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  1. Nov 2022
    1. More recently, a media organization along with a prominent theatre group brought out short visual representations of popular poems. The express purpose of this project, Kaavya Kannadi was, as the website says in heavily Sanskritized Kannada, to reach out to youngsters between 17 and 40 years. The videos do away with the need to read the poems, and they also make it easy to share them.

      Kaavya Kannadi Project by Sanchi Foundation https://sanchifoundation.org/kaavya-kannadi/

  2. Oct 2022
  3. May 2022
    1. A Definition of Digitization In the simplest of terms, digitization is turning something into bits and bytes, or 1’s and 0’s.

      Digitization is basically the process of taking analogue information, such as documents, sounds or photographs, and converting into a digital format that can be stored and accessed on computers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

    1. Digitization definition: any time you translate something into bits and bytes – for example, by scanning a photo or a document – you are digitizing that object.
    1. Digitization所指的数字化简单的讲是将模拟信号/实物转换成数字形式,也就是转换成电脑能保存和处理的二进制“0”和“1”。比如将一张胶卷冲印的老照片扫描成数码照片,用手机拍一段视频等。这通常是第一步,要求公司了解其控制的数据的价值。
  4. May 2021
    1. Despite the surprising lack of digital editions, the commonplace book, more than any other genre of writing, seems well suited to a digital format, since, by its very structure, it is a linked web of fragments that have been “coded” and “marked up” with metadata. For this reason, we have put much thought and planning into which tools to use and how design this digital edition.