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    1. The formidable library of extensions is also a big draw: any browser based on Chromium can access all the third-party add-ons that help you customize your browsing according to your needs. If a development team wants to roll out an extension, it makes sense to prioritize Chrome. That’s where all the users are, and by basing your browser on Chrome, you get to ride along.
  5. May 2017
    1. Cindy A. Buckmaster: Animal research Is a labor of love for animals and people

      This page was analyzed on May 5, 2017 and was found to have low virality and impact. While the content may be either true or false, it is nnot moving through the network in the way we see hoaxes or clickbait move.

  6. Jan 2017
    1. So as long as a project meets the first criteria (i.e. is popular), we ought to move beyond questioning whether it deserves to exist, and instead focus on what we can do to ensure it is healthy and supported.

      This is kind of the classical popularity syndrome shown in US culture and exported everywhere. Unpopular stuff could be considered worthy, even if it serves small communities. One of the big advantages of Free Software is overcoming market barriers.

  7. Aug 2016
    1. It is not about the numbers. It is never about the numbers. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.
  8. Apr 2016
  9. Sep 2013
    1. That which most people seek after, and which is obviously an object of contention, is also a good; for, as has been shown, that is good which is sought after by everybody, and "most people" is taken to be equivalent to "everybody."

      opposite of Plato/Socrates. Popular opinion is good and right. I wish I were as optimistic