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  1. Nov 2023
  2. Sep 2023
    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/266424945249

      2023-09-25 offered for $1,350 + $200 shipping from Lawrenceburg, IN to Los Angeles.

      12 drawer 2x6 configuration card index in filing cabinet configuration made of 6 modular/stackable 2x1 units with a small table stand.

      Seller indicates it may have been a Macey, but the label has worn off. Red could potentially have been a Weiss or Macey-Wernicke label? Would need to cross check others. Very early 1900s in oak, all wood with thin metal card stops on rails, but otherwise no other card index rods.

      13.5 x15x42 as measured, so like a 4 x 6" card index, but should double check.

      Cost per drawer: $112.50

      2023-09-27: Seller made a purchase price offer of $1000.

  3. Mar 2023
  4. books.googleusercontent.com books.googleusercontent.com
    1. Macey - Wernicke Cards and Supplies can be purchased throughresponsible Printers and Stationers

      Apparently in addition to a Fred Macey Company and the Globe-Wernicke Co. there was a Macey-Wernicke Co. Ltd. which supplied card index supplies in 1904.

      Geyer’s Stationer: Devoted to the Interests of the Stationery, Fancy Goods and Notion Trades, Volume 38, 1904. (p333)