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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Zusammenfassender Bericht der EU über die Folgen der globalen Erhitzung in Europa im vergangenen Jahr. Europa erwärmt sich von allen Kontinenten am schnellsten. Die Menschen in Südeuropa waren über 100 Tage extender gute ausgesetzt. 2022 war das trockenste Jahr der ausgezeichneten Wettergeschichte, und es hatte den mit Abstand heißesten Sommer. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/apr/20/frightening-record-busting-heat-and-drought-hit-europe-in-2022

    1. So last move (2 years ago) my Kiddo(chronic mental and medical high time demand) dumped my cards and I am still trying to sort them back. ** As of now I am using hair ties to make sure they don't get "accidentally" dumped again. If they do it will have to be done with some fore thought.

      Example of someone using hair ties and smaller internal boxes to prevent zettelkasten cards from being dumped out due to child mischief.

      via: https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/1bv6sxy/moving_again_and_a_tip_on_transporting/

    1. Biodiversity loss and deforestation are directly linked to the rise of infectious diseases, with 1/3 of zoonotic diseases attributed to these factors.
    2. Such losses extend to wetland areas; more than 85% of the wetlands present in 1700 had been lost by 2000, and loss of wetlands is currently 3 times faster than forest loss.
  2. Mar 2024
    1. Interview mit dem Sea Shepherd-Leiter Peter Hammerstedt. Die industriell betriebene Fischerei ist ein Beispiel für die Erschöpfung der Ressourcen des Planeten aus Profitgier. Die Methoden von Sea Shepherd zeigen, dass radikaler Aktivismus wirksam ist. man er fährt in dem Interview unter anderem, dass das Mittelmeer nur noch 10% der ursprünglichen Fischbestände hat, und das für Nahrungsergänzungsmittel in arktischen Gewässern in einem Ausmaß Krill gefischt wird, das für die Biodiversität eine weitere Gefahr bedeutet.. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000210873/kapitaen-und-aktivist-wenn-sie-thunfisch-essen-beteiligen-sie-sich-am-toeten-der-haie

    1. Once you’re aware of the suitcase/handle problem, you’ll see it everywhere. People glomonto words and stories that are often just stand-ins for real action and meaning. Advertiserslook for words that imply a product’s value and use that as a substitute for value itself.Companies constantly tell us about their commitment to excellence, implying that this meansthey will make only top-shelf products. Words like quality and excellence are misapplied sorelentlessly that they border on meaningless.
    2. “Story Is King” differentiated us, we thought, not just because we said it but also becausewe believed it and acted accordingly. As I talked to more people in the industry and learnedmore about other studios, however, I found that everyone repeated some version of thismantra—it didn’t matter whether they were making a genuine work of art or complete dreck,they all said that story is the most important thing. This was a reminder of something thatsounds obvious but isn’t: Merely repeating ideas means nothing. You must act—and think—accordingly. Parroting the phrase “Story Is King” at Pixar didn’t help the inexperienceddirectors on Toy Story 2 one bit. What I’m saying is that this guiding principle, while simplystated and easily repeated, didn’t protect us from things going wrong. In fact, it gave us falseassurance that things would be okay.

      Having a good catch phrase for guidance can become a useless trap if it becomes repeated so frequently that it loses meaning. Guiding principles need to be revisited, actively worked on, and ensconced into daily activities and culture.

      examples: - Google and "don't be evil" - Pixar (and many others) and "story is king" (cross Reference Ed Catmull in Creativity, Inc.) - Pixar and "trust the process" (ibid) #

    1. Die weltwetterorganisation WMO fast in ihrem Bericht über 2023 die Daten verschiedener Services zusammen und kommt zu dramatischen Aussagen über die Entwicklung der Temperatur auf der Erdoberfläche insbesondere insgesamt und besonders an der Oberfläche der Meere. Gleichzeitig ergibt eine Studie der BU Wien dass die Prognosen vieler, darunter großer starken über die Entwicklung der Emissionen deutlich zu optimistisch sind. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000212370/weltwetterorganisation-zeichnet-duesteres-bild-vom-klima-des-letzten-jahres

    1. Interview mit Mia Mottley, der Premierministerin von Barbados und Hauptvorkämpferin der von ihr ins Leben gerufenen Bridgetown Initiative zur Klimafinanzierung für den globalen Süden. Mottley geht auf die Schuldenkrise in vielen Ländern nach der Pandemie ein und fordert, wie sie sagt, unorthodoxe CO2-Steuern, z.B Abgaben von fossilen Konzernen und Fluggesellschaften. Die derzeit Mächtigen verhinderten eine wirksame Klimafinanzierung, obwohl es Fortschritte z.B. bei Finanzinstitutionen gebe. Dass Finanztransfers vor allem zu einer klimagerechten Transformation nötig sei, werde nicht anerkannt. https://taz.de/Barbados-Premier-ueber-Klimakrise/!5994100/

    1. Das Tempo der Temperaturerhöhung an der Oberfläche der Ozeane ist auch für erfahrene Forschende schockierend. Besonders hoch ist es im Nordatlantik, dessen Erwärmung zu schwereren Hurricans führen könnte. Aber auch der Südatlantik und damit das antarktische Meereis sind betroffen. Die Ursachen sind nicht geklärt; das El Niño-Phänomen reicht zur Erklärung nicht aus. Es könnten Feedback-Mechanismen eine Rolle spielen. Die New York Times hat mehrere Wissenschaftler befragt.


      Infografik: https://static01.nyt.com/images/2024/02/07/multimedia/27cli-newsletter-02/2024-02-07-sst-hottest-january-index-superJumbo-v2.png?quality=75&auto=webp

  3. Feb 2024
    1. Able to see lots of cards at once.

      ZK practice inspired by Ahrens, but had practice based on Umberto Eco's book before that.

      Broad subjects for his Ph.D. studies: Ecology in architecture / environmentalism

      3 parts: - zk main cards - bibliography / keywords - chronological section (history of ecology)

      Four "drawers" and space for blank cards and supplies. Built on wheels to allow movement. Has a foldable cover.

      He has analog practice because he worries about companies closing and taking notes with them.

      Watched TheNoPoet's How I use my analog Zettelkasten.

    1. , one of the reasons that the New York Public Library had toclose its public catalog was that the public was destroying it. TheHetty Green cards disappeared. Someone calling himself Cosmoswas periodically making o with all the cards for Mein Kampf. Cardsfor two Dante manuscripts were stolen: not the manuscripts, thecards for the manuscripts.
    2. book at a public phone rather than bothering to copy down anaddress and a phone number, library visitors—the heedless, thecrazy—have, especially since the late eighties, been increasinglycapable of tearing out the card referring to a book they want.

      The huge frozen card catalog of the Library of Congress currently suers from alarming levels of public trauma: like the movie trope in which the private eye tears a page from a phone

    3. Radical students destroyed roughly ahundred thousand cards from the catalog at the University of Illinoisin the sixties. Berkeley’s library sta was told to keep watch overthe university’s card catalogs during the antiwar turmoil there.Someone reportedly poured ink on the Henry Cabot Lodge cards atStanford
    4. They donot grow mold, as the card catalog of the Engineering Library of theUniversity of Toronto once did, following water damage.
    5. (The more modication a library demands of eachMARC record, the more it costs.) In Harvard’s case she typicallyaccepts the record as is, even when the original card bearsadditional subject headings or enriching notes of various kinds.

      Information loss in digitizing catalog cards...

    6. An image of the front of every card for Widener thus now exists onmicroche, available to users in a room o the lobby. (Anyinformation on the backs of the cards—and many notes do carryover—was not photographed
    1. Curtis mentioned one example of information that he found: “One of the first drawers of the author-title catalog I looked through held a card for Benjamin Smith Barton’s ‘Elements of Botany’ [the 1804 edition]. The card indicated that UVA’s copy of this book was signed by Joseph C. Cabell, who was instrumental in the founding of the University.”Curtis checked to see if the Virgo entry included this detail, but he found no record of the book at all. “I thought perhaps that was because the book had been lost, and the Virgo entry deleted, but just in case, I emailed David Whitesell [curator in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library] and asked him if this signed copy of Barton’s ‘Elements of Botany’ was on the shelves over there. Indeed it was.

      Digitization efforts in card collections may result in the loss or damage of cards or loss of the materials which the original cards represented in the case of library card catalogs.

    1. for - 2nd Trump term - 2nd Trump presidency - 2024 U.S. election - existential threat for climate crisis - Title:Trump 2.0: The climate cannot survive another Trump term - Author: Michael Mann - Date: Nov 5, 2023

      Summary - Michael Mann repeats a similiar warning he made before the 2020 U.S. elections. Now the urgency is even greater. - Trump's "Project 2025" fossil-fuel -friendly plan would be a victory for the fossil fuel industry. It would - defund renewable energy research and rollout - decimate the EPA, - encourage drilling and - defund the Loss and Damage Fund, so vital for bringing the rest of the world onboard for rapid decarbonization. - Whoever wins the next U.S. election will be leading the U.S. in the most critical period of the human history because our remaining carbon budget stands at 5 years and 172 days at the current rate we are burning fossil fuels. Most of this time window overlaps with the next term of the U.S. presidency. - While Mann points out that the Inflation Reduction Act only takes us to 40% rather than Paris Climate Agreement 60% less emissions by 2030, it is still a big step in the right direction. - Trump would most definitely take a giant step in the wrong direction. - So Trump could singlehandedly set human civilization on a course of irreversible global devastation.

    2. The GOP has threatened to weaponize a potential second Trump term

      for - 2nd Trump term - regressive climate policy

    3. other nations are wary of what a second Trump presidency could portend,

      for - 2nd Trump presidency - elimination of loss and damage fund - impact on global decarbonization effort

      • While we have seen renewed leadership on climate by the Biden administration,
      • other nations are wary of what a second Trump presidency could portend,
      • particularly on climate
        • where they fear he will refuse to honor our commitments to the rest of the world
      • and derail four years of progress on climate.
    4. That’s what the “loss and damage” agreement does,

      for - loss and damage fund - global impact

      • That’s what the “loss and damage” agreement does,
      • and it could lead to a greater willingness by India and other developing countries
      • to ramp up their own commitments to decarbonization.
  4. Jan 2024
    1. Eine neue, grundlegende Studie zu Klima-Reparationen ergibt, dass die größten Fosssilkonzerne jählich mindestens 209 Milliarden Dollar als Reparationen an von ihnen besonders geschädigte Communities zahlen müssen. Dabei sind Schäden wie der Verlust von Menschenleben und Zerstörung der Biodiversität nicht einberechnet. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/may/19/fossil-fuel-firms-owe-climate-reparations-of-209bn-a-year-says-study

      Studie: Time to pay the piper: Fossil fuel companies’ reparations for climate damages https://www.cell.com/one-earth/fulltext/S2590-3322(23)00198-7

    1. Der grönländische Eisschild verliert aufgrund der globalen Erhitzung 30 Millionen Tonnen Eis pro Stunde und damit 20% mehr als bisher angenommen. Manche Forschende fürchten, dass damit das Risiko eines Kollaps des Amoc größer ist als bisher angenommen. Der Eisverlust ist außerdem relevant für die Berechnung des Energie-Ungleichgewichts der Erde durch Treibhausgas-Emissionen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/jan/17/greenland-losing-30m-tonnes-of-ice-an-hour-study-reveals

      Studie: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06863-2.epdf?sharing_token=iqz0ns4_X6P1af3896jdntRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0Pcew_aMz7qHMDjrF_9OLTexA24mQs8ERV-259eCQry-G1-OcR886jfHOICrWGcm8cGg2VLBlaWiYSzX6VygthHh72iiwkk1tHZcLD1G1oJIqdPha0A1oTMHLlfMAnTQrtd8PDFsj4xKAmTnOSL-6mrcbTbHbswhJaFji9IbAnyGW2pLAYwREeh-QWIL9xUFdsDBojJhNYWYoijtYUQx5YCyfzCJPGOEtlLO_PeIU9Tip8BaF24vqXfHcmad2_vz5eg0jcny8HHzO0uvDtSh_Bhym1eC8D25wZM6uZZ5vH9BA%3D%3D&tracking_referrer=www.theguardian.com

    1. Die Schneedecken sind in einigen Regionen bder Nordhalbkugel wir den Alpen zwischen 1981 und 2020 pro Jahrzehnt um 10 bis 20% zurückgegangen. Eine Studie Leistung zum ersten Mal nach, dass dieser Prozess, auf die anthropogene globale Erhitzung zurückzuführen ist. Der Prozess wird sich fortsetzen und möglicherweise inGegenden, in denen die Flüsse bisher in großem Ausmaß von Schnee gespeist wurden, zu Trockenheit führen. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000202524/fehlender-schnee-geht-auf-menschengemachten-klimawandel-zurueck

      Studie: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06794-y

    1. FireKing File Cabinet, 1-Hour Fire Protection, 6-Drawer, Small Document Size, 31" Deep<br /> https://www.filing.com/FireKing-Card-Check-Note-Cabinet-6-Drawer-p/6-2552-c.htm

      A modern index card catalog filing solution with locks and fireproofing offered by FireKing for $6,218.00 with shipment in 2-4 weeks. 6 Drawers with three sections each. Weighs 860 lbs.

      at 0.0072" per average card, with filing space of 25 15/16" per section with 18 sections, this should hold 64,843 index cards.

    1. Zusammenfassender Artikel über Studien zu Klimafolgen in der Antarktis und zu dafür relevanten Ereignissen. 2023 sind Entwicklungen sichtbar geworden, die erst für wesentlich später in diesem Jahrhundert erwartet worden waren. Der enorme und möglicherweise dauerhafte Verlust an Merreis ist dafür genauso relevant wie die zunehmende Instabilität des westantarktischen und möglicherweise inzwischen auch des ostantarktischen Eisschilds. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/dec/31/red-alert-in-antarctica-the-year-rapid-dramatic-change-hit-climate-scientists-like-a-punch-in-the-guts

  5. Dec 2023
    1. One of the benefits of having a separate working bibliography for a project is that it provides a back up copy in the case that one loses or misplaces one's original bibliography note cards. (p 50)

    1. Eine neue französische Studie beschäftigt sich mit einer Folge des dramatischen Rückgangs der Insekt. Mangels bestäubender Insekten befruchten sich Pflanzen selbst. Dadurch werden die nächsten Generationen kleiner und liefern weniger Nektar. Es kommt zu einem Rückkopplungseffekt, weil so noch weniger Insekten überleben. In dem Interview mit der liberation erklärt der Biologe diesen Effekt als Beispiel für eine unkontrollierbare und nicht mehr zurücknehmbare, von Menschen ausgelöste Entwicklung. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/biodiversite/pollinisation-et-disparition-des-insectes-nous-sommes-dans-une-spirale-incontrolable-20231221_CV6BZLN2WJANLN2A2EFUGCJLZI/

  6. Nov 2023
    1. Rich in manuscripts and correspondence for Arendt’s productive years as a writer and lecturer after World War II, the papers are sparse before the mid-1940s because of Arendt’s forced departure from Nazi Germany in 1933 and her escape from occupied France in 1941.
    1. To look at the world in wonder, and to stay with that sense of wonder without jumping straight past it, has become almost impossible for someone taking science seriously.
      • for: wonder - loss of
    1. in every case suggesting the failure of o cially sanctioned structures to requite loss, restore order, address human feeling, and commemorate the dead.

      he challenges the state by showing his own personal emotion rather than ritual in grieving for his mum

    2. He de ed the absolute moral clarity of o cial narratives, absorbing the rhetoric of virtue into an account that privileged loss and emotion
    3. It explained how her life had ended, virtuously, and it enabled her family to include her in their application for state honors along with the other relatives who died in 1861
    4. uthenticity of his grief through references to tears, physical pain, wailing, and other uncontrolled responses, which contrast neatly with hierarchical and orderly commemorative arrangements within established ritual settings.
  7. Oct 2023
    1. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1942Dear Kitty,Bep stayed with us Friday evening. It was fun, but she didn’t sleepvery well because she’d drunk some wine. For the rest, there’snothing special to report. I had an awful headache yesterday andwent to bed early. Margot’s being exasperating again.This morning I began sorting out an index card le from theoce, because it’d fallen over and gotten all mixed up. Before long Iwas going nuts. I asked Margot and Peter to help, but they were toolazy, so I put it away. I’m not crazy enough to do it all by myself!Anne Frank

      In a diary entry dated Monday, November 2, 1942, Anne Frank in an entry in which she includes a post script about the "important news that [she's] probably going to get [her] period soon." she mentions spending some time sorting out an index card file. Presumably it had been used for business purposes as she mentions that she got it from the office. Given that it had "fallen over and gotten all mixed up", it presumably didn't use a card rod to hold the cards in. It must have been a fairly big task as she asked for help from two people and not getting it, she abandoned the task because, as she wrote: "I'm not crazy enough to do it all by myself!"

    1. In the Amazon and other regions under threat, destroying biodiversity will reduce the reservoir of apparently redundant of rare species. Among these may be those able to flourish and sustain the ecosystem when the next perturbation occurs
      • for: quote, quote - James Lovelock, quote - biodiversity loss, daisyworld
  8. Sep 2023
    1. found via:

      Niklas Luhmann rejected out of town teaching positions for fear that his hard copy / analog zettelkasten might get destroyed in the moving process 🧵

      — Bob Doto (@thehighpony) August 19, 2022
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

      "He rejected a number of other universities' interests in hiring him...at an early stage, arguing that he couldn't risk taking his Zettelkasten with him in the event of an accident to lose by car, ship, train or plane." https://t.co/SmK2gLJpQ0

      — Bob Doto (@thehighpony) August 19, 2022
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

      reference ostensibly in this text, but may need to hunt it down.

      Bob confirmed that it was Luhmann Handbuch: Leben, Werk, Wirkung, 2012

    1. As someone who lost multiple notebooks to water (I love typhoon season), I will actively refute the claim that an analog zettelkasten is more secure than a digital one1[3:05 AM] Both have weaknesses, both die to water[3:05 AM] The distinction comes from how much water is necessary for them to die
    1. Das Meeeis um die Antarktis bedeckt in diesem September so wenig Ozean Fläche wie in keinem September der Messgeschichte. Im September erreicht es seine maximale Ausdehnung. In diesem diesem Jahr liegt sie 1,75 Millionen Quadratmeter Kilometer unter dem langjährigen Durchschnitt und eine Million Quadratmeter unter dem bisher niedrigsten September-Maximum. Im Februar wurde auch bei der geringsten Ausdehnung des antarktischen Meereises ein Rekord verzeichnet. Ob und wie diese Entwicklung mit der globalen Erhitzung zusammenhängt ist noch unklar. Die obersten 300 m des Ozeans um die Antarktis sind deutlich wärmer als früher. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/sep/26/antarctic-sea-ice-shrinks-to-lowest-annual-maximum-level-on-record-data-shows

    1. A widely publicized study published last year by researchers at the University of Northern Arizona analyzed satellite images taken between 1985 and 2019. They show that large parts of the boreal forest have “browned” (i.e., died) in the south and greened with trees and shrubs in the north. If this shift, long hypothesized as a future outcome of warming, is already underway, the effects will be profound, transforming natural habitats, animal migration and human settlements.
      • for: climate departure, biodiversity loss, extinction
  9. Aug 2023
    1. near-term forecasts of this event were good, albeit underestimating the magnitude of the maximum temperatures.
      • for: weather prediction, climate prediction, Pacific Northwest heatwave, comment, question, question - Pacific Northwest heatwave
      • paraphrase
        • near-term forecasts of this event were good, albeit underestimating the magnitude of the maximum temperatures.
      • comment
      • question
        • could appropriate measures have been in taken, our were the predicted temperature so far off that appropriate measures could not be recommended?
        • in particular, with the mass dieoff from the marine heatwave of an estimate billion marines organisms due to:
          • low tide,
          • high surface air temperature and
          • elevated ocean temperatures,
        • could interventions have been organized such as:
          • increasing dissolved oxygen levels in parts of the ocean dense with sea life or
          • soaking shellfish exposed to extreme sea surface temperature?
        • what are the future impacts in terms of biodiversity loss and extinction?
    2. An unprecedented heatwave occurred in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) from ~25 June to 2 July 2021, over lands colonially named British Columbia (BC) and Alberta (AB) in Canada, Washington (WA), and Oregon (OR) in the United States.
      • for climate change - impacts, climate departure, extinction, biodiversity loss, marine heat wave, ubc, Pacific Northwest heatwave
      • paraphrase
      • stats
        • An unprecedented heatwave occurred in the Pacific Northwest (PNW)
          • from ~25 June to 2 July 2021,
          • over lands colonially named
            • British Columbia (BC)
            • Alberta (AB) in Canada,
            • Washington (WA),
            • Oregon (OR) in the United States.
        • Near-surface air temperature anomalies reached up to 16–20 °C above normal over a wide region (Fig. 1),
          • with many locations breaking all-time maximum temperature records by more than 5 °C (Fig. 2a).
        • The Canadian national temperature record was broken 3 days in a row, at multiple locations,
          • with the highest temperature of 49.6 °C recorded in Lytton, BC, on 29 June (Figs. 1b),
          • 4.6 °C higher than the Canadian record prior to this event.
        • The new record temperature was reportedly the hottest worldwide temperature recorded north of 45° latitude,
          • and hotter than any recorded temperature in Europe or South America.
      • for: marine heat wave, fish dieoff, fish kill, extinction, climate departure, climate change - impacts
      • title: The unprecedented Pacific Northwest heatwave of June 2021
      • date: Feb. 9, 2023
    1. None of the 28 streams Cunningham and his colleagues studied hit summertime highs warmer than 25.9 C, the point where warming water can become lethal. But in four rivers, temperatures climbed past 20.3 C, the threshold where some have found juvenile coho stop growing.
      • for: climate change - impacts, extinction, biodiversity loss, fish kill, salmon dieoff, stats, stats - salmon, logging, human activity

      • paraphrase

      • stats

        • None of the 28 streams Cunningham and his colleagues studied hit summertime highs warmer than 25.9 C,
        • the point where warming water can become lethal.
        • But in four rivers, temperatures climbed past 20.3 C,
          • the threshold where some have found juvenile coho stop growing.
        • In some watersheds, deforestation rates climbed to 59 per cent.
      • comment

        • deforestation may be a contributing factor but there are also other variables like changes in glacial melt water
    1. This joke card has a comic clipped from a newspaper glued to it. During the digitization process, the index card was put in a clear Mylar sleeve to prevent the comic, with its brittle glue, from being damaged or separated from the card.

      The potential separation of newspaper clippings from index cards and their attendant annotations/meta data (due to aging of glue) can be a potential source of note loss when creating a physical card index.

    1. At the same time, our whole sense of community has been lost as the requirement of modern societies rely on us living in anonymous neighbourhoods with people we don’t know or share much of anything in common. Who are these representatives presuming to represent anymore anyway?
    1. In the documentary California Typewriter (Gravitas Pictures, 2016) musician John Mayer mentions that he's never lost a typed version of his notes, while digital versions of his work essentially remain out of sight and thus out of mind or else they risk digital erasure by means of either data loss, formatting changes, or other damage.

      Mayer also mentions that he loves typewriters for their ability to easily get out stream of consciousness thinking which is a mode of creativity he prefers for writing lyrics.

  10. Jul 2023
    1. Die aktuellen Vorbereitungen eines Fonds zum Ausgleich von Loss and Damage durch die Klimakrise berücksichtigen die Bedürfnisse von Ländern mit mittlerem Einkommen zu wenig. Der Präsident der karibischen Entwicklungsbank, Hyginus Leon, weist in einem Interview mit dem Guardian darauf hin, dass auch viele dieser Länder so verwundbar sind, dass sie die nötigen Maßnahmen nach und gegen – nicht von ihnen verursachte – Katastrophen nicht finanzieren können. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jul/28/mid-income-developing-countries-risk-losing-out-on-climate-rescue-funds-banker-warns

    1. They now have the chance to understandthemselves through understanding their tradition.

      It feels odd that people wouldn't understand their own traditions, but it obviously happens. Information overload can obviously heavily afflict societies toward forgetting their traditions and the formation of new traditions, particularly in non-oral traditions which focus more on written texts which can more easily be ignored (not read) and then later replaced with seemingly newer traditions.

      Take for example the resurgence of note taking ideas circa 2014-2020 which completely disregarded the prior histories, particularly in lieu of new technologies for doing them.

      As a means of focusing on Western Culture, the editors here have highlighted some of the most important thoughts for encapsulating and influencing their current and future cultures.

      How do oral traditions embrace the idea of the "Great Conversation"?

  11. Jun 2023
    1. Das Verschwinden des arktischen meereises hat – in Verbindung mit den Spannungen in anderen Regionen – gravierende geopolitische Konsequenzen. Russland ist dabei, die Arktis massiv zu militarisieren. Dabei kooperiert ist mit China. Es will andererseits von den Schiffsrouten durch das eisfreie Nordpolarmeer profitieren. Wissenschaftliche Kooperation in der Arktis findet seit der Invasion der ganzen Ukraine im Februar 2022 nicht mehr statt. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jun/13/arctic-russia-nato-putin-climate

    1. ble to pay $170tn in climate reparations by 2050 to ensure targets to curtail climate breakdown are met, a new study calculates.

      Eine neue Studie hat erstmals berechtigt, wieviele Klima-Reparationen die Industrieländer, die die meisten Emissionen verursacht haben, an Staaten des globalen Südens bezahlen müssten. In der Summe sind es 170 Billionen US-Dollar. Berechnet wird, welchen wirtschaftlichen Verlust ärmere Länder ausgleichen müssen, weil ihnen fossile Energien nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen. Daei wird der Verbrauch seit 1060 zugrundegelegt. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jun/05/climate-change-carbon-budget-emissions-payment-usa-uk-germany

  12. May 2023
    1. Trakt DataRecoveryIMPORTANTOn December 11 at 7:30 pm PST our main database crashed and corrupted some of the data. We're deeply sorry for the extended downtime and we'll do better moving forward. Updates to our automated backups are already in place and they will be tested on an ongoing basis.Data prior to November 7 is fully restored.Watched history between November 7 and Decmber 11 has been recovered. There is a separate message on your dashboard allowing you to review and import any recovered data.All other data (besides watched history) after November 7 has already been restored and imported.Some data might be permanently lost due to data corruption.Trakt API is back online as of December 20.Active VIP members will get 2 free months added to their expiration date
    1. Die Europäische Umweltagentur hat daher Österreich im Oktober 2020 ein vernichtendes Urteil ausgestellt - mehr als 80 % der durch Natura 2000 zu schützenden Arten und Lebensräume befinden sich in einem mangelhaften Zustand6 .
  13. Apr 2023
    1. Eine neue Studie ergibt, dass der Verlust der Biodiversität noch dramatischer und Gegenmaßnahmen noch dringender sind als bisher angenommen. Untersuchungen zu großen Säugetieren und Vögeln zeigen, dass bisher zu wenig berücksichtigt wurde, dass sich wichtige Treiber des Artensterbens erst mit jahrzehntelanger Verzögerung auswirken. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-65315823

    1. Aus einer neuen Studie geht hervor, dass ein großer Teil der vom Aussterben bedrohten Insektenarten von den bestehenden Schutzgebieten nicht geschützt wird. Die Ausweitung der Schutzgebiete, die bei der Kopf 15 international beschlossen wurde, ist nur wirksam, wenn die Lebensräume von Insekten bei der Ausweisung von Naturschutzgebieten berücksichtigt werden. https://taz.de/Insektensterben-weltweit/!5925443/

    1. Insekten sind für das Überleben der Menschen und vieler anderer Arten notwendig. Sie sterben aufgrund menschlicher Einflüsse so schnell aus, dass ein Kipppunkt bevorsteht oder sogar schon erreicht sein könnte, an dem sie völlig verschwinden. Langes Interview mit Dave Goulson, der über diese unmittelbar bevorstehende existentielle Gefahr das Buch Silent Earth (dt. Stumme Erde. Warum wir die Insekten retten müssen. Hanser, 2022) geschrieben hat. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/biodiversite/un-monde-sans-insectes-ce-serait-une-catastrophe-20230411_KXU7INKK35BIRK63L53BFAEYZ4/

  14. Mar 2023
    1. The TLL was moved to a monastery in Bavaria during WWII because they were worried that the building that contained the zettelkasten would be bombed and it actually was.

      The slips have been microfilmed and a copy of them is on store at Princeton as a back up just i case.


    1. Keine der bisherigen Regelungen internationalen Regelungen zum Schutz der Biodiversität wurde auch nur annähernd eingehalten. Zur Zeit ist eine von 8 Millionen Arten auf der Erde vom Aussterben bedroht. Ein Abkommen dass wirklich umgesetzt wird, muss laut Inger Anderson, checking der un Umweltorganisation, kl are quantitative Ziele enthalten. Aaußerdem muss es auf Daten von hoher Qualität beruhen. Außerdem sind klar definierte nationale Ziele nötig

  15. Feb 2023
    1. Related here is the horcrux problem of note taking or even social media. The mental friction of where did I put that thing? As a result, it's best to put it all in one place.

      How can you build on a single foundation if you're in multiple locations? The primary (only?) benefit of multiple locations is redundancy in case of loss.

      Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene are counter examples, though Greene's books are distinct projects generally while Holiday's work has a lot of overlap.

    1. Wie durch ein Wunder blieben vier Holzkisten mit hochbrisantem Inhalt verschont. Sie waren zum Zeitpunkt des Infernos in einem anderen Gebäude eingelagert. Sie enthielten 20'000 Gästekarten, die Concierges und Rezeptionisten zwischen 1920 und 1960 heimlich geführt hatten.


      Google translate:

      four wooden boxes with highly explosive contents were spared. They were stored in a different building at the time of the inferno. They contained 20,000 guest cards that concierges and receptionists had kept secretly between 1920 and 1960.

      The Grandhotel Waldhaus burned down in 1989, but saved from the inferno were 20,000 guest cards with annotations about them that were compiled between 1920 and 1960.

    2. At the Grandhotel Waldhaus in Vulpera, Switzerland concierges and receptionists maintained a business-focused zettelkasten of cards. In addition to the typical business function these cards served denoting names, addresses, and rooms, the staff also made annotations commenting on the guests and their proclivities.

      The old Grandhotel Waldhaus in Vulpera attracted the noble and the rich from all over the world to the Lower Engadine. R GULER







  16. Jan 2023
    1. Note 9/8j says - "There is a note in the Zettelkasten that contains the argument that refutes the claims on every other note. But this note disappears as soon as one opens the Zettelkasten. I.e. it appropriates a different number, changes position (or: disguises itself) and is then not to be found. A joker." Is he talking about some hypothetical note? What did he mean by disappearing? Can someone please shed some light on what he really meant?

      On the Jokerzettel

      9/8j Im Zettelkasten ist ein Zettel, der das Argument enthält, das die Behauptungen auf allen anderen Zetteln widerlegt.

      Aber dieser Zettel verschwindet, sobald man den Zettelkasten aufzieht.

      D.h. er nimmt eine andere Nummer an, verstellt sich und ist dann nicht zu finden.

      Ein Joker.

      —Niklas Luhmann, ZK II: Zettel 9/8j