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  1. Last 7 days
    1. Had a read through a few of the linked articles above... Wow. Messy, headache inducing stuff, and still so much vagueness.
  2. Mar 2020
    1. less secure sign-in technology

      What does that mean exactly?

      All of a sudden my Rails app's attempts to send via SMTP started getting rejected until I enabled "Less secure app access". It would be nice if I knew what was necessary to make the access considered "secure".

    1. If you have confidential or private content that you don't want to appear in Google Search results, the simplest and most effective way to block private URLs from appearing is to store them in a password-protected directory on your site server. Googlebot and all other web crawlers are unable to access content in password-protected directories.

      Does this only work for HTTP (Basic) Auth?

      What if you want to use your web site's normal login/auth page/system to "password-protect" a page/file?

      That seems to be insufficient to block content. Google doesn't seem to recognize it as being "blocked" and (even if robots.txt excludes the URL), can still be indexed if another site links to the URL, which can result in "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt" warning.

      I wish it treated "protected by regular site login" the same as "password-protected".

  3. Oct 2013
    1. The foundation of good style is correctness of language, which falls under five heads. (1) First, the proper use of connecting words, and the arrangement of them in the natural sequence which some of them require. For instance, the connective "men" (e.g. ego men) requires the correlative "de" (e.g. o de). The answering word must be brought in before the first has been forgotten, and not be widely separated from it; nor, except in the few cases where this is appropriate, is another connective to be introduced before the one required. Consider the sentence, "But as soon as he told me (for Cleon had come begging and praying), took them along and set out." In this sentence many connecting words are inserted in front of the one required to complete the sense; and if there is a long interval before "set out," the result is obscurity. One merit, then, of good style lies in the right use of connecting words. (2) The second lies in calling things by their own special names and not by vague general ones. (3) The third is to avoid ambiguities; unless, indeed, you definitely desire to be ambiguous, as those do who have nothing to say but are pretending to mean something.

      Use of language in good style.

    1. Words of ambiguous meaning are chiefly useful to enable the sophist to mislead his hearers.

      Interesting connection, sophist use ambiguous language for false persuasion.