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    1. homemade Pad Thai!

      @caroline. Is it really homemade though?

    1. Ursula von der Leyen has won a second term as European Commission president, securing an emphatic victory in the European parliament as mainstream lawmakers united against anti-EU and extreme-right forces.

      Hi Nuno

  3. Jul 2024
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    1. What are some other key blog posts that this team wrote?(Press enter to insert)AckAnno IdentityAnno Pitch Deck BasicsAnnotate Points MadeAnnotate debate templateAnnotate proteins templateBoard Deck Format templateBoard Deck templateH Restrained LanguageH VisionHypothesisInvestor email update templateNew TemplatePRD General overviewPRD PromptPRD TemplatePitching AnnoAckAnno IdentityAnno Pitch Deck BasicsAnnotate Points MadeAnnotate debate templateAnnotate proteins templateBoard Deck Format templateBoard Deck templateH Restrained LanguageH VisionHypothesisInvestor email update templateNew TemplatePRD General overviewPRD PromptPRD TemplatePitching AnnoPress enter to confirmRecent FilesCongressional-legislative-drafting-157e8918543d4ee498af97ed3-xqdwc_ocr_force.pdfPdf Fingerprinting Pdf Fingerprinting In PythonHypothesis Full Stack Developer OpportunityHouse Asks For Feedback On Its Collaborative Legislative Drafting Study"Collaborative Legislative Drafting Workflow Modernization"Ad85a8bcbb6944ffab0d00e62feb22a2 ViewHypothesis Full Stack Developer OpportunityPick Google Drive fileWritePreviewHere are some seminal blog posts about Hypothes.is and the vision.SoulsearchingFuzzy anchoringW3C StandardReadiumJS / EPUBFormation of Anno What are some other key blog posts that this team wrote?CancelSave & SubmitTitlepress 'Enter' to confirm

      Hi Dave!

    1. NATO Summit uh we already had a gaff from Biden we already had a gaff so he was trying to introduce president


    1. I'd create something called the Teran time binary operation star subt and I'd say that provisionally I Define a star subt time time B to be equal to a * 1 + B because your rule says that you should add a to itself B number of times so that is the formula in standard mathematics for what you are introducing as times then I come up with the Terren root of C equaling D if D terance producted with itself um equals c so now I have Terren binary operation Terren root and the Terren Square operation and I say now okay now that's a totally legitimate object

      This is such a phenomenally honorable AND KIND way of calling bullshit on 1X1=2. I wonder if anyone else appreciates this. HE COMES UP WITH A TERRENCE OPERATION AND DISPROVES THE ASSERTION BY USING THE OPERATION ITSELF!

  5. Jun 2024
    1. it may be impossible to do this impeccably right it's like it's like the until we have you know perfect artificial intelligence it's just going to be impossible to be truly consistent with your terms of service because you're always going to be able to find the example of the thing that was not appropriately moderated

      But this is in fact what is now quite clearly possible today. Using employees as frontline moderators and enforcers of unevenly applied ToS is officially an old school brute force tactic. There are only two viable techniques now IMHO... 1) is AI assisted pre-moderation, and 2) is community driven meta-moderation (e.g. semi-random, community self-moderation).

  6. May 2024
    1. a program with a voice many believed was alarmingly similar to Johansson’s

      The real question is here. Is it illegal, or more importantly... wrong?, to use a voice that is similar to another. Presumably the voice actress that they used for modeling purposes owns her own voice. What are her rights, etc.

  7. Mar 2024
    1. Lorem Ipsum "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..." "There is no




  8. Feb 2024
    1. audio on the web

      We agree!

    2. it's good for journalism

      Because for instance, you could annotate important pieces of multimedia content for further analysis.

    3. but also for video

      Like this one. :)

    4. you can click perhaps on the transcript move to certain parts

      This works! You can click the transcript to advance the video.

    5. maybe you can copy and paste that transcript

      Note that you can copy the transcript above with the copy icon at the top of the transcript bar.

  9. Jan 2024
    1. n 5,000 emails per day. These changes impact customers of any email service provider—not just Mailchimp customers, and w

      test 2

  10. Sep 2023
    1. aign is a proof of concept for changemaking that strengthens our community a

      Make a note here.

    1. rdening with the most productive methods of gardening and hitting the sweet spot for all of those points

      The stanza is printed first in faux-mediaeval lettering as a "relic of ancient Poetry" (in which þe is a form of the word the) and printed again "in modern characters".[4] The rest of the poem was written during Carroll's stay with relatives at Whitburn, near Sunderland. The story may have been partly inspired by the local Sunderland area legend of the Lambton Worm[5][6] and the tale of the Sockburn Worm.[7]

      The concept of nonsense verse was not original to Carroll, who would have known of chapbooks such as The World Turned Upside Down[8] and stories such as "The Grand Panjandrum". Nonsense existed in Shakespeare's work and was well-known in the Brothers Grimm's fairytales, some of which are called lying tales or lügenmärchen.[9] Biographer Roger Lancelyn Green suggested that "Jabberwocky" was a parody of the German ballad "The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains",[10][11][12] which had been translated into English by Carroll's cousin Menella Bute Smedley in 1846.[11][13] Historian Sean B. Palmer suggests that Carroll was inspired by a section from Shakespeare's Hamlet, citing the lines: "The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead / Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets" from Act I, Scene i.[14][15]

      John Tenniel reluctantly agreed to illustrate the book in 1871,[16] and his illustrations are still the defining images of the poem. The illustration of the Jabberwock may reflect the contemporary Victorian obsession with natural history and the fast-evolving sciences of palaeontology and geology. Stephen Prickett notes that in the context of Darwin and Mantell's publications and vast exhibitions of dinosaurs, such as those at the Crystal Palace from 1854, it is unsurprising that Tenniel gave the Jabberwock "the leathery wings of a pterodactyl and the long scaly neck and tail of a sauropod."[16]

    2. wing you how to set up and grow these These are hydroponic tomatoes grown in the kraki style of


      test test


      test test


      sam said:


  11. projectannotation.testapp.ovh projectannotation.testapp.ovh
    1. chat with a chicken

      Do we really want to chat with chickens?

    2. eats like mealworms, grains, or small pieces of fruit to create a positive association and draw their attention. You can use these treats to train them or simply to engage with them in a positive way.

      Hi Sean

    3. so it's important to manage your expectations when trying to communicate with them. They may not respond to chat in the sa

      This is an annootation on a chicken chat.

    4. otivated by

      And here.

    5. and vocalizations. Chickens communicate with each other through various sounds and movements, which can tell you about their mood, needs, and intentions. Use non-verbal communication: Chi

      So I comment on this part of the prompt.

  12. Aug 2023
    1. it's the only way to get across town because public transportation is a nightmare gas is going to be

      I can can make a comment

    1. specify the length of the wp Keys yes you can specify the length so and is there a li

      Here's another one.

    2. unfortunately I don't have access to yet I'm on the waiting list but it reverts now to gbt 3.5 turbo and then it

      Hey this interesting.

  13. Jul 2023
  14. Jun 2023
    1. prompt here we go import random so for

      so's this.

    2. against GPT 3.5 turbo which is is a proprietary model by openai so let's go as always we have our trusty llm rubric

      hey, this is cool.

    1. d possibility-- he has a mutation in one gene in his head. And what we will be seeing is this is exactly the profile that you get in a certain neurological disease

      Like this.

    1. an officials said.Ukraine has remained silent about military operations after months of preparing for a major co

      Like this.

  15. May 2023
  16. Apr 2023
    1. my summary I've got my transcript all that good stuff so if you do want to learn more about ultimate brain you can go over to thoma


    2. nts and so on of course what chat should be T actually does with ou

      Hey, this is cool

  17. Mar 2023
    1. es and works long hours, including often on the weekend. He’s usua

      This is a load od First would be resourcefulness, an effective EA should be resourceful in finding other solutions if a problem comes up. Next would be proactiveness, we need to be a self starter to be more effective. The last characteristic would be flexible, with the wide scope of tasks, we should be more open and flexible to learn more about the client's business. What is the most important thing you've learned from your previous work experience? Patience was the most important thing I learned. Everyone has a different style of communication and to be more effective, we should not only be more considerate but also more flexible to work on the client's terms. Productivity Tools fja;ldfjdsakjfa'sf'fs da df ads fdas f asdf asd fa sdf asdf asd fad sf af asd f dsf


    1. emale employee when the roof of the company's Oakland warehouse collapsed arou


    2. t rain was slowly moving south from the Bay Area early Friday morning and heading into Central California, which is expected to be hit the hardest. Considerable flooding is

      Say what you want.

    1. Trump escaped conviction in an impeachment trial and has not been criminally charged. A House committee made four referrals to the Department of Justice.


    2. In a statement, Fox News said Dominion was “using further distortion and misinformation in its PR campaign to smear Fox News and trample on freedom of speech and freedom of the press”.

      Make a note.

    1. g economy and executive transitions away from founders have ushered

      Something else.

    2. But as tech companies have turned to mass layoffs in recent months, the big bets have increasingly looked like bad bets for

      Say sometihng.

    1. operation. U.S. officials declined to disclose the nature of the intelligence, how it was obtained or any details of the strength of the evidence it contains

      Like so.

    2. e reviewed by U.S. officials suggests that a pro-Ukrainian group carried out th

      Like this

    1. Shares in Atlassian were $27.22 in late-afternoon trading on Thursday, up nearly 30 percent above their offer price of $21

      Make a note.

  18. Feb 2023
    1. Future tools and type in music LM and find it that way now I want to show you some other Cool Tools so one of them is called synthesizer V and what this is is AI generated music vocals and

      Hi John.

  19. Jan 2023
    1. and in in the case of this one this is the first account


    2. in the very early period in the you know things that were originally written in the early 17th century they tend to have really long


    1. In 1789, French revolutionaries published the Declaration of the Rights of Man, declaring that “men are born and remain free and equal in rights.”

      What's the back story here.

    1. On the 12th vote for speaker Friday afternoon, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California finally managed to move a bloc of right-wing holdouts into his camp but still fell short of the votes needed to become speaker, after 14 Republicans who had previously voted against him swung their support following a broad series of concessions.

      This is nuts.

  20. Dec 2022
    1. own right and I you know and I say okay now I'm going to say something about this topic and I'm going to Branch those you know I'm gonna I'm gonna refer back to

      Here's an inteeresting conversation.

  21. www.apple.com www.apple.com
    1. ccount. If you do not have an Apple Cash card, Daily Cash can be applied by you as a credit on your statement balance. See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more details on Daily Cash and qualifying transactions




    1. The shrunken, shifted battlefield reflects a diversifying country remade

      Like this.

    2. For decades, Florida and Ohio reigned supreme over presidential politics.

      This is interesting because...

  22. Nov 2022
    1. the social theorist should recognize that the persistence of institutions and collectives creates a problem to be solved

      This bears much resemblance to Sperber and Mercier's thinking in their Argumentative Theory of Reason, that the antidote to the naturally self-dealing nature of individual reason is what we get when we reason collectively.

  23. Oct 2022
    1. How long?

      For how long? Please describe the role.

    2. Are you available to work Monday to Friday, during the US Pacific time zone?

      Add a question box (not a Y/N) after this that asks: "This job is in support of a busy executive who is the principal in two different businesses and works long hours, including often on the weekend. He’s usually up and working by 6am PT, and works through to 5pm or often later. In other words, this is not a typical “9-5" role. While you're not expected to match him hour for hour, is this something that works within your life constraints?"

    3. Describe your experience in terms technical exposure and skills acquired. *

      Describe your technical experience and skills acquired.

    4. Time / Project Management Tools

      Can you add another box below this? Are you familiar with any personal productivity frameworks? If so, which ones? How do you manage your time?

    5. What US street address and date/time was the photo linked above taken from?

      Please add another box after this that says "Provide a link to a file in the format of your choosing which explains how you arrived at your answer and shows your work."

    6. Communication Tools

      Collaboration tools

    7. What kind of experience or exposure do you have with regard to the following?

      Can you list the primary tools you have work experience with? We're not looking for a complete list, just the most recent modern tools you've worked with.

    8. What is the most important learning or take-away you got from your previous work experience?

      What is the most important thing you've learned from your previous work experience?

    9. In your own words, what makes the role of an executive assistant significant?

      In your own words, what is the role of an effective executive assistant?

    1. sers as a fun


    2. ate the ability to annotation anything on the web using the same patterns and services that power Confluence and Hypothes.is. (Mentions, Notifications, permissions, spaces etc)


  24. Sep 2022
    1. power do you think now putin is a person that is a military strategy but as a person who you you know what he think


  25. Aug 2022
    1. Anno will

      I think fundamentally-- WHAT exactly are we going to do there? What is our value proposition?

    2. Financial projections


    3. Roadmap

      Joe-- can you weigh in here.

    4. Business Strategy

      Go to market

    5. Register and install chrome extension

      Our primary go to market pathway is within education-- which uses a specific LMS implementation that does not rely on a chrome extension.

    6. Education experiences lack of collaboration in the post-covid era

      The problem is not a post-covid problem only limited to education. We're solving a fundamental problem where people cannot collaborate / have conversations wherever they are. Our first market for this is in education.

    7. Freemium model for individuals

      First word of business model shoiuldn't be freemium.

    8. higher education and research markets

      Narrow market opportunity-- doesn't speak to the bigger picture. What is the big idea? What is the TAM?

    9. Overview

      Good to have overview slide- this was also the recommendation of our investor.

    10. Hypothesis

      but what is Hypothesis?

    11. Pitch deck 2022Annotate Collaborate Everywhere

      Feels very mechanical, vs value oriented. What is the "big idea" here? Why is this a big market?

    1. While employment in leisure and hospitality led July gains with 96,000 jobs added, huge pickups were seen across a broad spectrum of categories.

      Hi everyone at JSTOR

  26. Jun 2022
    1. U.S. stock market fell more than 20 percent from its January high.


    1. chool i was a t2 student at the time so intermediate training and i was in the sim when it happened and i distinctly remember the instructor said something's going on here but we're gonna we're

      This is interesting.

  27. May 2022
    1. finishing up work and playing around — “doing whatever we do,” as she put it. Th


    2. hinking someone got hurt and by the time I got down there, the guy is coming out of th


    1. them back from outside two critical cities. The stepped-up efforts come as the conflict is increasingly


    2. ion convoy was dispatched to rescue civilians from the besieged steel pla


    1. Russians aren’t the only people to be more interested in their own lives than in holding their government to account.

      This might be the most important line in this entire article. We need to think about this as a human problem, not a Russian problem.

  28. Apr 2022
    1. passionate community of interest group or community of practice that you can you know try to join and in fact going back to gene waves classic work and


    1. Though the immediate economic impact was likely to be limited, it was the Kremlin’s toughes

      Like this.

    2. The reverberations of the war in Ukraine widened on Wednesday, jolting energy markets and threatening

      Like so.

    1. Known as “shaping operations” in military circles, these smaller Russian attacks are often precursors to larger troop movements, or serve as a distraction from other fronts.

      Here's an annotation.

    1. He says your offer letter should have wording such as, “One percent won’t be subject to dilution.” This way, if stock is offered to countless other employees as well as investors, you’ll still end up owning 1%.

      Anti-dilution language in standard employee stock offers simply doesn't ever happen. Founders don't have it. And only very rarely do investors ever get it-- and usually only in down-round distressed situations. Here's a good explanation of why not: http://pnwstartuplawyer.com/employee-antidilution/

  29. Mar 2022
  30. Feb 2022
  31. Jan 2022
  32. Dec 2021
    1. The trove of documents — the military’s own confidential assessments of more than 1,300 reports of civilian casualties, obtained by

      Wow. This is interesting Phillip.

    1. Below are a few potential creative “hacks” that some might try.

      Thanks for these ideas.

    2. I already find it difficult to annotate heavily annotated pages that all use the same color, much less a rainbow of others’ colors

      As noted above, one idea could be a mode where everyone else is the same but my annotations are in a different color (of my choosing).

    3. colors may be slightly better indicators of different users’ annotations of a particular text as a means of differentiating one annotator from another more subtly, particularly on texts that are extensively marked up.

      I think this is one of the coolest maybe "default" configurations for colors. In fact, it was this use case that has me wondering if colors can sometimes be a system config, but other times a user config. Maybe first let my chosen colors be preferred, but if there are multiple users, then let different users (at the top level annotation) be different colors, otherwise maybe its one color for me and a different color for everyone else, or... ?

    4. What if your color meanings aren’t the same as those of another?, for example

      Another good observation. If I use different colors in a public group, then perhaps those colors are never reflected to other users, but remain visible but private to me?

    5. if ever.

      No, we'll definitely get to it. It is one of the absolute most requested things.

    6. While colors can be useful for individuals, do they have the same place in a social annotation product?

      Exactly. This doesn't negate the importance of solving for the problem, but it does illustrate a key reason why it hasn't been done yet.

    7. While colored highlights is a seemingly “simple” sounding feature in the analog world where a single document is only annotated by one user, mapping it into a digital shared context is a difficult engineering problem to navigate and solve for

      Thank you for recognizing this.

    1. The stalemate ended this week


    2. President Biden is expected to quickly sign the bill into law. It would establish a one-time fast-track process for Congress to increase the statutory borrowing limit by a set amount that is still to be determined.

      Hi DROdio, take a look at this.

  33. Nov 2021
    1. e the peppermint straw distilled into oil is bulky and perishable

      Like this

    1. be messy and confusing. Some early experiments were derailed by hackers an


    2. News of the group’s bid set off a frenzy of memes, jokes and pledges. The money came in so fast that one observer compared it to a “financial flash mob.”

      Wow.. How are they mdfkljasdlfj

    1. orary and especially something that is going someplace you cross a bridge to g

      Hi Ali

    1. ave already moved to expand acces

      Like this.

    2. Under that scenario, any adult who received a second dose of the vaccine at least six months earlier would be officially eligible to get a booster as soon as this weekend.

      Hi Ali.

    1. That ideas should freely spread from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, seems to have been peculiarly and benevolently designed by nature, when she made them, like fire, expansible over all space, without lessening their density at any point, and like the air in which we breathe, move, and have our physical being, incapable of confinement or exclusive appropriation. Inventions then cannot, in nature, be a subject of property

      Hi Alden!

    1. got training nutrition we've got business we've got family and sleep so yeah training nutrition and business of course you've got to keep on top of those of course you have them so am i been training today you've been taking 00:00:40

      Eddie's off his meds here.

    1. That meant that existing customers often used older versions and didn’t take advantage of the latest innovations that Microsoft spent significant resources creating

      Elephants rule!

    1. After holding Mr. Bannon in contempt, the House referred the matter to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., for a decision on whether to prosecute him.

      Hi Nadav!

    1. “I’m very worried.”


    2. As national Democrats began to come to terms with losing the Virginia governor’s race and confronted a far closer race than expected for governor of New Jersey,

      Say hello to Jake.

  34. Oct 2021
    1. Well, I took 2 and I added to itself three times. So 2 plus 2 is 4. 4 plus 2 is equal to 6. Now that's only one way to think about it. The other way we could have though

      An annotation here over the transcript.

    1. Over the past several months, I have found the granular addressability so indispensable, I find it annoying when people don't use purple numbers

      Viva direct links!

    1. shared a document with me that that outlined a vision for bringing open internet in our interoperable federated annotation to chromium in a much bigger way

      That document, now annotated by many including David, is here.

    1. McConnell will get to outright refutation of Trump and the strategy, such as it is, that the former president is peddling -- a ha

      Hi Steve

    1. great pool of international talent who can take your company to the next level through earned media

      Hi Steve.

    1. t its vaccine requires a booster to prevent severe disease or hospitalization. Instead, it c


    2. “I just worry that we haven’t clearly defined what the goal” is, said Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious disease expert with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

      Like this.

    1. an having a switch that i could turn on and off i guess that i would choose what the developers had delivered and on that note i've just got to say once again

      I can make a note.

    2. these tools work together


    1. like to annotate like the Bible Shakespeare various other things what exactly does that mean when you annotate the Bible

      This was a bit of a surprise. Isaac Asimov was a prolific annotator.

  35. Sep 2021
    1. employees. The needle then moved by another five points or so after the second mandate, adding 750 more vaccinated workers. By contrast, Dr. Lubarsky said, fewer than 1,000 employees systemwide have requeste

      Like so

    2. Several other states also have imposed mandates for health care workers, including New York,

      Hi George.

    1. nd it's a good time to have a look on board and show you why Amel have such a good reputation as thoroughbred


    2. way with hydraulic steerin

      like so.

  36. Aug 2021
    1. in the last part of the course, it's very much going to be in a way that marries considerations of po


    2. Global War on Terror I should in after 9/11 when

      Still going on.

  37. Jul 2021