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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Maybe of interest for some readers here: With your plugin, it's also straightforward to import the "tweets.csv" file from the official Twitter archive, which contains all the tweets (and a lot of metadata) from one's personal account. Still don't know what to do with this in TiddlyWiki, but there is certainly potential...
  2. Aug 2020
  3. May 2020
    1. Now personal data exports include users session information and users location data from the community events widget. Plus, a table of contents!See progress as you process export and erasure requests through the privacy tools.
  4. Apr 2020
    1. One mistake that we made when creating the import/export experience for Blogger was relying on one HTTP transaction for an import or an export. HTTP connections become fragile when the size of the data that you're transferring becomes large. Any interruption in that connection voids the action and can lead to incomplete exports or missing data upon import. These are extremely frustrating scenarios for users and, unfortunately, much more prevalent for power users with lots of blog data.
  5. Oct 2018
  6. Sep 2018
    1. module.exports属性表示当前模块对外输出的接口,其他文件加载该模块,实际上就是读取module.exports变量。


      1. require 获得的是 module.export 对象;
      2. export === modue.export 指向同一块内存;export 是一个快捷方式,覆盖就没有意义;
      3. module.export 可以覆盖,这取决与需要暴露什么对象或方法;覆盖后 export 无效,因为 第 1 条;
  7. Mar 2018
  8. Jan 2018
  9. Nov 2014
    1. the possibility of exporting comments from an on-line Hypothes.is application to a desktop application (which could be an extension of the pdf viewer) and back, might be a crucial point for the further development of hypothes.is.