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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Q does not prevent opera proxy users from communicating on their platform. Q's webchat is old school speedy and simple.

  2. Mar 2015
    1. To find the right integration, I scoured the internet and tested a few different solutions. Some where just OVERLY complex, some just didnt work, and some were just right (Codename Goldilocks). The one that I found worked perfectly for me was ‘slack-irc-plugin‘, by Jimmy Hillis.
  3. Feb 2014
    1. #meetingname Provide a friendly name which can be used as a variable in the filename patterns. For example, you can set filenamePattern = '%(channel)s/%%Y/%(meetingname)s.%%F-%%H.%%M' to allow #meetingname to categorize multiple types of meeting occurring in one channel.

      So we can have the same bot run multiple meetings, and provide log a log index in a different place.