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  1. May 2022
    1. Following the newer definition, the aside element should be inside of the section element to which it is related. The main element is not a sectioning element (elements like article, section, body, figure etc. are). You can of course still place aside in main, but it will be related to the nearest sectioning element parent of main. That means there is no semantic difference (for aside) in these two examples:


      <body> <main></main> <aside></aside> </body> <body> <main> <aside></aside> </main> </body>


  2. Apr 2021
    1. <aside> is appropriate if the side note "could be considered separate from the content"

      From a programmer's perspective:

      • It shouldn't be in an <aside>, if it is actually directly about what is in <main>
      • An <aside> should be able to be evaluated on its own, (almost entirely) in isolation from, and not dependent on anything in, the <main> content. This could be especially important/relevant for screen readers.
    2. <aside> is not appropriate if the side note is "a parenthetical". The W3C gives no examples of what it means.