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  1. May 2022
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  3. Jan 2022
    1. So if you subscribe to both Inbox and All mail you are in practise downloaded your mails twice. If you then delete a mail in inbox it doesnt go away in All mail. It just get the trash-tag. In my opinion you should never subscribe to All mail. You never need to see it. All you need to see are INBOX, TRASH, SENT and the folders YOU created in your gmail-account.
  4. Sep 2021
  5. Aug 2021
    1. Just this year I made a gmail account, just for me to send myself creative ideas, interesting quotes, and write down moving experiences. I also send myself articles that I like and it’s nice to be able to write my thoughts or key words to go with it. Then the email can be organized into folders for the different themes. It’s a really easy way to bring it all with me and to never feel like I have to wait to record an idea.

      An example of someone using a gmail account to create a commonplace book!

  6. May 2021
    1. They're less likely to go into the "Promotions" tab in Gmail (used by ~16% of all email users), for the same reasons above. From my testing, the plain emails typically end up in the Updates tab and some times even in the primary tab. Of course, the text in the email also affects this.
  7. Jan 2021
    1. I want to create a filter for all email sent by me only to me. To accomplish this I send all these "notes" to a permutation that I know no one else uses. E.g. john__doe@gmail.com
  8. Dec 2019
  9. May 2019
    1. They’ve learned, and that’s more dangerous than caring, because that means they’re rationally pricing these harms. The day that 20% of consumers put a price tag on privacy, freemium is over and privacy is back.

      Google want you to say yes, not because they're inviting positivity more than ever, but because they want you to purchase things and make them richer. This is the essence of capitalism.

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    1. To do that I just typed “label:techgroup -is:starred” without quotes in the search bar and clicked on Search. It displayed all the emails from that label which isn’t starred.

      How to find unstarred emails in Gmail