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    1. Popular Types of Online Peer to Peer Marketplaces with Inspiring Examples

      Online marketplaces offer a new take on how goods and services can be exchanged. Consumers no longer require an intermediary to connect to producers, as platforms do the matching. It’s always a good idea to have a big picture of solutions that are currently popular on the market. We’ve categorized these solutions to make it easier for you to see the big picture of peer to peer marketplaces

  4. Nov 2020
    1. I believe this requires building 2 layers of decentralized communal infrastructure. A privacy preserving persistence layer removed from any application (see also cwtch). And an application layer which can interact with it, and provide features for it (microblogging, social networking, filesharing, collaborative editing etc.)

      Este modelo es similar a https://scuttlebutt.nz/ . La federación podría ocurrir con aplicaciones públicas (micro-blogs, redes sociales) mientras que una capa de la comunicación es privada incluso en infraestructuras agenas (como en Scuttlebutt). Es decir, es posible tener infraestructuras federadas confiables para contenidos abiertos/públicos y p2p para los que no lo sean y comunicarlas entre sí.

  5. Sep 2019
    1. P2P payments’ popularity is gaining momentum, and it allows people to transfer funds easily and securely. The statistics speaks for itself. That is why P2P payment app development may become a good business idea. This article covers all necessary things like security issues, legal compliance, and features to take into account if you intend to create a custom P2P payment app and use proven mobile app development services.
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    1. In the second post in the series, Simon makes the argument that the killer feature of decentralized systems is rule-breaking: “While a decentralized architecture can be effective at routing around a variety of different failures in a network, the type of decentralization that was achieved by Bittorrent (and by Bitcoin for that matter) has enabled routing around rules.”

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/> 从学术领域的开放获取(Open Access)思潮,到政治生活的匿名化社运,再到经济体系的点对点金融——BitTorrent 就像是一颗沧海遗珠,它卷起的滔天巨浪,曾试图侵袭人类社会所有坚不可摧的巨坝高墙。 <br/><br/> 但这番焕新图景背后所昭示的事实是,这代互联网人奉行的创新精神陷入了「不破不立」的窠臼。为什么我们创造新事物的前提是打破(break)或变革(reform)现有的?“routing around” 的最高境界何尝不是「共荣共存」?

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    1. John wants to upload a PDF file to IPFS but only give Mary accessHe puts his PDF file in his working directory and encrypts it with Mary’s public keyHe tells IPFS he wants to add this encrypted file, which generates a hash of the encrypted fileHis encrypted file is available on the IPFS networkMary can retrieve it and decrypt the file since she owns the associated private key of the public key that was used to encrypt the fileA malicious party cannot decrypt the file because they lack Mary’s private key
    1. A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
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    1. Criticism of technological utopianism, particularly Benkler's version, and the need to consider power relations within utopian proposals.

  13. Apr 2017
    1. Of course, if you want to put a positive spin on this kind of work, you can call it flexible, decentralized micro-entrepreneurship. But pan out, and it looks more like feudalism, with thousands of small subsistence farmers paying tribute to a baron that grants them access to land they don’t own.
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    1. The resource-based economy goes like this: In the future robots will do all the jobs (including creating new robots and fixing broken one). Now, imagine the world is like a public library, where you can borrow any book you want but never own it. Fresco wants all enterprise like this, whether it’s groceries, new tech, gasoline, or alcohol. He wants everything free and eventually provided to us by robots, software, and automation.

      I think this is achievable, if we emphasize specialized libraries and cooperative models around resources (i.e. tool/tech libraries, food banks/co-ops)

  16. Mar 2016
    1. Client<->Server API - defines how Matrix compatible clients communicate with Matrix homeservers. Server<->Server API - defines how Matrix homeservers exchange messages and synchronise history with each other.

      Given the data model (which allows merges) forkdb could be a close candidate to substitute a Client <-> Client API (also called peer to peer).

      Play with it.

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    1. “The cat is out of the bag. The content people have no clue. I mean, no clue.” - Bram Cohen



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    1. inspirational organizational

      Indeed, it becomes a matrice. It is not a coincidence if free software share its source : the core of the paradigm is both the source and the sharing itself. It is a recursive and viral paradigm.

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