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    1. Carmen Guerrero fatally stabbed his live-in girlfriend Mary Perkins with her 14 year old daughter in the home. Corcoran, August 24th, 1995

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      Woman is fatally stabbed in Corcoran

      A Corcoran woman was fatally stabbed Thursday night, apparently during a domestic dispute. Mary Perkins, 38, of Corcoran was pronounced dead from multiple stab wounds at Corcoran District Hospital after Corcoran police responded to a call from the couples 14-year-old daughter at the residence at 1 1:17 p.m. The incident occurred in an apartment at 920 6V2 Avenue on the east side in Corcoran. Police found the suspect still at the crime scene and made an arrest. Carmen Guerrero, 30, was booked on a murder charge into the Kings County Jail at 2:30 a.m. Bail is set at 100,000. Guerrero reportedly confessed to the crime, police said. The victim and suspect lived together, according to Corcoran police, and the homicide is believed to be the result of a domestic dispute. No further details were available.

    2. Carmen Guerrero sentenced to 15 years to life for stabbing his girlfriend to death while her 14 year old daughter was in the home.

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      Guerrero gets 15 years to life

      PERVIN LAKDA WALLA Sentinel Staff Writer

      Frank Vidana told a Kings County Superior Court judge this morning how his niece cries in the middle of the night for her mother, Mary Perkins, who was killed last year. Carmen Guerrero, 30, who pleaded guilty to the murder, stood beside his court-appointed lawyer. He did not react to Vidanas comments. He was received a sentence of 15 years to life in prison. Vidana said Perkins was his youngest sister and one of 10 siblings. Her death has ripped a hole in the family that will never be repaired and taken a mother away from a child, he said. Vidana came to court with four other family members. They accompanied by Eva Murillo of the county probation departments victim witness program. The program lends emotional assistance, among other functions, to crime victims. Guerrero's lawyer, Donna Tarter, told the court that he is very remorseful. Tarter said she knew that Guerrero's plea to second-degree murder allowed the imposition of only a 15 years-to-life imprisonment sentence. However, she said, the court could consider probation. Tarter said that it appears a psychological problem led Guerrero to the killing. Guerrero, 31, was convicted of stabbing Perkins, 38, during a domestic dispute in their apartment at 920 61-2 Avenue in Corcoran. The incident occurred Aug. 24, 1995. Police found Guerrero at the scene and arrested him there. He reportedly confessed to the crime soon afterward. Guerrero and Perkins had lived together prior to the killing, according to Corcoran police. Their 14-year-old daughter who lived with them in the apartment called police that night. Kings County Superior Court Judge Peter Schultz denied probation. "The act of murder in this case is certainly an impulsive one, (but) it certainly shows a disregard for human life." Guerrero also was ordered to pay $1,000 in restitution to the state and $1,500 restitution to Vidana as repayment for funeral expenses. Guerrero was awarded 287 days credit for time already served in custody and for good behavior.

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