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  1. Jan 2023
    1. These words are redundant and inconsistent with the style of boolean methods in the Ruby core library, such as empty? and include?.
  2. Sep 2022
    1. For example, a "write access disallowed" problem is probably unnecessary, since a 403 Forbidden status code in response to a PUT request is self-explanatory.
  3. Aug 2022
    1. additional redundant sources of the same information


  4. Jun 2021
    1. Critical to the acceptance of the position of the script subtag was the inclusion of information in the registry to make clear the need to avoid script subtags except where they add useful distinguishing information. Thus, the registry entry for the language subtag "en" (English) has a field called "Suppress-Script" indicating that the script subtag "Latn" should be avoided with that language, since virtually all English documents use the Latin script.
      • not worth saying
      • not necessary to say/write
      • useless information


    1. Prettier intentionally doesn’t support any kind of global configuration. This is to make sure that when a project is copied to another computer, Prettier’s behavior stays the same. Otherwise, Prettier wouldn’t be able to guarantee that everybody in a team gets the same consistent results.
  5. Mar 2021
    1. However, the matrixrepresentationseems redundant because only four of its nine elements are independent
  6. Feb 2021
    1. Furthermore, you call #sync_and_validate_with and #then_validate. When I read this line I understand than it do the validation two times.
  7. Nov 2020
    1. This scenario demonstrates one drawback of CSS: With all the style rules that need to be applied to multiple elements on multiple pages, things can get pretty redundant. And redundancy can eat up your time and cause friction whenever you need to change a color, font, or any other style aspect across your site.
  8. Sep 2020
    1. In Vue, your markup must be wrapped in a <template> element, which I'd argue is redundant.
  9. Feb 2017
    1. All words are tropes, signs that stand for some part of the thing they represent

      Seems redundant. I would assume anyone reading this article would know that words are signs for the thing they represent.