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  1. May 2023
    1. what replaces it isn't a human person free from nature but a market in which that nature 00:24:53 becomes a set of supply and demand problems
      • Mary Harrington makes a good point
        • about the dystopian possibility if major biological hurdles are removed,
          • such as human aging
          • witness the trend of cryogenic freezing of bodies
            • which only the elites can afford
        • pervasive inequality skews the utopian vision towards market realities
          • the rich currently have access to the latest biomedical technologies that can extend / enhance life and human wellbeing
          • the vast majority, the poor don't have access to it
          • why would this change if transhumanism produces a cure for aging?
          • such a technology would enable elites to outlive the rest of us even longer!