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  1. Dec 2021
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    1. https://nesslabs.com/eisenhower-matrix

      The Eisnehower matrix is a means of helping one to implement the Pareto principle.

      Seen this basic idea so many times before and have it generally implemented in the bullet journal portion of my digital commonplace book. I should spend more time gardening in there regularly though.

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    1. Whenever I get a new cookbook, I go through it and bookmark recipes that are either worth considering, or that go on a list to definitely try. Usually the maybes outnumber the definites. In this case, I've bookmarked a large number of recipes that I DEFINITELY will make.
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    1. Disqus:

      As for publishing this as an actual gem on rubygems.org...I have enough open source I'm involved in all ready (or too much, as my wife would probably say) and I'm not really interested in maintaining another gem. Are you interested in taking over this code and releasing it as a gem and being maintainer?

  10. May 2020
    1. put it in our %Backlog (meaning GitLab, Inc. currently doesn't prioritize it over other items that are scheduled
    2. It does not fit entirely in our ~"Product Vision 2019" for this year to prioritize this issue over others that we have focused on
    1. Prioritization is a collaboration between Product, UX, Data, and Engineering. To help our group prioritize issues within a milestone, we utilize the milestone priority labels:
  11. Apr 2020