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  1. Jan 2024
    1. It doesn’t matter if *you* believe in climate change or not… Because Insurance companies believe in climate change. And so you're *already* paying for the costs of climate breakdown
      • for: climate denial - insurance companies will make everyone pay, climate deniers - will pay carbon tax - via insurance, carbon tax - climate deniers
    1. The model of Spotify in particular - paid tier alongside a free tier with ads - seems like the simplest sustainable solution I see. Having paid features is the most obvious way to make money, but you want to enable adoption as much as you can. It's the same idea as companies dangling "free trial" in front of you at every turn - in a competitive environment, you want to remove barriers for users to try your product or service. This is essentially the idea of a "loss leader" for a grocery store, or any business really.
  2. May 2023
    1. As an English professor at a public community college, I teach 3-4 extra courses a year—in addition to 6 -7 contractual courses—to supplement my salary and to make living in NYC more affordable. As I prepare to go back to teaching a full load, I need to be honest with myself about what I can actually accomplish. I spend 20-30 hours on each Noted post—while I love the work, it is a lot of work. And, it’s not sustainable for me to keep up my current pace of writing if I am also juggling around 10 courses. So, I’m asking you, dear reader, to consider upgrading your subscription. Right now only 1% of you are paid subscribers. If 5-10% of you upgraded, it would mean that I wouldn’t need to teach extra classes and could devote all of that time to Noted.

      6-7 contractual courses at a public community college in New York is roughly equivalent to 5-10% of Hess' Substack subscribing at $50/year.

      Rough estimates of the variables could fill in the holes here to get a current estimate of subscribers.

  3. Apr 2023
    1. Introducing Substack Notes<br /> by Hamish McKenzie, Chris Best, Jairaj Sethi

    2. There are more than 35 million active subscriptions to writers on Substack, including more than 2 million paid subscriptions.

      As of April 2023, only 5.7% of Substack active subscriptions are paid.

      How exactly do they define "active" subscriptions?

  4. Mar 2023
  5. Jun 2022
    1. Many believe that companies should give more time to employees to contribute to open source, with 79% agreeing or strongly agreeing that companies should give time during work hours to contribute.
    2. while just 20% have been paid for their contributions to open source, 53% agree or strongly agree that individuals should be paid for open source contributions
  6. Sep 2021
    1. Quora+ is a subscription to the best of Quora.Access great writing, straight-from-the-source knowledge, and stories you can’t find anywhere else while supporting creators who matter to you.

      Another example of a service that tries to entice users with a free service (and writers with a financial incentive) and then once they achieve enough popularity, they make some of "their" content "premium".

      (YouTube Premium, ...)

      This is why we should distrust and avoid using "free" services.

  7. Jun 2021
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  10. Feb 2021
    1. Trailblazer goes further and provides an approach to model entire life-cycles of business objects, such as "a song" or "the root user" using workflow (pro feature). Also, you don't have to use the DSL but can use the editor instead (cool for more complex, long-running flows).
  11. Dec 2020
  12. Nov 2020
    1. Express - 19 $ 🏃‍♀️ Skip the Review Queue 🕒 Published in 3 days 💌 Full Customer Support 💚 Support the team

      Wow, after seeing how this site works, I don't like much like it anymore.

      Esp. this below:

      Choose your preferred publish date - 9 $ Feature your project on top for 14 days and get an additional tweet - 19 $

      I hope there is/will be soon a more open/free alternative (like the "awesome" lists that use GitHub PRs instead of an opaque/proprietary submisison form).

  13. Oct 2020
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  15. Jun 2020
    1. Internally, we are continuing to encourage any employee who needs time and space to process current events or participate in protests should they choose to take sick time so that it doesn’t impact their personal paid-time off.
  16. May 2020
    1. If you're in a paid tier on GitLab.com or GitLab Self-managed, you're entitled to Support. Please open a support ticket after reviewing our Statement of Support
  17. Apr 2020
    1. Recently the HaveIBeenPwned API has moved to a authenticated/paid model , this does not effect the PwnedPasswords API, no payment or authentication is required.
    1. To ensure that you do receive a reply, SpryMedia Ltd (the company behind DataTables) provides professional support maintenance contracts:
  18. Mar 2020
  19. Jan 2020
  20. Aug 2019
    1. I'm working full time on Material-UI since 2019. I was working on it during my free time before that. I hope that I can leverage my full-time involvement in the library to make it really awesome. You are right, the project is well-funded. We hope we can fund the time of more than 1 person full time in the future, with the current growth rate, it should soon be possible. We have 3 people working part-time on the project (Matt, Sebastian and Josh), plus the community behind us (+1,000 code contributors).