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  1. May 2024
    1. Whenever I say man/son, I intend this irrespective of gender, which is such a rudimentary concept for spiritual beings that we are temporarily incarnated, housed in these bodies of ours for a lifetime.

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      gendered syntax - I understand, but I also pointed out that the evolutionary nature of a language's syntax gives it unique gender characteristics. - I gave the example of my own mother tongue of Cantonese which is syntactically more gender neutral instead of English, which is patriarchal: - Cantonese (play the audio at the following links) - person - https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/cantonese-dictionary/ - man - https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/cantonese-dictionary/ - woman - https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/cantonese-dictionary/ - In the Cantonese language, the suffix (Yan) means person, - It is then modified by the respective female and male prefix - Noi (female) - Nam (male) - This gives us gender neutral syntax, as opposed to English where we have patriarchal gender syntax, where the suffix is male and the female is constructed as a secondary concatenation using the male syntactical suffix - male - FEmale - man - WOman - HUman - HUmanITY - men - WOmen - The English language gives syntactical primacy to the male gender, while a language such as Cantonese does not - What the psychological effects are, I'm not sure of. For within the Cantonese language, there is as much patriarchism as any other culture. It is not a particularly feminine culture. - And the gender neutrality does not even take into account of the more recent transgender category.

      to - Cantonese syntax - person - man - woman - https://hyp.is/3wgg0BQOEe-uRQ-kpQf8Eg/www.cantoneseclass101.com/cantonese-dictionary/ - With English, we have to read between the lines and project the author's salience landscape because it's not explicit in the syntax.

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