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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Pocket Casts is instead committed to podcasting’s open ecosystem of freely available RSS feeds, CEO Owen Grover says.

      I wish their app allowed one to actually use the podcast's native URL(s) when sharing instead of providing a pca.st shortened URL.

  2. Oct 2019
  3. Apr 2019
  4. Sep 2018
    1. A URI identifies a resource either by location, or a name, or both. A URI has two specializations known as URL and URN. A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a subset of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it.URL defines how the resource can be obtained. It does not have to be HTTP URL (http://), a URL can also be (ftp://) or (smb://) A Uniform Resource Name (URN) is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that uses the URN scheme, and does not imply availability of the identified resource. Both URNs (names) and URLs (locators) are URIs, and a particular URI may be both a name and a locator at the same time.
  5. Jan 2018
    1. With Radio3, the publicised links connect to the corresponding site, whereas when I bookmark using my site, it shares the link to my post rather than the original site. This has me rethinking why I bookmark and POSSE. Maybe I do not need to share links to the original source, especially when my bookmarks have secondary information.

      I wonder about this sometimes as well and have even contemplated crazy machinations for changing the canonical URL of my own posts to point to the originals.

      I'm still a long way from figuring this out completely.

  6. Jul 2017
    1. the text after the ID doesn't matter. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/701030/ This is a great model for URLs where you want a to use a unique ID but the text/title in the URL may change.

      great design!

  7. Jan 2017
    1. Jolie and pitt, example of a fake news story to sell anti-aging cream, and an exmple of why you always need to look at the URL.

  8. Oct 2016
  9. Jun 2016
    1. If the exclude fragment flag is unset and url’s fragment is non-null, append "#", followed by url’s fragment, to output.
    2. If the given value is the empty string, set context object’s url’s fragment to null and terminate these steps
  10. Aug 2015
  11. Apr 2015
    1. Axiom: Opacity of URIs The only thing you can use an identifier for is to refer to an object. When you are not dereferencing, you should not look at the contents of the URI string to gain other information.
  12. Mar 2015
  13. piratenpad.de piratenpad.de
    1. Netzwerkgesellschaft revisited - Von den ersten Vernetzungsutopien zur Sharing Economy alternativ: Von der Netzwerkgesellschaft zum Plattformkapitalismus? Alternativ:

      Diese Zeilen sind im Originaletherpad durchgestrichen.

  14. Nov 2014
  15. Feb 2014
    1. International Committee of the Red Cross

      Their web address is here:....