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  1. Jan 2024
    1. "If we give it to aged mice, they rejuvenate. If we give it to young mice, they age slower. No other therapy right now can do this

      for - CAR T cells - anti aging - eliminate senescent cells in mice. - quote - anti aging - CAR T cells

      quote - (see below)

      • If we give it to aged mice, they rejuvenate.
      • If we give it to young mice, they age slower.
      • No other therapy right now can do this,
      • author: Amor Vegas
    2. for - CAR T cells - research - anti aging - adjacency - CAR T cells - Michael Levin - Cold Spring Harbor Lab - Corina Amor Vegas - senescent cells - fountain of youth

  2. May 2023
    1. what replaces it isn't a human person free from nature but a market in which that nature 00:24:53 becomes a set of supply and demand problems
      • Mary Harrington makes a good point
        • about the dystopian possibility if major biological hurdles are removed,
          • such as human aging
          • witness the trend of cryogenic freezing of bodies
            • which only the elites can afford
        • pervasive inequality skews the utopian vision towards market realities
          • the rich currently have access to the latest biomedical technologies that can extend / enhance life and human wellbeing
          • the vast majority, the poor don't have access to it
          • why would this change if transhumanism produces a cure for aging?
          • such a technology would enable elites to outlive the rest of us even longer!
  3. Feb 2023
    1. Review coordinated by Life Science Editors.

      Reviewed by: Dr. Angela Andersen, Life Science Editors

      Potential Conflicts of Interest: None

      Background: The ability to reproduce decreases with age in many animals - including humans and worms. Oocytes age earlier than other tissues, and their decline in quality contributes to reduced reproduction. Diminished mitochondria number/activity in human oocytes correlates with age-related decline.

      Question: Does mitochondrial dysfunction cause (or just correlate with) reduced egg quality?

      Summary: The authors compared the proteomes of mitochondria isolated from young worms, old worms and daf-2 mutant worms (c. elegans) (insulin/igf-1 receptor mutant) that have longer lifespans & longer reproductive lifespan. * Mitochondria from young & mutant worms had high levels of BCAT-1 (branched chain aminotransferase). * RNAi of bcat-1 reduced the longevity, reproductive longevity & egg quality of daf2 mutants, and increased mitochondrial activity/mtROS. * Similar effects of bcat-1 kd in wt worms, but interestingly the effects on reproductive longevity were more severe in wt than daf2 mutants (from a quick look), but there was no effect on lifespan in wt animals. * Overexpressing bcat-1 in wt extended reproduction & egg quality but not lifespan. * Treating animals with vitamin B1 (a cofactor downstream of BCAT1 in BCAA metabolism) delayed reproductive aging, slightly extended lifespan, improved oocyte quality, reduced mtROS in aged worms..

      Advance: BCAT-1 levels/BCAA metabolism correlate with mitochondrial quality & reproductive longevity. Vit B1, which promotes BCAA metabolism, can extended reproductive longevity.

      Significance: More/strong evidence that dysfunctional mitochondria cause a decline oocyte quality, reduce reproductive longevity. If vitamin B1 supplements are a safe way to delay age-related decline of eggs in female mammals (humans) that would be amazing. .

      Ang asks:

      • is this effectively dietary restriction of BCAA? Would that be a better (albeit perhaps more difficult to sustain) approach?

      • How does this relate to some recent papers pointing out that mitochondria in eggs are special (e.g. Cheng et al. Mammalian oocytes store mRNAs in a mitochondria-associated membraneless compartment, Science 2022; Rodriguez-Nuevo et al., Oocytes maintain ROS-free mitochondrial metabolism by suppressing complex I, Nature 2022) and a role for BCAA in longevity (e.g. Richardson et al., Lifelong restriction of dietary branched-chain amino acids has sex-specific benefits for frailty and life span in mice, Nature Aging 2021).

      • How does low BCAA metabolism lead to mitochondrial dysfunction/oocyte aging? Is it related to accumulation of amino acids in the cytosol and toxicity to mitochondria? (e.g. Hughes et al., Cysteine toxicity drives age-related mitochondrial decline by altering iron homeostasis, Cell 2020).

      • Overall these data support the idea that oocytes are particularly vulnerable to conditions that drive aging, and conserved aging mechanisms in the soma and germline as well as across species.

  4. Jan 2023
    1. get control over psychological stress oh yeah why is this so important well the the main problem is you have 00:16:15 high levels of cortisol when you're stressed out psychologically and it it's clear that people who have high levels of really high levels of stress uh are chronically ill

      !- grateful list : low stress - stress increases cortisol which can age you

    2. dr david 00:05:01 perlmutter on who has a book about uric acid talking about like this is one of the root causes of poor health yeah and aging faster and things like that so alcohol you talk to him a lot yeah yeah 00:05:13 i actually was uh one of the first people to read his book before it came out yeah it's really good it blew my mind i now measure my uric acid levels you can get little test strips uh you can just buy them usually you just piano 00:05:26 you swap spit on it and 10 seconds later you see you see your acid levels yeah and so the the lower the level the better right the higher the level means there's risk for what everything according to david

      !- Uric acid : aging impacts - high uric acid levels accelerate aging - bad for cancer and heart disease - https://www.drperlmutter.com/books/drop-acid/

    3. beer will raise the levels of uric acid which is a 00:04:36 breakdown product of a protein breakdown product then you can pee out um but if you have too much beer and other types of food that contain a lot of this type of 00:04:49 protein you will raise your uric acid level

      !- beer : aging impacts - beer raises Uric acid levels in body and will accelerate aging

    4. one glass a day most doctors would say especially if it's red wine it's fine and the alcohol actually can help with cut the cardiovascular system reduces uh 00:04:22 bad cholesterol and more importantly raises the good cholesterol hdl this is for red wine

      !- red wine : health benefits - one glass a day cuts cardiovascular bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol (HDL)

    5. there's a new type of test that my colleagues and in my lab we've developed it's called the dna methylation test 00:02:20 it's also known as the horovath test named after my friend stephen horvath

      !- New health / aging metrics test : DNA Methylation / Horvath Test

    6. that's a decade off your life

      !- smoking : aging impacts - 10 years off your life

    7. how much does alcohol smoking or marijuana or psychedelics actually affect lifespan

      !- David Sinclair ; aging researcher interview - aging effects of smoking

  5. Aug 2022
  6. Jul 2022
  7. Jun 2022
    1. “How might we, both individually and as a society, creatively generate new visions of what it means to grow old?”

      I agree with Minha's assessment of the project. Her research question is phrased perfectly for the overall topic of these combined videos. I can't stop, and I think I won't stop thinking about what it truly means for me to age. Each voice represents a background that provides a resource for both the voice owner and the audience to answer this question. Aging for me means being more cautious with words and actions. I consciously do this because I see everyone around me go through this process and talk about it. Aging for me means looking at my grandparents and and thinking what I will do and what I will look like when I reach their age. I thought about this question a few times when I was much younger, then there was a long period of me not worrying about it at all, and in college, the question came back to me at higher rate of frequencies. I often ask myself if my future kids/grandkids (if I ever have them) would care about me and life after death was something that seems to be in my head for the longest time. Aging for me means carrying new responsibilities. I know that there are things that was acceptable when I was one year younger and became inapplicable for me the year after, and vice versa. "What it means to age?" is repeatedly asked throughout the video, motivating us to give it a try and craft our own response. This research question has well summarized for the bigger and better understanding of the purpose that these 'storytellers' and collaborators embed in this project. Same with taylortots, I may revisit this project from time to time with newer perspectives about the definition of growing old. Thank you for the insightful post!

  8. Mar 2022
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  10. Nov 2020
    1. research shows that older adults typically take longer and learn less in training than younger adults

      A noted difference in how adults learn: older adults take longer and learn less in training than younger adults.

    1. These projections indicate that a great many people will work past

      The number of adults working past the traditional age of retirement is growing. Engaging adults in continuing education is becoming more important.



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    1. roused him from his stupefied doze.

      Implying that the old man may as well have been dead already. What is the difference between death and a "stupefied doze"? From the perspective of a child, there is little discernible distinction. The permanence of death does not quite carry weight to those who have not been affected by it yet, and seems like a mere natural extension of this "stupefied" state.

  12. Oct 2020
    1. the azaleas

      My grandma used to grow these in our backyard, and I grew up anticipating their bloom, only to see them shrivel up and brown a couple weeks later...for the plant to stay alive, they must be vigorously pruned and cut back regularly...so this choice of flowers, I think, is pretty apt for the themes of youth/entering society/the fear of age.

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  17. Oct 2019
  18. www-oxfordscholarship-com.vu-nl.idm.oclc.org www-oxfordscholarship-com.vu-nl.idm.oclc.org
    1. although there have been many speculations about the role of compensation in adult development (e.g., see Dixon & Backman, 1995), there is still very little empirical evidence documenting the existence of age-related compensation in cognitive activities.

      here it may be useful to look towards current research on aging of ASD individuals for compensating development in adulthood.

  19. Jul 2019
    1. a histone H3 lysine 9 methyltransferase (KMT1/Suv39h), RNA binding proteins, and the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase (NuRD) corepressor

      Essential to fully grok. Chart out. Link to other regulatory systems

  20. Jun 2019
  21. Apr 2019
    1. Klotho-deficient mice have accelerated aging phenotypes, whereas overexpression of Klotho in mice extends lifespan. Klotho is an anti-aging single-pass membrane protein predominantly produced in the kidney, with shedding of the amino-terminal extracellular domain into the systemic circulation. Circulating levels of soluble Klotho decrease with age, and the klotho gene is associated with increased risk of age-related diseases. The three forms of Klotho protein have distinct functions. Membrane Klotho forms a complex with fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptors, functions as an obligatory co-receptor for FGF23, which is involved in aging and the development of chronic diseases via regulation of Pi and vitamin D metabolism. Secreted Klotho functions as a humoral factor with pleiotropic activities including regulation of oxidative stress, growth factor signaling, and ion homeostasis. Secreted Klotho is also involved in organ protection. The intracellular form of Klotho suppresses inflammation-mediated cellular senescence and mineral metabolism. Herein we provide a brief overview of the structure and function and recent research about Klotho.
  22. Mar 2018
    1. Mediates the ratio of acetyl-CoA/CoA•Decreases with age in plasma and in brain

      in humans.

  23. Oct 2017
    1. Drunk with fatigue

      War is not only difficult on the physical aspect of an individual; it is just as difficult on the emotional and mental capacity of a human. It is factual that WWI culminated an astronomical amount of casualties, destruction, and disablement. This reference to being “drunk” may help guide us into the notion that soldiers are not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality under the duress of mentioned “fatigue.” We can understand that the state of "drunk" alters your reality and can have dangerous repercussions; in this sense, the loss of one's mind or life. In the prior lines we have loss of physical functionalities of the human body with words such as “limped on,” “lame,” and “blind,” which coincides with the premature aging or physical deterioration of the soldiers.

    2. like old beggars

      With the introduction and evolution of chemical weapons used in this war (WWI); human bodies were no match for the damage these weapons were designed to inflict. Leading into the imagery of soldiers physically deteriorating when using phrases such as "bent double," "coughing like hags," and "men marched asleep;" would not lead one to believe that war is “sweet and fitting” in any capacity. With the use of the word “beggars” our minds may envision the effects of poverty and desperation which war seems to produce, and in this sense, we are given language expressing the overwhelming misery and accelerated age progression with the use of “old.” These descriptions challenge the assumptions the mind tends to gravitate towards when picturing what it means to "die for ones country."

  24. Jul 2017
    1. That progress has been spurred by huge investments from Silicon Valley titans, including Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, and Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison.

      Billionaires want to live forever.

  25. May 2017
    1. Mr. Russell, or some version of him, assays the role with a weird, disrupting digital face-lift that’s meant to suggest the young Ego, but really only makes you contemplate whether this Benjamin Button-style age-reversing is going to become an increasingly standard (and creepy) industry practice.

      So, in Ant Man, there is the same thing with Michael Douglas. I totally think it will be a common thing. Not just for flashbacks but for actors who want to play the role "younger."

  26. Jan 2017
    1. Hard work makes you feel bad in the moment. The Marine Corps has a motto that embodies this principle: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” That is, the discomfort of exertion means you’re building muscle and discipline. Superagers are like Marines: They excel at pushing past the temporary unpleasantness of intense effort. Studies suggest that the result is a more youthful brain that helps maintain a sharper memory and a greater ability to pay attention.
    2. Of course, the big question is: How do you become a superager? Which activities, if any, will increase your chances of remaining mentally sharp into old age? We’re still studying this question, but our best answer at the moment is: work hard at something. Many labs have observed that these critical brain regions increase in activity when people perform difficult tasks, whether the effort is physical or mental. You can therefore help keep these regions thick and healthy through vigorous exercise and bouts of strenuous mental effort. My father-in-law, for example, swims every day and plays tournament bridge.
  27. Oct 2016
    1. , who was once handsome

      Things are dying in the wasteland and no longer glorious.

  28. Oct 2015
    1. And what they found was that the individuals who participated in the meditation programhad longer telomeres than the individuals who were in the control group after a three-monthexperience. This was first finding in that vein. Elissa Epel and her colleague did anotherresearch project where they looked at a mindfulness-based program for people with eating disorders andshowed that people who did the mindfulness had a 39% increase in telomerase activitywhich corresponds to lengthened telomeres and that this telomerase activity actuallypredicted benefits in other aspects of their treatment program having to do with the people’seating habits. So there’s this interesting effect that is being reiterated that mindfulnessactually seems to make people age more gracefully.
  29. Sep 2013
    1. There is, indeed, a capacity for long life that is quite independent of health or strength; for many people live long who lack the excellences of the body; but for our present purpose there is no use in going into the details of this.

      Or independence, getting to my earlier point.