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    1. The yieldable objects currently supported are: promises thunks (functions) array (parallel execution) objects (parallel execution) generators (delegation) generator functions (delegation) Nested yieldable objects are supported, meaning you can nest promises within objects within arrays, and so on!
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    1. Normally you should not register a named module, but instead register as an anonymous module: define(function () {}); This allows users of your code to rename your library to a name suitable for their project layout. It also allows them to map your module to a dependency name that is used by other libraries.
  7. Feb 2021
    1. Please note that the actual task doesn’t have to be a proc! Use a class, constant, object, as long as it exposes a #call method it will flow.
    1. a task in an activity can be any callable Ruby object
    2. Your actual logic happens in tasks, the labeled boxes. A task may be any callable Ruby object, an instance method or even another activity.
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    1. They tell you all the time but you don’t listen that aquafor for adults is the same as aquafor for babies! It appears to be true if you look at the ingredients too. We use aquafor and aquafor baby interchangeably and it works great not just for baby but for us too.