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  1. Aug 2023
    1. hat kinds of individuals or teams or communities or systems cognitively are like the early canary in 00:39:47 the coal mine that you think are ready to transform or somebody who like might hear something about a system they're involved in and think actually yeah that sounds like my organization or self might be at this sort of transition 00:39:58 point
      • for: early adopters, social tipping points, wide bridges
      • question
      • paraphrase
        • who are the envisioned early adopters?
          • there are numerous experiments going on everywhere
          • new digital currencies
          • new types of democratic systems
          • new kinds of economic system proposals
          • existing communities may have a few thousand members, but can be exponentially grown to hundreds of millions
          • lots of small prototypes being built right now, we find the optimal ones and scale those
  2. Jul 2022
    1. Though we do not pursue this point here, it is logical to considerthat poor people will be found to experience a greater psychological pressure to identify with theirpersonware as this reduces the overwhelming cognitive load they are subject to.) The task is then onlyto take care that the personware remains consistent with the social roles available—and to steer clearof anything that reminds one of what has thus been lost

      !- insight : poor identify with their personware * it just brings too much pain to know what one is denied

      !- for : social tipping points * building wide bridges requires uniting diverse groups * understanding this self denial as a form of survival is important to understand the psychology of the oppressed

  3. Jul 2020