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  1. May 2024
    1. The master key may also be used to sign other items such as the backup key

      Given her master key is compromised (and that is the case when she'd like to rotate) nothing stops the compromised to issue and sign a new backup key.

      Better: use pre-rotation of KERI.

    2. a master key (MSK) that serves as the user’s identity in cross-signing and signs their other cross-signing keys

      Is a point of failure / weakest link in this chain - compomise of one key is enough to compromise Alice's identity.

      Also, requires it to be replicated across her divecise, if she wishes to add new device from any device.

    1. In addition to connectivity, there are other Matrix-centric problems to be solved. In a world where each device is potentially running its own homeserver, we will need a new approach for handling user identities
    2. Since federation within a Matrix room is effectively full-mesh, you need to be able to exchange data with all servers that are participating in a given room directly
  2. matrix-org.github.io matrix-org.github.io
    1. In order to do this, a form of network-wide election takes place, where the node with the numerically highest ed25519 public key will win

      Eh, that doesn't seem fair. What stops one generating keypairs until he gets a decently high one, cheating his chances?

    1. Even though the Pinecone address space is considered to be global in scope, it is important to note that there is no true “single” Pinecone network. It is possible for multiple disjoint and disconnected Pinecone network segments to exist
    1. In some cases, source addresses could be sealed/encrypted, although this is not implemented today
    1. but limiting the conference to 7 or 8 participants given all the duplication of the sent video required. In Element Call Beta 2, end-to-end encryption was enabled; easy, given it’s just a set of 1:1 calls.

      I imagine having to transmit stuff to every peer would not work well for low-bandwidth devices.

      Also, complete connectivity graph is a LOT of connections.

      Additionally, given one channel fails - recipient doesn't see content, while others do. (they could have broadcasted it, hey!)

      Also, won't scale for streaming.

    2. So if the network roundtrip time to your server is even 100ms, and Sliding Sync is operating infinitely quickly, you’re still going to end up showing a placeholders for a few frames

      What stops loading context around the window?

      Better off, start from windows position and sync everytihng from that priority.

      I.e., prioritize what gets replicated by how user's acting.

    3. Faster Joins (lazy-loading room state when your server joins a room)
    4. 111,873,374 matrix IDs on the public network, spanning 17,289,201 rooms, spread over 64,256 servers
    1. All API endpoints within the specification are versioned individually. This means that /v3/sync (for example) can get deprecated in favour of /v4/sync without affecting /v3/profile at all. A server supporting /v4/sync would keep serving /v3/profile as it always has

      It's cool, I guess. But then leaves one wonder, are they compatible? How to tell? There should be a kind of manifest then that maps v4 to "playing well together" granular vs.

    2. For example, if /test were to be introduced in v1.1 and deprecated in v1.2, then it can be removed in v1.3.

      That's.. not intuitive for those familiar with semver.

      Like, bump it to 2.0 instead. It's a breaking change. Everybody will get it. What's the point of the second digit if it guarantees "maybe nothing will be broken" - tell it explicity, is it or is it not.

    3. Users may publish arbitrary key/value data associated with their account

      This is personal information one may wish to chose who gets access to.

    4. Usage of an IS is not required in order for a client application to be part of the Matrix ecosystem. However, without one clients will not be able to look up user IDs using 3PIDs

      Better: linke from 3rd party to Matrix.

      E.g., by adding on Twitter link to Matrix ID.

    5. file transfers

      Better would be to include files as is. Use hash of it in an event. Download from whoever has it, the IPFS way. Only between friends

    6. Every event graph has a single root event with no parent

      Weird. That means one user must start a topic. Whereas a topic like "Obama" could be started by multiple folks, not knowing about each other, later on discovering and interconnecting their reasoning, if they so wish.

    7. type values MUST be uniquely globally namespaced following Java’s package naming conventions, e.g. com.example.myapp.event

      We're in the Web. Better: URIs.

    8. In a mobile client, it might be acceptable to reuse the device if a login session expires, provided the user is the same

      Yeah, we wouldn't have this problem if agent's key been authorized.

    9. each device gets its own copy of the decryption keys

      Whoa! Sharing the one and only private key is.. sub-optimal.

    10. signing the message in the context of the graph for integrity

      That's weird. User's not in chare of creating an event (as user-generated event is not a complete event in Matrix model, it lacks causal history).

      Relying for creation of an event on a server means you need to be online in order to use apps.

      Better: let user's device be enough, so user can create events offline, sync it later. Server is dumb - just relaying it to user's friends.

    11. Room data is replicated across all of the homeservers whose users are participating in a given room
    12. and shares data with the wider Matrix ecosystem by synchronising communication history with other homeservers and their clients

      That's a con. There's no need to sync globe-wide, creating a giant ledger. You have a set of peers that you want to share your stuff with (friends), leave it at that.

    13. Use of 3rd Party IDs (3PIDs) such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook accounts to authenticate, identify and discover users on Matrix

      Good stuff. I.e., associate existing accs.

    14. Managing user accounts (registration, login, logout)

      Better: always log in with a server, unless you choose to migrate.

    15. Extensible user profile management (avatars, display names, etc)

      Better: let peers have personal profiles of their friends.

      Like you do with your contacts on phone. You know their id (phon number), you give it a name, assign a pic. It's up to you.

    16. Extensible user management (inviting, joining, leaving, kicking, banning) mediated by a power-level based user privilege system

      Additionally: community-based management, ban polls.

      Alternative: per-user configuration of access. Let rooms be topics on which peers discuss. A friend can see what he's friends and foafs are saying.

    17. REST

      That's a standard - good for devs. Yet it's grotesque.

    18. JSON

      Meh. Verbose, bad types, needs parsing.

    19. The user should know precisely where their data is stored

      And be able to store it locally, on trusted devices, replicated.

    20. no single points of control over conversations or the network as a whole

      Ideally support p2p. Servers/brokers are optional.

    21. Sending and receiving extensible messages

      Better: text messages & structured stuff (data).

    22. across a global open network of federated servers and services

      Better: across devices (p2p) and (optionally) their servers.

  3. Apr 2024
    1. nah mate, youre taking the matrix too literal. just like every great piece of art, the matrix shows the conflict between different personality types. this is timeless, or "classical", because personality types are a part of natural order, laws of physics, laws of macro-chemistry. conflict between different personality types? in the matrix, it is "machines" versus "humans". or as charlie chaplin said "machine men with machine minds".<br /> at its core, its a question of personality type. some people have this inborn mechanistic world view, who want to rationally compute everything, who prefer security over freedom, who prefer fear over lust, who prefer knowledge over feeling. and on the other side you have "humans" who prefer feelings and intuition. like morpheus says "you can FEEL something is wrong".<br /> and to this day, the conflict between different personality types remains the great mystery, which is the basis of slave morality, aka religions, aka politics, aka idealisms, aka blue pills.<br /> by accident, i have created a hypothesis to solve this fundamental problem: how do we have to connect different personality types to crate stable groups? in chemistry, we know exactly: how do we have to connect different atoms to create stable molecules. but for humans? we have no fucking clue! because spoiler: pacifism is the problem which leads to overpopulation degeneration hunger collapse war.<br /> blah. read my book:<br /> pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type

    1. We need to rebuild a world outside of the grip of the globalist organisations behind the coup, outside of the grip of fascist corporations who would destroy us and the planet for power and profit, outside of the grip of the unelected billionaires parasite class, far from the grip of the corrupt governments who think they are gods and we are their canon fodder, who pretend they care about our welfare while destroying our lives. These people are our civil servants but we have let them act as our masters for too long.

      We need to go off the grid, off their evil grid, outside of the control of these psychopaths, these leeches, these parasites who have been bleeding us dry for too long.

      they control everything, so its hard to find ways to effective resistance…

      ive been thinking about this hell on earth for 20 years, and the bottleneck i found are human relations. we just have no fucking clue, how to arrange human relations to create stable groups.

      im afraid this is no accident, but deliberate sabotage from above: they dont want slaves who are well-organized, self-sufficient, free. george carlin: “They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people, capable of critical thinking. … They want obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs”

      possible solution: Pallas. Who are my friends. Group composition by personality type. https://milahu.github.io/alchi/src/whoaremyfriends/whoaremyfriends.html

  4. Sep 2023
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  7. Mar 2023
    1. Incitement of violence towards any individual

      Believing in "government" REQUIRES hypocrisy, schizophrenia and delusion. One illustration of this is the bizarre and contradictory way in which social media platforms PRETEND to be against people advocating violence.


  8. Feb 2023
  9. Jan 2023
    1. 3.1 Guest Lecture: Lauren Klein » Q&A on "What is Feminist Data Science?"<br /> https://www.complexityexplorer.org/courses/162-foundations-applications-of-humanities-analytics/segments/15631


      Theories of Power

      Patricia Hill Collins' matrix of domination - no hierarchy, thus the matrix format

      What are other broad theories of power? are there schools?

      Relationship to Mary Parker Follett's work?

      Bright, Liam Kofi, Daniel Malinsky, and Morgan Thompson. “Causally Interpreting Intersectionality Theory.” Philosophy of Science 83, no. 1 (January 2016): 60–81. https://doi.org/10.1086/684173.

      about Bayesian modeling for intersectionality

      Where is Foucault in all this? Klein may have references, as I've not got the context.

      How do words index action? —Laura Klein

      The power to shape discourse and choose words - relationship to soft power - linguistic memes

      Color Conventions Project

      20:15 Word embeddings as a method within her research

      General result (outside of the proximal research) discussed: women are more likely to change language... references for this?

      [[academic research skills]]: It's important to be aware of the current discussions within one's field. (LK)

      36:36 quantitative imperialism is not the goal of humanities analytics, lived experiences are incredibly important as well. (DK)

  10. Dec 2022
    1. formula

      Consider that: 1. Sine and cosine are orthogonal to each other 2. Hence, you can rewrite -sin(Θ) = cos(Θ + π/2) cos(Θ) = sin(Θ + π/2) 3. Therefore, the angle between the standard basis vectors, and their orientation, are preserved!

  11. Jul 2022
    1. difference is that the matrix

      Hi, sorry I may have read inattentively, but how to implement this matrix in code?

  12. Jun 2022
    1. This trick of using a one-hot vector to pull out a particular row of a matrix is at the core of how transformers work.

      Matrix multiplication as table lookup

  13. Apr 2022
    1. Reflexivität und Intelligenz der Popkultur

      Macht witzigerweise ja der letzte Matrix sogar.

  14. Mar 2022
  15. Jan 2022
    1. We've been having great conversations at [[agora discuss]] lately.

      I agree, it's been great! I'll try to get a [[matrix bot]] running soon to complement and interlink all that activity.

  16. Dec 2021
  17. Nov 2021
    1. Now that we've made peace with the concepts of projections (matrix multiplications)

      Projections are matrix multiplications.Why didn't you sayso? spatial and channel projections in the gated gmlp

    2. Computers are especially good at matrix multiplications. There is an entire industry around building computer hardware specifically for fast matrix multiplications. Any computation that can be expressed as a matrix multiplication can be made shockingly efficient.
    1. um kevin anderson 00:12:43 if you can talk more about this issue both you and george assad raymond and so many other climate activists talking about this issue of wealth 00:12:55 you say per capita is a flawed metric as most polluting industries have been moved to developing nations so it's not reflective of the rich nation's emissions take all of this on 00:13:09 yeah i mean that's a really key issue and i think if i focus in here on the uk where i know it's a place obviously i know much better that what we've done in the uk we've closed down a lot of our industry and then we import the manufactured goods from elsewhere in the 00:13:22 world and then we turn around to those parts of the world and then we blame them for the emissions in manufacturing the goods that we are enjoying and that's everything from our electronic goods to parts for our cars as our clothes so you know the uk is 00:13:35 effectively moved to a bar and banking culture and and and offshore virtually everything else and so we when we looking at our total amount of emissions we have to take account of the carbon footprint of our lifestyles and that 00:13:47 does include the emissions that we associated with things that we import and export i mean you take that into account you tend to find that most wealthy countries have a much larger carbon footprint than when you just look at the energy they use within their 00:14:00 boundaries and i think it's really key again when we think about these issues of equity we we that we take this what's often referred to as a consumption-based accounting method we take that into account because it is unfair to be 00:14:12 penalizing poor parts of the world for them making things to help us have a better quality of life over here and when we do that then the challenges get even more striking in terms of what we have to do and it also also brings out 00:14:25 even further the issues of equity the disparity between the richer parts of the world and the poorer parts of the world but i also think on the equity point it's really worth bringing out that it's not as if everyone in the uk is even 00:14:37 there isn't just one public in the uk there are multiple publics there were those of us who are the wealthy ones in our own country that are responsible for the lion's share of missions within the uk that will be true chain for the u.s for germany for japan australia and so 00:14:50 within all of our countries there are large swathes of the country who are the average and below average consumers and for them the response to climate change is very different from those of us who are in our own countries are responsible for the lion's share of 00:15:03 emissions so i think we have to differentiate not just between countries but even within our countries and my concern there is that who are the people that frame the climate dubai debate they're the climate scientists and the academics they're the 00:15:14 entrepreneurs the business leaders the journalists the barristers they're all the people that are in the very high emitting category so we frame the debate and we never ever frame the debate with equity at its core and with regardless 00:15:26 of our maths or our moral sorry regardless of our moral position the maths tell us if we are to deliver on the commitments then equity has to be a key part of our responses but we never talk about that because we are in that 00:15:38 high emitting group

      Kevin points out why a CONSUMPTION-BASED METRIC is more accurate than PER CAPITA metric, as the PER CAPITA metric does not include the embodied carbon emissions of the manufactured goods that consumers purchase. Per Capita metric reflects that the manufacture is responsible, not the consumer, an inaccurate moral indication.

      We have also noticed that wealthy and poor exist in ALL countries of the world and the more nuanced terminology we employ based on a Country-Wealth Sector classification matrix as described here:


      Using this new terminology, Monbiot and Anderson are referring to the North-North and South-North class as all the elites of the world has having the highest personal carbon footprint whilst the North-South and South-South class are the victims.

  18. Sep 2021
    1. Curiouser and curiouser. The Matrix 4 movie was part of my trip down the rabbit hole with my father as he was exploring Lewis Carroll’s experiences with migraine headaches.

    1. https://nesslabs.com/eisenhower-matrix

      The Eisnehower matrix is a means of helping one to implement the Pareto principle.

      Seen this basic idea so many times before and have it generally implemented in the bullet journal portion of my digital commonplace book. I should spend more time gardening in there regularly though.

  19. Jul 2021
    1. Keerthivasan, S., Şenbabaoğlu, Y., Martinez-Martin, N., Husain, B., Verschueren, E., Wong, A., Yang, Y. A., Sun, Y., Pham, V., Hinkle, T., Oei, Y., Madireddi, S., Corpuz, R., Tam, L., Carlisle, S., Roose-Girma, M., Modrusan, Z., Ye, Z., Koerber, J. T., & Turley, S. J. (2021). Homeostatic functions of monocytes and interstitial lung macrophages are regulated via collagen domain-binding receptor LAIR1. Immunity, 54(7), 1511-1526.e8. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.immuni.2021.06.012

  20. Apr 2021
    1. The Great Biohack: Inside the broad, sometimes bizarre world of human augmentation Encompassing everything from chip implants to oxygen deprivation, this DIY movement is changing how we think about what the human body can do.
  21. Mar 2021
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    1. The biggest advantage of matrix/megolm is that you can always add new client logins, that aren't tied to your mobile phone login (as opposed to whatsapp/signal).
    2. From the point of view of the administrator, I see that public servers Matrix are unsuitable for federation. Matrix server used - 10 000 MB RAM for 50 online users. (200 mb/user) XMPP used - 400 MB RAM for 1000 online users. (200 kb /user)Give AwardshareReportSavelevel 2logicSnob1 point · 10 months agoIs it an optimization issue that can be fixed?Give AwardshareReportSavelevel 3404-city1 point · 8 months ago · edited 6 months agoThis is not an optimization problem, it is a protocol problem. Need to trim functions to XMPP level. XMPP is already used at high loads, so to be afraid to add “killer cool for servers” matrix features to the protocol.
  26. Apr 2020
    1. you may be more likely to work alongside a robot in the near future than have one replace you. And even better news: You’re more likely to make friends with a robot than have one murder you. Hooray for the future!
  27. Feb 2020
  28. Nov 2019
    1. optical nanostructures, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry, etc.) have shown promise as sensitive detection methods, they typically process only small, relatively clean samples. The true bottleneck to rapid detection methods remains the separation of a target analyte from a large complex matrix.
  29. Oct 2018
    1. But Twain understood what modern storytellers seem to have forgotten-a compelling sequel offers consumers a new perspective on the characters, rather than just more of the same.

      In terms of polar opposites think Star Wars and some (not all) of its sequels and spin offs. Many prefer "Empire Strikes Back" to "A New Hope" few would admit to liking the prequels ("Phantom Menace" et al). Sadly there are too many examples of bad sequels. For this author, each installment of "The Matrix" progressively disappointed, so much so that I couldn't bother with the games, graphic novels or animated series.

    1. Approximate Fisher Information Matrix to Characterise the Training of Deep Neural Networks

      深度神经网络训练(收敛/泛化性能)的近似Fisher信息矩阵表征,可自动优化mini-batch size/learning rate

      挺有趣的 paper,提出了从 Fisher 矩阵抽象出新的量用来衡量训练过程中的模型表现,来优化mini-batch sizes and learning rates | 另外 paper 中的figure画的很好看 | 作者认为逐步增加batch sizes的传统理解只是partially true,存在逐步递减该 size 来提高 model 收敛和泛化能力的可能。

  30. Sep 2018
  31. Mar 2018
    1. positive semidefinite, but not positive definite, then it is singular

      正半定矩阵是奇异的 $$ \begin{array}{rl} f(t) =& (x-tAx)^TA(x-tAx)\ =&-2t\Vert Ax\Vert^2 + t^2x^TA^3x \end{array} $$

  32. Jan 2018
  33. Mar 2017
    1. matrix

      This is a very loaded word. So for procreation, Aristotle thought that the man actively imprinted on the passive woman, and one of the definitions for matrix is a "mould in which something, such as a record or printing type, is cast or shaped." (It's also the "cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops.") https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/matrix

      Reading Cixous reminds me of cyberfeminism, which is often about "writing the feminine" through technology. I think VNS Matrix (their manifesto is below) is often considered a pioneer of cyberfeminism.

  34. Feb 2017

      I'm a big fan of this argument matrix thing here. By sandwiching other scripture between two Paul quotes, it's not like it's just pitting one quote against another and declaring them contradictory. Which is vital, because Willard, like just about everyone we're reading this week and the last, do want to uphold the spiritual authority of the bible. It tries to show it in a process, shifting from the contradictory to the reconciliation--it shows that there's more going on.

  35. Mar 2016
    1. Hopefully it’s true to say that the next few months should be quite transformational :D

      Please also include the social side of Matrix: Which example communities exist, how is it used, how do the users respond to the varying interfaces?

    2. Threading

      The above may just be special cases of this.

    3. Pinned, tagged, and ‘liked’ messages

      And reposting. And commented reposting.


      Answering yet more questions on this page will turn it into a knowledge base which suffers from scrolling. It may be worth considering work on a nicely formatted user manual. Great examples here are Ceph and typesets with the Digital Publishing Toolkit.

    2. Whilst this has been okay for our initial experimentation and proof of concept, it’s likely that future homeserver work will be written in a more strongly typed language (e.g. Go).

      There can be objections against Go due to its Google backing. Rust appears to follow a less commercial intent, being brought up by Mozilla, and as a systems language compiles down to machine code useful in IoT devices.

    3. Can I run my own identity server? Yes - the reference implementation is sydent and you can run your own ID server cluster that tracks 3rd party to Matrix ID mappings. This won’t be very useful right now, though, and we don’t recommend it. If you want your server to participate in the global replicated Matrix ID service then please get in touch with us. Meanwhile, we are looking at ways of decentralising the ‘official’ Matrix identity service so that identity servers are 100% decentralised and can openly federate with each other. N.B. that you can use Matrix without ever using the identity service - it exists only to map 3rd party IDs (e.g. email addresses) to matrix IDs to aid user discovery.

      This will have to be even more precisely specified, documented, tracked, communicated, developed, ...

    4. End-to-end encryption is coming shortly to clients for both 1:1 and group chats to protect user data stored on servers, using the Olm cryptographic ratchet implementation.

      This would also answer another point of criticism for the redecentralize interview.

    5. Servers maintain a public/private key pair, and sign the integrity of all messages in the context of the historical conversation, preventing tampering.

      This closely relates to the notes left on a blog post about setting up Let's Encrypt with Matrix.

    6. options for decentralising or migrating user accounts between multiple servers

      This relates to a point of criticism within the redecentralize interview.

    7. How do I register custom matrix event types?

      This resembles the federation of Plugins for different (federated) wiki activities in the log. How could we standardize around oEmbed (+ rich JS Web/Service Workers/Components?), Twitter Cards, Facebook OpenGraph, JSON-LD, RDFa, microdata et al. for sharing "widgets"?

    8. what is right for the consumer

      Please help in deconstructing the consumer <> producer dichotomy to use even less commercially sounding language in our everyday life.

    9. Matrix is deliberately not a ‘pure’ peer-to-peer system; instead each user has a well-defined homeserver which stores his data and that he can depend upon.

      There must be underlying assumptions backing that choice. Which are they?

    10. It’s almost a contradiction in terms to get competitive between openly interoperable communication projects

      ... in terms of ... ?

    11. by deploying their own server.

      When will the clients be full servers, to build resilient peer to peer infrastructure?

    12. the whole web

      I suppose Matrix isn't going to replace HTTP and HTML very soon, but it can be thought of as an addition to other federated data layers like Hypothes.is or Federated Wiki, to comprehend their social interaction patterns with more real-time oriented interfaces.

    13. Client<->Server API - defines how Matrix compatible clients communicate with Matrix homeservers. Server<->Server API - defines how Matrix homeservers exchange messages and synchronise history with each other.

      Given the data model (which allows merges) forkdb could be a close candidate to substitute a Client <-> Client API (also called peer to peer).

      Play with it.

    14. It’s not actually incorporated anywhere at the moment but we are looking at the best legal structure for the future (and as of October 2015 we have hopefully found one). Whatever the legal structure, we are committed to keeping the Matrix project open.

      This is most interesting in law contexts of international or european order. How to maintain a Knowledge Commons?

    15. We are called Matrix because we provide a structure in which all communication can be matrixed together.
    1. Now we’ll want to find and edit the following lines: tls_certificate_path: “/etc/ssl/nginx/examplecom_crt.pem” # We can comment this out, as long as we set no_tls to true below # tls_private_key_path: “/whatever/path/synapse/generated” # PEM dh parameters for ephemeral keys tls_dh_params_path: “/whatever/path/synapse/generated” # Turn off TLS everywhere (this overrides the listeners section below) no_tls: True
    2. We’re going to assume you have a Synapse installed and listening on the standard ports, 8008 and 8448. If not, follow the Synapse README and come back here when you’re done. Everybody ready? Okay, good.
    1. Now we’ll want to find and edit the following lines: tls_certificate_path: “/etc/ssl/nginx/examplecom_crt.pem” # We can comment this out, as long as we set no_tls to true below # tls_private_key_path: “/whatever/path/synapse/generated” # PEM dh parameters for ephemeral keys tls_dh_params_path: “/whatever/path/synapse/generated” # Turn off TLS everywhere (this overrides the listeners section below) no_tls: True

      Explaining the need for a certificate here without an associated private key could help in understanding why they are needed at all in a no_tls: True scenario.

    2. We’re going to assume you have a Synapse installed and listening on the standard ports, 8008 and 8448. If not, follow the Synapse README and come back here when you’re done. Everybody ready? Okay, good.

      This makes it easy to oversee the need for having a properly set up TLS setup for both an eventual reverse proxy and the synapse daemon's and matrix protocol's internal message signing as hidden in the text further below.

      Explicitly favouring the no_tls: True approach should help in adopting decoupled, recource efficient TLS-offloading deployment scenarios. This should eventually be automated, as Let's Encrypt certificates are only valid for three months.