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  1. Jun 2022
    1. et's say i identify as a republican and i'm like because i believe in free markets and free people and i'm like well i actually don't mind people should love who they want to love but now i 00:33:02 feel like if i say that i might be ostracized from the thing for which i identify right and so you're going to lead a lot of people to stay silent or lie about what they believe what timber kern calls preference falsification um 00:33:14 just in the name of belonging so i'm always very leery of groups that aggregate that difference right like like why do i need a party that is here's our 20 things that you have to swallow wholesale or you're not a 00:33:26 republican or you're not a democrat to me that's always a sign that someone's trying to manipulate you

      Preference falsification forces individual to accept values they don't privately believe in because of the compulsion to be accepted in the in group.

  2. May 2021
  3. Apr 2021
    1. When an animal eats a plant, it receives digestive feedback in the form of energy, nutrients, illness, or toxicosis. If the feedback is positive, preferences are formed to the plant and if the feedback is negative, aversions are formed. The strength of the preference or aversion is determined by the magnitude, nature, and timing of digestive feedback
  4. Mar 2021
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    1. uploads/{y}{m}/{rand:6}/{origin}

      The path is appended to the PicGo upload prefix.

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    1. This starter takes advantage of Typescript and Emotion. This is a personal choice, and I'd encourage you to give it a shot. If you're interested in using plain ES6 and regular scss styling, see release v1 of this library.
  14. Apr 2020
    1. Other languages, German for example, are notorious for very long compunds like this and this, that are made up and written as one word directly. Perhaps the way your native language deals with compounds explains your (or other authors') personal preference and sense of "right"?
  15. Dec 2019
    1. If you are using a JavaScript library, chances are it comes with a client HTTP API. jQuery’s $.ajax() function, for example, has been particularly popular with frontend developers. But as developers move away from such libraries in favor of native APIs, dedicated HTTP clients have emerged to fill the gap.
  16. Jun 2019
  17. Nov 2016
    1. We found that, next to musical training, the personality trait of openness was the strongest predictor of musical sophistication. People who score highly for openness are imaginative, have a wide range of interests, and are open to new ways of thinking and changes in their environment.
  18. Nov 2013