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    1. Now our government and our media are trying their damnedest to lie us into another war, this one with Venezuela. They tell us the Venezuelan people are desperate for necessities like toothpaste, while independent journalists show piles of affordable toothpaste in Caracas.

      Does this jibe with this other fact?

    1. At the same time, according to a statement made by Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez on Tuesday, operation of the country's power grids has almost fully resumed throughout the country, which had experienced a blackout for five days.


    1. His comment comes after earlier in the day the European Union's Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that the UK parliament has missed its "last chance" to reach a Brexit agreement.

      This contradicts what we know.

    1. (the “2019 Safes”).

      What if another SAFE happens in 2020?

    2. This Safe is one of a series of Safes issued by the Company in an aggregate purchase amount not to exceed $[_________] (the “2019 Safes”).

      Why talk about a series of SAFEs?

  2. Mar 2019
    1. Mr. Trump had previously requested $5.7 billion to build a wall but was rebuffed by both Democrats and Republicans, who approved a spending bill that did not include the funding.


    2. President Trump will ask Congress on Monday for $8.6 billion in additional funding to build a wall along the United States border with Mexico, a person familiar with the details said on Sunday.

      Hi Dick!

    1. N'o approprh\,tion is so grudgingly given as the school appropriation, be-cause the mothers and most of the teas:hers have no vote.

      It's interesting how true this has been over time-- certainly in the US. Could it be true that it's because mothers and (most of the teachers) had no vote? Are there other countries or cultures where this dynamic has not historically dominated?

    1. I strongly doubt that anyone at Elsevier, including their new CEO, is against OA on a personal or principled level. It is virtually impossible to make an argument against the ethical or practical value of OA. The problem that Elsevier, and its staff, have is that they are constrained by the business they operate in. They simply can’t support policies and practices that will disrupt their revenue or growth. So things like Plan S and OA in general, which can be seen to disrupt their ‘business as usual’ have to be fought against. This is why Elsevier remain one of the smallest OA publishers (6-10% tops annually is OA) and the largest barrier-based publisher. It’s just business. I think that internally many of their staff actually struggle with this tension, and want to do things better, but they simply cannot.

      This is really spot on. It's not ideological, it's simply business. It's clear that Elsevier is going to have to adjust to lower margins in this part of their business. Whether their CEO and board are fully cognizant and clear eyed about that yet is definitely a question.

    1. EFFECTIVEDATE.—The amendments made by 8this section shall take effect as if enacted on September 930, 2019, and shall apply to fiscal years beginning with 10fiscal year 2020.

      This is very interesting. This relates to previous case law, blah blah.

  3. Feb 2019
    1. For Andreessen, the mission was personal. Before starting his venture capital firm with Ben Horowitz, Andreessen had co-invented Mosaic, the first web browser.
    1. 2011


    2. The results are summarized in Table

      When we were thinking through how to do fuzzy anchoring effectively for annotations, we looked to Sebastian's research here. The working string length of Google's bitap fuzzy search implementation in their diff-match-patch library is 32 characters, which sits in between these two values of context 20 and context 40. It turns out this is happily a great tradeoff between the relatively high selectivity (URatio) and the relatively good stability over 100 random changes (Stab 1...100) (since as selectivity increases with string length, stability decreases).

      This research over the wiki corpus gave us confidence that on a fairly large corpus of english text we could be relatively sure that the prefix/suffix searches would still select fairly well and yet be as robust as possible against breaking changes in the context strings themselves.

    1. but still doesn’t feel like it’s a joy to use.

      The UI is fully available now by the way. Not experimental.

      What are the things that would make the biggest difference to you in terms of ease of use? Would love to see if they jibe with our priorities.

    2. default design pattern matters.

      Our default is really targeted at users from the Chrome extension, who are carrying it around the web with them, and turning it on or off whenever they like.

      I can imagine that we would have a different set of defaults for embedded use cases. And more documentation and design examples. So much to do!

    3. I’m sure there are options to install hidden by default but this default design pattern matters.

      As you say there are a complete set of client configs options that allow you a wide variety of design choices-- including toggling all visible parts of the UX from view for those embedding like you did on your demo page.

    1. In addition, they provide outline.com, which is similar to hypothes.is but transforming the article in a readable version without all the clutter websites usually have.

      Small correction: Outline.com embeds Hypothesis, but we're different organizations. One of the great things about Hypothesis is that you can embed it anywhere with a little javascript. Another interesting side project is docdrop.org, which l created to let people easily host and convert document formats to something annotatable.

    1. Learning and academics are about exploring the things that interest you, growing with that knowledge, and finding the path on which you’ll be most successful. With 14 schools and colleges and more than 100 undergraduate majors, you’ll find what you’re looking for at UConn


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    1. neralizes

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    3. iption of the ML branch and the concepts of the data prepro-cessing methods, t


    4. chniques have been utilized as an aim to model the progression and treatment of can-cerous conditions. In addition, the ability of ML tools to detect key features from complex datasets reveals their im-portance. A variety of these techniques,


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    1. A small blog neighborhood hiding in plain sight.

      An even smaller neighborhood are the folks lurking in an annotation over your post, since they're disconnected from the comment roll below. Possibly an integration opportunity?

    1. Let me introduce the word "hypertext"***~ to mean a body of written or pic- torial material interconnected in such a complex way that it could not conveniently be presented or represented on paper.

      I love that Ted was prescient enough to give this 5 stars.

    2. Any given book_ of his library /_and presumably other textual material, such as notes/ can thus be called up and consulted with far greater facility than if it were taken from a shelf

      This passage in Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think" may be the first mention of what we now think of as digital annotation. The passage in the original article is slighly different... you can see it here.

    3. zippered lists

      These "zippered lists" are the first mention of what would later become known as "Xanalogical storage", and ultimately as "transclusions".

    1. Fundamentally this is a great soup!

      My carcass was from a 14lb Turkey. Most of the major parts were eaten, but there was still a considerable amount of meat on the bone.

      Per other comments,

      added two capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar during the boiling phase 50% Chicken stock to water Primary ingredients:

      Double carrots Double celery Double barley Add 4-8 cloves of garlic Skipped tomatoes (might reconsider) Seasoning:

      Double Worcestersshire Double to triple salt and pepper (to taste) Double parsley Double Basil Double to triple paprika Double to triple poultry seasoning. Double thyme Add red pepper Add a couple good squirts of Sriracha sauce And I found myself adding a fair amount more water, to handle the additional barley and also to make the soup a bit thinner. Particularly as the water evaporates over the course of the day.

      I can attest that these modifications result in a properly hearty soup!

      Oh, I also learned how to properly dice an onion today:


    1. Doubtless the Canadian did not wish to admit the

      I can annotate here.

    2. The thermometer marked 3? C. above zero.


    1. By 2006, Engelbart elevated ‘direct linking’ to the top of his list of user requirements, still largely unanswered, until now.

      I'd be curious if there was a record of this list somewhere...

  6. Nov 2018
    1. Today, we all use many parts of Engelbart’s prescient vision from fifty years ago – while some of the more profound parts remain still unrealized.

      Hmmm... I wonder which of the profound parts are yet unrealized?

    1. relation to his own intense sexuality. Moreover, as an intellectual, he was moved by the complexity and depth of Freud’s thinking

      make an annotatuo9

    1. Often, investigators can intercept communications at a switch operated by the network company.

      There was a famous case involving this and a whistleblower named Mark Klein at the AT&T peering center in SF.

  7. Oct 2018
    1. While I was studying at BDA, I conducted short-term field research in a variety of institutions in Beijing and other places across China, including Chongqing, Fujian, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shandong, and Sichuan


    1. Why did the poor poet of Tennessee, upon suddenly receiving two handfuls of silver, deliberate whether to buy him a coat, which he sadly needed, or invest his money


    1. MLS constitutes one of the major professional sports leagues of the United States and Canada


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    1. I believe both are overstepping an important boundary by installing activated

      Disagree. The user has indicated that they want Unpaywall by installing it. From a product design perspective, this is about how many clicks to begin using. Go ahead and install activated, though possibly alert that you are doing so.

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    1. We can help you from choosing the part needed for your application, what parts work together, to helping set up your suspension and even doing full service work on your Ohlins suspension. We have ex-racers on staff to hardcore enthusiasts ready to help you with any question.


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    1. “a hedge against the whole world falling apart”

      I completely disagree. If the world really falls apart, your BTC won't be worth a Zimbabwean Dollar. BTC requires a robust and functioning internet to enable it. There is no apocalyptic scenario in which the internet, particularly in an international sense, between China, Russia, US, etc, continues to function.

    1. Brother

      Hi Alex


  14. Feb 2018
    1. By default, all public contributions (annotations) made with the Hypothes.is open annotation tool are dedicated to the public domain via the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. Hypothes.is' TOU covers this policy in more detail

      The CC team was key in this decision of ours. This gh issue was where the discussion happened. https://github.com/hypothesis/h/issues/1257#issuecomment-57957198

  15. Jan 2018
    1. In fact, Rovi has never disputed that Comcast or its predecessors independently developed our X1 platform and our cloud- and app-based technology

      Of course, whether it's independently developed is immaterial in patent cases.

  16. Dec 2017
    1. so that early adopters could figure out which elements on the page were important

      Or maybe so folks just knew what was clickable?

    1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning in 2007 about the use of co


    1. Why buy bitcoin when you can go long a futures contract?

      Probably because you could pump the price in BTC's miniscule market while holding the long future!

    1. Third, OWA are attributed withCreative Commons licenses; the production of OWAcontent ismaterial contributed to the public domainfor others to use

      It should be noted, that the Public domain (CC0) dedication referred to here is specific to Hypothesis and it's Public channel in particular. OWA itself is license agnostic. None of this should distract from the worthy point being made here though!

  17. Nov 2017
    1. That's why the mainstream media's obsession a few years ago with unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of bitcoin, was so silly

      Some of the obsession is certainly just the predictable nature of humans chasing drama and clickbait headlines. But there are essential differences here.

      First, whoever Satoshi is, he is thought to control about a million BTC-- approximately 5% of the total authorized and 6.25% of coins in circulation. What his plans are for those coins is very important to the market price. Imagine if 500k of his BTC were to be sold right now?

      Second, bitcoin, and crypto/blockchain in general, has potentially enormous implications for our global economy. It's entirely rational for us to want to know who was this person, or persons, and their connection to the state, the dark state or the anti-state. We want to understand their background, mindset and intentions so we can better understand the thing itself, why it was created and therefore what role it might play in a potentially larger chess game. It's entirely more important than pants, because it's more strategic than pants. It's also considerably more important than the knowing the discoverer of a natural phenomenon like fire, because natural phenomenon are there for anyone to discover. If we discovered that it was Russian state-sponsored hackers that invented Bitcoin, then it would be entirely different (maybe their goal is to undermine USD as a reserve currency) than knowing that it was a cabal of offshore gamers or just some average computer nerd who found it a fascinating problem and never wanted the limelight and didn't need the money.

      Third, the notion that there is a real, mortal person behind the coin is important to its long term disposition. If Vitalik Buterin were to die or take ill tomorrow, the price of ETH would plummet since he remains its chief architect and decision maker. It's an existential and very real (and probably underpriced) risk to that coin's economy. His decisions and his pronouncements heavily influence it's future and it's ongoing price. Bitcoin seems to lack that risk right now because its creator is in abstentia. But it also suffers because key issues of scaling and architecture are argued by groups which cannot come to consensus, resulting in forks that are attempting to solve them. However, his re-emergence would be a significant factor-- perhaps positive, perhaps negative-- on the long term outcome of bitcoin, other coins, and their overall economic value.

      So, yes, whether he really exists, and may emerge at some point in the future is very very important. And of course-- it's a question we may never know the answer to.

  18. Oct 2017
    1. Jumping spiders have ‘primary’ eyes that provide them acute vision [57,58]


    2. Females of many species are able to store sperm, and a male’s sperm may be displaced or diluted by those of the female’s subsequent mates [10]


    1. The specimens described here were collected by Lev A. Nesov and colleagues in 1977–1994 and by the URBAC (Uzbekistan/Russian/British/American/Canadian) joint paleontological expeditions in 1997–2006 in the Turonian Bissekty Formation at Dzharakuduk, central Kyzylkum Desert, Uzbekistan [10, 11]


    1. It is also widely accepted that NO3− is reduced to nitrite (NO2−) and further to NO, generally known as NO3−-NO2−-NO pathway (Lundberg and Weitzberg 2010).


    1. A retrospective, single surgeon series study was performed in consecutive children operated at two major university hospitals for cervical instability between 2005 and 2015.


    1. PS-20 emulator). VAT displays the Augment files passed to it from the Augment backend, and brokers the user commands and editing/viewing refreshes within Windows-like windows and optional menu bars. Whereas AugTerm assumed a black-and-white (or green-and-white) monospace type font on the display terminal (in those days the graphical displays that supported variable space type and graphics were way too pricey for our experimental client base to support) with VAT we could colorize the di


    1. The standardized protocol of collection has been originally designed with the idea of integrating quantitative aspects of insects in the status assessment of the protected areas, and to construct a long-term archive in order to preserve (identified and not-identified) specimens of local diversity for future studies


    1. Basic statistics and regressions were calculated and plotted using Microsoft Excel. Although they do not state it clearly,


    2. We followed the conventions of Kilbourne and Makovicky [11] in plotting length vs. circumference, which should give an isometric slope in log-log space of approximately 1.0 (linear dimension vs. linear dimension)

      I love kittens with big teeth!

    1. Tajikistan, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Serbia and Montenegro;


  19. Sep 2017
    1. the incident reminds us that even open source solutions need to be vetted and managed and upgraded

      Did anyone ever suggest that they didn't?

    2. There is also a fair and possibly growing amount of business risk in basing technology decisions on open source solutions

      Sure, any open project can have vulnerabilities. But does that mean that there is a "fair and possibly growing amount of business risk in them"? Is the antidote proprietary software that's completely opaque? Microsoft Windows vs Linux?

    3. In our space, there are very few successful open source offerings

      The flaw here is to contrast "our space" with the larger "tech space" as if they are mutually exclusive. The reason why "our space" is smaller is that scholarly tech projects are subsets of overall tech. We benefit from all the larger tech projects as well-- but add our own domain-specific ones.

      Still, there are projects and organizations with substantial open source offerings that are worth mentioning here. Wikimedia, Project Jupyter, Hathi Trust, Internet Archive, CoKo, Center for Open Science, OJS, DAT, rOpenSci, ContentMine and Hypothesis to name a few.

    1. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth’s “convexity.” It is, therefore, a reasonable proof that Earth is not a globe.

      Of course gravity pulls down, towards the center of our fictional ball. But lets not quibble.

    1. elf-organizing featuremaps (SOFM). Our input data are ext


    2. no successful method has been found yet. Due to the random behavior of earthquakes ge

      Like so.

    3. The damage was substantial and spread over a widely populated area.

      Oh that's interesting.

    1. of the public officers law provided such oath is taken and filed within 30 calendar days after the effective date of this act. Such school board member that takes and files his or her oath of office under this act shall


  20. Aug 2017
    1. For example

      Internet archive example.

      <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="480" mozallowfullscreen="true" src="https://archive.org/embed/CNNW_20170817_110000_New_Day?start=180&amp;end=240" webkitallowfullscreen="true" width="640"></iframe>

      This is an embed from this IA news archive vid.

    1. Now, when I say that I am in the habit of going to sea whenever I begin to grow hazy about the eyes, and begin to be over conscious of my lungs, I do not mean to have it inferred that I ever go to sea as a passenger.

      Right hand column.

    2. There now is your insular city of the Manhattoes

      Trying this one here.

    1. ity of Adelaide Library for preserving the Virginia Tech version. The resulting ete


    2. now-d


  21. Jul 2017
    1. (1) for 3 or more misdemeanors or for a fel-20ony, the alien shall be fined under title 18, United 21States Code, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or 22both;

      This new piece of draft legislation relates to a major controversy...

    1. Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who has been lobbied by Akhmetshin, told CNN earlier this year that the lobbyist is someone with "an ulterior motive" who is "involved with people who've got an agenda"
    2. It is still not clear how many people attended the meeting. So far acknowledged in attendance: Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin and the publicist Rob Goldstone who helped set the meeting up

      I can say something relevant.

    1. tolic relaxation and filling of the left ventricle, increased myocardial stiffness, impaired vascular compliance, and incre

      HTML > P{DF

    2. eart failure with preserved ejection fraction(HFpEF) has become a major public healthconcern. Its increasing

      Hi Robdert.

    3. This study tested whether rat CDCs were sufficient to decrease manifestations of HFpEF in hypertensive rats. Starting at 7 weeks of age, Dahl salt-sensitive rats were fed a high-salt diet for 6 to 7 weeks and randomized to receive intracoronary CDCs or placebo. Dahl rats fed normal chow served as controls

      Make a note.

  22. Jun 2017
    1. Therefore, the find-ings are expected to have both scientific and technological significance in preparing LM-particle mixtures with enhanced properties or even new features

      Make a note.

    1. Hi.My name's Donna Holland.I'm associate professor of sociologyat Indiana University, Purdue University in Fort


    1. People become “content,” and calls for easier, more “permission-less sharing” seem to encourage folks to make demands on writers online (even in their own personal spaces), thinking they’re simply querying texts.

      People become "content"?


      I think, just as they did 100 years ago, people simply want to talk about ideas. Your ideas.

      You as an author wanted to put your ideas out there, wanted us to take them seriously, and wanted to be in some way a part of a public dialog about them. But then you also want to control new, innovative ways to have that dialog. Ok, fine-- but don't blame us for somehow stripping you of your humanity in the process. It's your ideas we were always after, not your soul. It's not that you're becoming content now anymore than in days gone by when people talked about other people's ideas too.

    2. Funnily enough, one of the accusations lobbed against me when I blocked annotations here was that I was attempting to exert some sort of “authorial control” over my work. Wrong. I was exerting control over my website.

      I think she's exercising control over the way conversation can happen over her work directly, and-- by declining to signal-- any alternate location.

      Certainly she's exerting control over her website by deploying a script-- who can argue? But the resulting effect is most certainly a kind of authorial control over her work, and any conversations that might happen around it.

    1. AEDs with sodium channel blocking properties resulted in seizure freedom in a few cases

      This is interesting. Relates to this other research.

    1. This paper studied the Beidou enhanced network and network RTK (real-time kinematic) method to improve the accuracy of positioning and navigation technology, accurately modeled and compensated aiming at the inertial navigation error of agricultural machinery, and prolonged the working time of positioning.

      Like so.

    1. The 2017 summit involved 251 participants from 38countries within the United Nations, governmental andinternational organizations, private sector organizations, andeducational and research sector institutions with variedbackgrounds and disciplinary origins in DRR. For the pur-pose of this conference summary the terminology used forDRR


    2. The process of evaluating current research status and identifying future research themes was facilitated by a pre-conference questionnaire through which GADRI members identified a sample of 323 research projects that represent current research.

      Make an annotation.

    1. Dogs received the test product as two meals per d, to provide their individual daily energy requirement according to the following equation: 95 kcal/kg body weight0·75 per d (397 kJ/kg body weight0·75 per d). During the adaptation phase (4–6 d), no samples of faeces or diet were collected to allow for complete transition of test product through the digestive tract. During the collection phase (7–11 d), faeces were collected daily, pooled for each dog and stored at −20°C prior to analysis. Food intakes and refusals were recorded daily.

      I never knew that dogs ate this stuff.

    1. Body mass index was calculated as weight in kilograms/(height in meters)2. Mortality information was obtained via death certificates and autopsy reports as available and supplemented by the National Death Index through December 31, 2006.

      Like this.

    1. Historically there has been a lot of connection between classification of shifts offinite type, classification of Cuntz-Krieger algebras and classification of more generalC∗-algebras

      $$\varepsilon = \frac{2}{h^3} \int_0^{p_F} \sqrt{p^2 c^2 + m^2 c^4} \cdot 4 \pi p^2 dp=$$

      $$\frac{8 \pi}{h^3} \frac{m c^2}{\lambda^3} \int_0^x \sqrt{1+y^2} \cdot y^2 dy $$