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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Pour que la science soit un outil plus efficace de bien-être social, au moins dans une démocratie, il est important que les décideurs et le public dans son ensemble soient correctement informés et capables de faire la différence entre fait scientifique et fiction, entre controverse et polémique.

      Une fois posé que le scientifique débat est bien et les autres non, il faut maintenant poser que la parole scientifique est nécessaire dans les débats de sociétés, auprès des décideurs qui ne doivent pas se laisser berner par la polémique. Posée comme cela, la proposition est parfaitement admissible et ne souffre aucun contestation. Sauf que... cela véhicule implicitement que le politique ne laisse embarquer dans la polémique uniquement parce qu'il est mal informé, comme si les décideurs n pouvaient pas avoir d'intérêts à ignorer le fait scientifique voir à alimenter la polémique. Il me semble avoir vu quelque exemples dans l'actualité récemment.

      On est ici dans l'expression d'une opinion (le politique a besoin de l'information scientifique, mais y a insuffisamment accès ). Elle est moyennement vraisemblable. On pourrait lister dans l'actualité de nombreux exemple où l'information scientifique est instrumentalisées

  2. Sep 2019
    1. Abstract

      Abstract is a sales pitch and a guide; the authors summarize their entire paper into less than 100~200 words to draw you in and guide you throughout the rest of the paper.

      This is a literature review on the relationship between the public opinion and foreign policy. The American public is, largely, regarded as uninterested and unaware of foreign policy. However, here the authors survey the literature and conclude that the public is able to hold a nuanced and coherent view on foreign policy and is able to make a voting decision based on this view.

  3. Aug 2019
    1. Let's briefly look at the libraries, use cases, and factors that might help in deciding which is right for you. Here's a high-level decision tree: If you want fast and easy setup and integration, then component-playground may be the ticket! If you want a smaller bundle, SSR, and more flexibility, then react-live is for you! Here are the various factors at play:
  4. Nov 2018
    1. An evidence-based approach also includes informing patients about the pros and cons of medical options so that they can actively be part of the decision.So making a treatment decision in accordance with EBM means basing it on the best available knowledge from clinical research and medical practice. A number of factors play an important role in the decision. As well as the type and severity of the health problem, these include the person's general life situation, personal values and opinions.
  5. Jul 2018
    1. Kahneman concluded his aforementioned presentation to academics by arguing that computers or robots are better than humans on three essential dimensions: they are better at statistical reasoning and less enamoured with stories; they have higher emotional intelligence; and they exhibit far more wisdom than humans.

      A little over-the-top?

    2. ‘omniscience in the observer’
    3. To illustrate, consider Isaac Newton.

      But there are examples of where our theory has led us astray, the heliocentric vision of the universe being an example. If not for that attachment to previous thinking, we might have learned more quickly about the heliocentric truth.

      'Even as He hath revealed: "As oft as an Apostle cometh unto you with that which your souls desire not, ye swell with pride, accusing some of being impostors and slaying others."' - Kitab-i-Iqan

    4. However, computers and algorithms – even the most sophisticated ones – cannot address the fallacy of obviousness. Put differently, they can never know what might be relevant.

      One goal of systems science and modelling, to explore what might be relevant and give us better heuristics.

    5. At the other extreme we have behavioural economics, which focuses on human bias and blindness by pointing out biases or obvious things that humans miss.
    6. So, given the problem of too much evidence – again, think of all the things that are evident in the gorilla clip – humans try to hone in on what might be relevant for answering particular questions. We attend to what might be meaningful and useful

      Consumat, heuristics - actually, this does work with thinking fast and slow. But maybe the divide isn't so clear - a spectrum?

    7. ‘blind to the obvious, and that we also are blind to our blindness’
    8. building on Herbert Simon’s 1950s work on bounded rationality
  6. May 2017
    1. for instance, those published as obscure and unstable links to supplemental data in narrative articles, not even (as a set) having a proper, machine-resolvable, Persistent, Unique Identifier (PID) which renders both the data elements themselves, as well as their metadata, non-machine-readable.

      Another good phrase: obscure and unstable links to supplemental data.

  7. Feb 2017
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  9. Oct 2015
    1. Ethical programs are enacted constantly, by both humans and computational machines, and software studies presents a set of terms and concepts for making sense of those programs.

      I'll be interested in tracking how this ongoing-ness of constantly enacted ethical programs figure into "decisions.'