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    1. bottom sheet(底部菜单)

      这一部分感觉还可以深挖一下选题,运用 bottom sheet 设计的应用不少,它们都是怎么用的?

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    1. you should be mindful how often you request updates to avoid annoying or tiring your users. That is, you should limit requesting in-app updates to only the changes that are important to the functionality of your app
    1. There are several different architectures that can be used by Android developers: Stable samples — Java Stable samples — Kotlin External samples Deprecated samples Samples in progress Of course, each of these samples should be used depending on the objectives, approaches, etc. Having explored them, we’ve come up with a more understandable approach and a less layered architecture for our projects. Utilizing this architecture, we’ll show how to develop a basic Android app.

      We explain the development process of Android applications using Kotlin. Our team describes Android application architecture as well as makes the Android Clean architecture easier to understand.

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    1. In a new article, the New York Times details a little-known technique increasingly used by law enforcement to figure out everyone who might have been within certain geographic areas during specific time periods in the past. The technique relies on detailed location data collected by Google from most Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads that have Google Maps and other apps installed. This data resides in a Google-maintained database called “Sensorvault,” and because Google stores this data indefinitely, Sensorvault “includes detailed location records involving at least hundreds of millions of devices worldwide and dating back nearly a decade.”

      Google is passing on location data to law enforcement without letting users know.

    1. Google says that will prevent the company from remembering where you’ve been. Google’s support page on the subject states: “You can turn off Location History at any time. With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored.” That isn’t true. Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking. (It’s possible, although laborious, to delete it .)
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    1. Sharing of user data is routine, yet far from transparent. Clinicians should be conscious of privacy risks in their own use of apps and, when recommending apps, explain the potential for loss of privacy as part of informed consent. Privacy regulation should emphasise the accountabilities of those who control and process user data. Developers should disclose all data sharing practices and allow users to choose precisely what data are shared and with whom.

      Horrific conclusion, which clearly states that "sharing of user data is routine" where the medical profession is concerned.

    2. To investigate whether and how user data are shared by top rated medicines related mobile applications (apps) and to characterise privacy risks to app users, both clinicians and consumers.

      "24 of 821 apps identified by an app store crawling program. Included apps pertained to medicines information, dispensing, administration, prescribing, or use, and were interactive."

    1. The Apps that made our list are selected after proper research and app trials done by the coolest hipster developers in our company.

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    1. Less than a third of the apps that collect identifiers take only the Advertising ID, as recommended by Google's best practices for developers.

      33% apps violate Google Advertising ID policy

    1. Increase Business Productivity and ROI With Android Application Development

      A growing number of businesses these days are focusing on Android application development with the goal of increased business productivity and initial return on investment. They are hiring the best of Android application developers to work for them.

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    1. In addition to using the catalog for the 2017-2018 school year, school performance data for the past three years has been uploaded into the app. Altogether this year, 120 teachers and almost 1,500 students will benefit from this solution in Alba Iulia. With e-album iulia, available on Android and iOS, tourists have access to information about the city's main objectives, and local businesses can hold dedicated campaigns.
    1. you need to declare that the app uses these hardware features in your app manifest
      • 如果不声明会怎么样?
      • 如果声明不全(只声明一个)会怎么样?
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    1. whenever I want to use my tablet it's rarely charged there always wants lots of updates

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    1. You can’t say the Nexus phones don’t count just because they never succeeded.

      No, but you can say they don’t count because they were made by other manufacturers. They were Google-branded and had some Google-specific features (or, at least, lack of bloatware). But they weren’t Google’s handsets.

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    1. This is neat, as I understand it's like kio slaves in KDE or GIO, FUSE, etc.

      Might be useful for exposing some of the tagged distributed storage systems as browsable filesystems with JIT access.

    1. Your party’s inventory doesn’t even have a button assigned to it — it’s accessed by flipping your device to portrait mode, a clever trick that I expect other games to rip off before long.

      This was bugging the crap out of me. If this was mentioned in any tutorial or guide in the game I totally missed it. It is, however, a pretty good mechanism.

    1. If I'm in the Spotify app's UI in Auto, Auto will try to open Google Play Music if I give a voice command to play a specific track or album without specifying an app, and I don't use Google Play Music, which leads to a dead end. That's exceptionally annoying.