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    1. Cyrus has the ability to export Usenet via IMAP and/or export shared IMAP mailboxes via NNTP.
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    1. Dovecot Apple Push Notification Service

      c /* tag1 XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE "aps-version" "1" "aps-account-id" "E8CD34AD-98D3-4489-A6BB-86B1D082FECE" "aps-device-token" "a66216ad1683d48b9933cdcc3b98a833ee1a968143f41ea494187da54715da66" "aps-subtopic" "com.apple.mobilemail" */

    1. IMAP URL for text fragment

      ``` The URL: <imap://minbari.example.org/gray-council;UIDVALIDITY=385759045/; UID=20/;PARTIAL=0.1024>

      may result in the following client commands and server responses:

      <connect to minbari.example.org, port 143> S: * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 STARTTLS AUTH=ANONYMOUS] Welcome C: A001 AUTHENTICATE ANONYMOUS S: + C: c2hlcmlkYW5AYmFieWxvbjUuZXhhbXBsZS5vcmc= S: A001 OK Welcome sheridan@babylon5.example.org C: A002 SELECT gray-council <client verifies the UIDVALIDITY matches> C: A003 UID FETCH 20 BODY.PEEK[]<0.1024> ```

      ABNF: abnf partial-range = number ["." nz-number] ; partial FETCH. The first number is ; the offset of the first byte, ; the second number is the length of ; the fragment.

    1. The IETF provides an IMAP interface into the email list archives. This interface allows both anonymous and logged-in access.

      ``` Server: imap.ietf.org Port: 143 or 993

      For authenticated access use your datatracker login and password.

      For anonymous access use username="anonymous", and provide your email address as a password. ```

    1. IMAP subscriptions: An IMAP server with all IETF email list archives is available for IMAP access at imap.ietf.org:993.
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    1. This document updates RFC 3501 (IMAP4rev1) with persistent identifiers on mailboxes and messages to allow clients to more efficiently reuse cached data when resources have changed location on the server.
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