the world: such as power, fame, and of course money.

      //* Loy is stating... - Those engaging compulsively in money, fame, power, materialism - are actually deeply repressing - the fact that the ego-self, and therefore self-consciousness is a construction - To continually reify the ego-self, we engage in these activities - and of course, this is fueling the polycrisis we now find ourselves in

    1. Uno studio facente parte del piano vaccinale italiano 2017-2019 del ministero della salute ha evidenziato come i vaccini facciano risparmiare molto in cure, ospedalizzazioni e farmaci prevenendo le malattie ed evitando le spese che si sosterrebbero curandole. Tali valori sono destinati ad aumentare di anno in anno, in quanto i soggetti vaccinati restano immunizzati e a questi si aggiungono quelli vaccinati negli anni successivi. Quindi ogni anno aumenta il numero di casi evitati e di conseguenza il relativo risparmio.

      I vaccini sono alla base di moltissime patologie non causate da agenti infettivi (NonCommunicable Diseases) il cui incremento percentuale nei prossimi 10 anni è previsto nella misura del 60% A ciò si aggiungano le patologie su base genetica la cui origine avrebbe luogo a causa dei vaccini somministrati ai giovani delle generazioni precedenti. I vaccini pediatrici modificherebbero l'espressività di numerosi geni inducendo errori nella sintesi proteica ed originando così proteine anomale e quindi malattie fra le quali, numerose patologie autoimmuni...

  9. Feb 2023
    1. "Personal knowledge management is an aid to your work, not the work itself." —Sam Matla #

      This is entirely dependent on what and how you're doing it. If you're actively reading and annotating, and placing it somewhere, then that is the work, just in small progressive steps.

      He needs to be more specific about what he means by "personal knowledge management" as a definition of something.

    1. A sequence of Folgezetteln notes in the filenames of the Zettelns can from this perspective be considered a hardcoded outline and should be avoided, however convenient it seems.

      And here he says it out loud... see https://hypothes.is/a/Gl5ferPsEe2Yf5P83a3wUg

    1. keynote address in !" at the #entenary $eeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. %n this occasion he suggested that the fundamentalstructure of the universe was not matter but action
      • action, not matter, is the fundamental structure of the universe
    1. Voor een kernwapenvrije wereld, te beginnen in Europa Jet van Rijswijk -  02.02.2023

      Kernwapenvrije wereld, te beginnen in Europa

    1. Result of lots of searching on net is that pre-checkout hook in git is not implemented yet. The reason can be: There is no practical use. I do have a case It can be achieved by any other means. Please tell me how? Its too difficult to implement. I don't think this is a valid reason
    1. 70% of cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an estimated 40,000 children as young as 6 work in dangerous mines.
      • = energy transition
      • = quotable
    2. Tribes, landowners and communities find themselves wrestling with the not-so-green side of green energy.
      • = energy transition
      • = quotable
  10. Jan 2023
    1. Do not separate numbers from letters on symbols, methods and variables.

      Okay... Why not?

    1. Finally, a culture that rewards big personal accomplishments over smaller social ones threatens to create a cohort of narcissists

    2. Just as the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans gobble up a disproportionate share of the nation’s economic resources and rejigger our institutions to funnel them benefits and power, so too do our educational 1 percent suck up a disproportionate share of academic

      opportunities, and threaten to reconfigure academic culture so that it both mimics and serves their values

    1. We are living in a time of unprecedented danger, and the Doomsday Clock time reflects that reality. 90 seconds to midnight is the closest the Clock has ever been set to midnight, and it’s a decision our experts do not take lightly

      Press release. Doomsday clock changed to 90 seconds to mid-night. Largely due to Russia's invasion to Ukraine.

    1. Again, what the fuck this is.

    2. Not Sure How. It might be using the summation of geometric series. How is \(a^n\) handled. Mutiply the \(a\) in and then use the geometric summations, and then we should get the inequality.

    3. Thus, there exists 1 ∈ (−1, 1) such that

      Not sure what this mean.

    1. The usefulness of JSON is that while both systems still need to agree on a custom protocol, it gives you an implementation for half of that custom protocol - ubiquitous libraries to parse and generate the format, so the application needs only to handle the semantics of a particular field.

      To be clear: when PeterisP says parse the format, they really mean lex the format (and do some minimal checks concerning e.g. balanced parentheses). To "handle the semantics of a particular field" is a parsing concern.

  11. Dec 2022
    1. There is a fundamental distinction between simulating and comprehending the functioning (of a brain but also of any other organ or capacity).

      !- commentary : AI - elegant difference stated: simulating and comprehending are two vastly different things - AI simulates, but cannot be said to comprehend

    1. Fluxus was an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets during the 1960s and 1970s who engaged in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product.[1][2] Fluxus is known for experimental contributions to different artistic media and disciplines and for generating new art forms.
    1. Does our most powerful force not come from the depths of our capacities to #love, #care for and #serve nature and all its beings, including ourselves?

      !- good insight : markets do not set the direction, but subordinate to the direction set by our capacity for love and care

    2. the ultimate #guidance we need to heal Earth does not come from the #markets and our #technologies supporting them. What they are is tools, supporting a direction, facilitating transactions in a world where we do not yet speak a deep #common language of #unity, #stewardship and #coexistence but these markets and technologies should not dictate where we are headed, or else I'm afraid we are simply missing the whole point.

      !- good insight : markets cannot dictate the direction we are headed - direction should be set by our depths of capacity for love, care for nature and other living beings - markets should be viewed in the proper context, IN SERVICE to the above, not the MASTER of it

    1. This is a terrible idea. At least if there's no way to opt out of it! And esp. if it doesn't auto log out the original user after some timeout.

      Why? Because I may no longer remember which device/connection I used originally or may no longer have access to that device or connection.

      What if that computer dies? I can't use my new computer to connect to admin UI without doing a factory reset of router?? Or I have to clone MAC address?

      In my case, I originally set up via ethernet cable, but after I disconnected and connected to wifi, the same device could not log in, getting this error instead! (because different interface has different mac address)

    1. At Ipswich, he studied under the unorthodox artist and theorist Roy Ascott, who taught him the power of what Ascott called “process not product.”

      "process not product"

      Zettelkasten-based note taking methods, and particularly that followed by Luhmann, seem to focus on process and not product.

    1. The only negative to this method is that it may not ALWAYS work. If the data is faulty, or the link is inaccurately provided by the sender, Gmail won’t be able to recognise and include the unsubscribe button in Gmail.
    2. You may find this link isn’t available straight away, after a few emails one should appear, this is a common technique with mailing list providers.
    1. It’s as simple as running ngrok http 3000 to forward port 3000 (or any port) to a public ngrok address.

      We're not forwarding local port 3000 to a public ngrok address — we're doing it in the opposite direction, as the previous sentence just (correctly) stated:

      a secure tunnel to localhost

    1. Include one or both of these headers in your messages:

      Actually, if you include List-Unsubscribe-Post, then you MUST include List-Unsubscribe (both).

      According to https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8058#section-3.1,

      A mail sender that wishes to enable one-click unsubscriptions places one List-Unsubscribe header field and one List-Unsubscribe-Post header field in the message. The List-Unsubscribe header field MUST contain one HTTPS URI. It MAY contain other non-HTTP/S URIs such as MAILTO:. The List-Unsubscribe-Post header MUST contain the single key/value pair "List-Unsubscribe=One-Click".

    1. If a contact ever reaches out and is no longer receiving messages because they accidentally marked one of your campaigns as spam, you can reach out to Product Support. We can remove them from the suppression list for you. 

      why not allow user to do it directly instead of force to contact support? If they'll remove it for you because you said the user asked you to... why not just let you remove the suppression yourself? Mailgun lets you directly delete suppressions via their API.

    1. Imagine what happens when subscribers change activities, interests, or focus. As a result, they may no longer be interested in the products and services you offer. The emails they receive from you are now either ‘marked as read’ in their inbox or simply ignored. They neither click the spam reporting button nor attempt to find the unsubscribe link in the text. They are no longer your customers, but you don’t know it.
  12. Nov 2022
    1. by using symbols as keys, you will be able to use the implicit conversion of a Mash via the #to_hash method to destructure (or splat) the contents of a Mash out to a block

      Eh? The example below:

      symbol_mash = SymbolizedMash.new(id: 123, name: 'Rey') symbol_mash.each do |key, value| # key is :id, then :name # value is 123, then 'Rey' end

      seems to imply that this is possible (and does an implicit conversion) because it defines to_hash. But that's simply not true, as these 2 examples below prove:

      ``` main > symbol_mash.class_eval { undef :to_hash } => nil

      main > symbol_mash.each {|k,v| p [k,v] } [:id, 123] [:name, "Rey"] => {:id=>123, :name=>Rey} ```

      ``` main > s = 'a' => a

      main > s.class_eval do def to_hash chars.zip(chars).to_h end end => :to_hash

      main > s.to_hash => {a=>a}

      main > s.each Traceback (most recent call last) (filtered by backtrace_cleaner; set Pry.config.clean_backtrace = false to see all frames): 1: (pry):85:in __pry__' NoMethodError: undefined methodeach' for "a":String ```

    2. Hashie does not have built-in support for coercing boolean values, since Ruby does not have a built-in boolean type or standard method for coercing to a boolean. You can coerce to booleans using a custom proc.

      I use: ActiveRecord::Type::Boolean.new.cast(value)

    1. There are also many reasons refresh tokens may expire prior to any expected lifetime of them as well.

      such as...?

    2. You might notice that the “expires_in” property refers to the access token, not the refresh token. The expiration time of the refresh token is intentionally never communicated to the client. This is because the client has no actionable steps it can take even if it were able to know when the refresh token would expire.
    1. Zombie processes should not be confused with orphan processes: an orphan process is a process that is still executing, but whose parent has died. When the parent dies, the orphaned child process is adopted by init (process ID 1). When orphan processes die, they do not remain as zombie processes; instead, they are waited on by init.
    1. Glyph 0 must be assigned to a .notdef glyph. The .notdef glyph is very important for providing the user feedback that a glyph is not found in the font. This glyph should not be left without an outline as the user will only see what looks like a space if a glyph is missing and not be aware of the active font’s limitation.
    2. It is recommended that the shape of the .notdef glyph be either an empty rectangle, a rectangle with a question mark inside of it, or a rectangle with an “X”
    1. You need .notdef, unicode value undefined: microsoft.com/typography/otspec/recom.htm Characters are assigned in blocks of the same kind. Most blocks have some unassigned points at the end to start the next block on a round number. These points allow Unicode Consortium to add new glyphs to a block. New glyphs don't come into existence often. See typophile.com/node/102205. Maybe you can ask your question in the Typophile forum. They can tell you more about how this exactly works and how to render .notdef
    2. I wasn't aware of 'missing character glyph', some Googling suggests that U+0000 can/should be used for missing characters in the font. However in at least one font I've tested with U+0000 is rendered as whitespace while missing characters are rendered as squares (similar to U+25A1).
    1. At one time the replacement character was often used when there was no glyph available in a font for that character. However, most modern text rendering systems instead use a font's .notdef character, which in most cases is an empty box (or "?" or "X" in a box[5]), sometimes called a "tofu" (this browser displays 􏿾). There is no Unicode code point for this symbol.
    1. No, there is no “glyph not found” character. Different programs use different graphic presentations. An empty narrow rectangle is a common rendering, but not the only one. It could also be a rectangle with a question mark in it or with the code number of the character, in hexadecimal, in it.
    2. The glyph-not-found character is specified by the font engine and by the font; there is no fixed character for it.
    3. By the way, I am not talking about � (replacement character). This one is displayed when a Unicode character could not be correctly decoded from a data stream. It does not necessarily produce the same glyph:
    4. There is no standardized look/glyph, it’s up to the implementation
    1. The character does not exist. Proposed solutions include encoding the character, markup for individual characters, and Private Use Codepoints.
  13. Oct 2022
    1. The problem is that the caller may write yield instead of block.call. The code I have given is possible caller's code. Extended method definition in my library can be simplified to my code above. Client provides block passed to define_method (body of a method), so he/she can write there anything. Especially yield. I can write in documentation that yield simply does not work, but I am trying to avoid that, and make my library 100% compatible with Ruby (alow to use any language syntax, not only a subset).

      An understandable concern/desire: compatibility

      Added new tag for this: allowing full syntax to be used, not just subset

    1. I have always been impressed by those academics who can sit impassively through a complex lecture by some visiting luminary without finding it necessary to make a single note, even a furtive one on the back of an envelope. They’d lose face, no doubt, if they were seen copying it all down, like a first-year undergraduate.

      In academia, the act of not taking notes can act as an external signal of superiority or even indifference.

    1. As our younger brothers of the New-England Indians

      why is the one human race assertion held fast by this native tribe after new influence utilizing slavery?

    1. But this sounds like spreading fear and doubt when the Ruby parser has no such concepts :) {} always binds tightly to the call right next to it. This block {} will never go to using, unless it's rewritten as do ... end.
    1. Topsoil has different grades. Lower-grade topsoils are meant for filling and leveling holes and should only be used for that purpose. Higher-grade topsoils are great for conditioning or adding organic matter to the native soil. Neither grade should be used when planting.

      Should not be used for planting anything?? Hmm.

  14. Sep 2022
    1. in my personal opinion, there shouldn't be a special treatment of do-end blocks in general. I believe that anything that starts a "block", i.e. something that is terminated by and end, should have the same indentation logic
    1. The underlying theme tyingthese myths together is that poverty is often perceived to be an issue of“them” rather than an issue of “us”—that those who experience povertyare viewed as strangers to mainstream America, falling outside accept-able behavior, and as such, are to be scorned and stigmatized.

      One of the underlying commonalities about the various myths of poverty is that we tend to "other" those that it effects. The "them" we stigmatize with the ills of poverty really look more like "us", and in fact, they are.

      Rather than victim shame and blame those in poverty, we ought to spend more of our time fixing the underlying disease instead of spending the time, effort, energy, and money on attempting to remedy the symptoms (eg. excessive policing, et al.) Not only is it more beneficial, but cheaper in the long run.

      Related:<br /> Gladwell, Malcolm. “Million-Dollar Murray.” The New Yorker, February 5, 2006. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2006/02/13/million-dollar-murray (.pdf copy available at https://housingmatterssc.org/million-dollar-murray/)

    1. "detail": [ { "loc": [ "body", "name" ], "message": "Field required" }, { "loc": [ "body", "email" ], "message": "'not-email' is not an 'email'" } ]

      not complient with Problem Details, which requires details to be a string

    1. Hi L0ki,as we depend on retailers with affiliate programs to run the site without ads, and Amazon being one of them, yes, we are following their rules so we can use API and their affiliate program.As Tomas said, we are also trying to get the history back, though we noticed we aren't the only site being affected by this.As for ignoring their API and doing it the hard way - that could be possible I guess but really not preferable.And we also understand anybody not wanting to buy from Amazon anymore (as some already told us), but to be fair, if the game is available anywhere else (and I have yet to randomly find a game which is available only at Amazon), you can always check the game info on ITAD to compare the price to other retailers.
    2. If it's not, it should be illegal for them to forbid you from showing price history. This is restricting access to information, and it's probably supposed to benefit them from shady sales (increasing the base price just before a sale, so that the "X % off" is higher).
    3. "We are not allowed to show you Amazon history"? What prompted this? Fill me in if I missed something :).EDIT: Camelcamelcamel can still show Amazon price history, so a bit befuddled here.
    4. I would be interested to know what the legality of this is either way. I mean, do they really have any legal right to compel you not to list their price history? However, just knowing that Amazon doesn't want you to do this will make me less likely to purchase from them in the future. Anti-consumer behavior pisses me off. Edit: If this is related to API access couldn't you just manually scrape prices off the site instead and hammer their server? Or is this more related to not wanting to bite the hand that feeds you so to speak related to the funding you can get through referral links?
    1. However, while URLs allow you to locate a resource, a URI simply identifies a resource. This means that a URI is not necessarily intended as an address to get a resource. It is meant just as an identifier.

      However, while URLs allow you to locate a resource, a URI simply identifies a resource.

      Very untrue/misleading! It doesn't simply (only) identify it. It includes URLs, so a URI may be a locator, a name, or both!

      https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc3986 states it better and perfectly:

      A URI can be further classified as a locator, a name, or both. The term "Uniform Resource Locator" (URL) refers to the subset of URIs that, in addition to identifying a resource, provide a means of locating the resource by describing its primary access mechanism (e.g., its network "location").

      This means that a URI is not necessarily intended as an address to get a resource. It is meant just as an identifier.

      The "is not necessarily" part is correct. The "is meant" part is incorrect; shoudl be "may only be meant as".

    1. For example, a "write access disallowed" problem is probably unnecessary, since a 403 Forbidden status code in response to a PUT request is self-explanatory.
    1. Rename the existing default branch to the new name (main). The argument -m transfers all commit history to the new branch: git branch -m master main
    1. Snail mail can be too slow, and email isn't secure. So that leaves us with the decades-old, but still reliable, fax.

      email is secure enough. Why do people keep perpetuating this myth?

    1. Maybe one day, JSON Schema would be able to express all the constraints in the OpenAPI spec, but I suspect some are going to be really hard.
    2. When we do release a final version of JSON Schema, please do not use JSON Schema to guarantee an OpenAPI document is valid. It cannot do that. There are numerous constraints in the written specification that cannot be expressed in JSON Schema.
    1. The discussion here can get very fast-paced. I am trying to periodically pause it to allow new folks, or people who don't have quite as much time, to catch up. Please feel free to comment requesting such a pause if you would like to contribute but are having trouble following it all.

      Why is it necessary to pause Can't new person post their question/comment even if it's in reply to comment #10 and the latest comment happens to be comment #56? There's no rule against replying/discussing something that is not the very latest thing to be posted in a discussion!

      Possibly due to lack of a threaded discussion feature in GitHub? I think so.

      Threads would allow replies to "quick person" A to go under their comment, without flooding the top level with comments... thus alowing "new person" B to post a new comment, which in so doing creates a new thread, which can have its own discussion.

  15. Aug 2022
    1. I'm building a Rails API with a separate web frontend app as "just another API client" (various smartphone apps to follow as well). In the previous "monolithic" version of the service, where all the server side was rolled into one Rails app