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    1. Q. What is up with the weird version scheme in Rubinius? A. Rubinius uses a simple epoch.sequence version scheme. For any sequence number N, N+1 will only add new capabilities, or remove something that has been listed as deprecated in <= N.
    2. Q. Why does Rubinius report the Ruby version as 10.0? A. Rubinius is a time machine. When you use it, you travel into the future. Even this README is in the future.
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    1. Java program to add two numbers
    2. Add two numbers without using arithmetic operators in java
    3. Java program to swap two numbers
    4. Java program to swap two numbers using function
    5. Java program to swap two numbers using bitwise operator
    6. Java program to print odd and even numbers in an array
    7. Java program find GCD and LCM of two numbers using euclid’s algorithm
    8. Java program to display prime numbers from 1 to 100
    9. Java program to find largest in three numbers using ternary operator
    10. Java program to find the largest in three numbers using nested if
    11. Java program to add two numbers using method
  9. Feb 2019
    1. Less than a third of the apps that collect identifiers take only the Advertising ID, as recommended by Google's best practices for developers.

      33% apps violate Google Advertising ID policy

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    1. According to Greg Wallace, lead of the measles, mumps, rubella and polio team at the CDC, two doses are 97 percent effective against infection.

      Reliable source

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    1. I never regret the eleven months which hardened my resolve, to go beyond 98 'Nos' to get to the precious, unexpected 'Yes's'. I was nobody, I was selling nothing, I could be nobody selling anything.




    1. for not very large numbers

      Would an approach using the Sieve or Eratosthenes work better for very large numbers? Or the best shot would be a probabilistic primality test?

  13. Oct 2015
    1. “Any contemplation of compensated emancipation must grapple with how several counties, and some states in the South, would react to finding themselves suddenly outnumbered by free black people.”

      It's easy to imagine the white men being outnumbered by the amount of enslaved african americans.. now let's think about the white men's fear if suddenly all those african americans were set free..