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  1. Jul 2021
    1. I learned about this tool from Nat Eliason's course. I use it primarily for Kindle notes transfer. I also used the manual features when carting over my truckload of notes from my original Airtable database into Roam. Others find a ton of additional uses for this tool - I find myself using Hypothesis instead. I'm sure some of you could fully convert me.
  2. Jun 2021
  3. Feb 2021
    1. Optimize your learning on YouTube.

      Take notes on videos and capture the key takeaways.

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  4. Dec 2020
    1. 分析阅读就是全盘的阅读、完整的阅读,或者说是优质的阅读——你能找到的最好的阅读方式。如果说检视阅读实在有限的时间内,最好也是最完整的阅读,那么分析阅读就是在无限的时间里,最好也是最完整的阅读。如果你阅读的目的只是为了获得咨询或者消遣,那就完全没有必要用到分析阅读。分析阅读就是在追求理解的。


    1. Second, if you're reading something in Chrome/Firefox with the Readwise extension installed (Install for Chrome) (Install for Firefox), you can quickly capture a highlight to Readwise by highlighting the desired text, right-clicking, and selecting Save Highlight to Readwise. This highlight will then appear inside an Article on your Readwise Dashboard.

      Readwise extension will lose the line breaker. Hypothes.is do not have this issue