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    1. Good video. Funnily enough, I related it to Mazlow's hierarchy of competence a minute before you mentioned it. (Mr. Hoorn here, btw.) Another connection I made was to van Merriënboer et al. their "Ten Steps to Complex Learning" or "4 Component Instructional Design". Particularly with regards to doing a skill decomposition (by analyzing experts, the theory, etc.) in order to build a map for how best to learn a complex skill, reducing complexity as much as possible while still remaining true to the authentic learning task; i.e., don't learn certain skills in isolation (drill) unless the easiest version of a task still causes cognitive overload. Because if you learn in isolation too much, your brain misses on the nuances of application in harmony (element interactivity). Related to the concept of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". You can master each skill composite individually but still fail epically at combining them into one activity, which is often required.
    2. ( ~ 5:00 )

      The first stage of learning a complex skill is creating relevance, not in the sense of making knowledge relevant to your life; but rather in seeing what is relevant to learn at this point in the learning career.

      Building a map...

      The actions are exploration and challenge. Exploration = getting diverse opinions from others and learning the theory & variables. Challenge = open-mindedness for other beliefs and assumptions.

      Reminds me of 10 Steps to Complex Learning for curriculum design, where doing a skill decomposition is one of the first steps in designing the curriculum, and either being an expert or having access to experts is paramount.

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    1. February 2008

      The IGDA EduSIG is working on an updated version. If you are interested to participate in the development of the new version, please reach out to us using the Contact form from that page.

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    1. The main idea, able to be generalized, I get from this video is that in order to develop any skill, whether it is learning or something else, you need to break it down into its constituents, much like the 4 Component Instruction Design model argues, and figure out where your weak links are.

      The more accurately you know the system of your skill, the better you know what to potentially improve on. This requires research, and sometimes asking experts.

      Another benefit of networking.

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    1. So she's this character who exists and is a film character. So film characters are, uh, glowing and luminous and they're perfect, right. They--they were born exactly as they should be. And I think that, uh, that's why we all show up to the movies. Because we get to experience characters in its most, uh, fundamental, uh, self.SONG 00:26:45So what we're pursuing is that, right. We're not trying to recreate the--you know, we're not making a docu series about it, you know. I mean it's so much more about it. So I think, and I think that process is happening for every single character.

      concept development

    2. And her soul and her heart. And her emotions. And talking through and building this character together. So I think that Nora is genuinely somewhere between part of me in our collaboration. I think she's the center of our collaboration. And she's not all Greta Lee, but also she's not all Celine Song.

      collaborator actor concept development

    3. Well, I think that it's because I am, uh, never quite thinking about the, uh, the characters as kind of an immolation of the real life people that the whole film was inspired by, right. So I'm never showing up to a conversation with Greta and saying it's like, well, because the character of Nora was inspired by who I am, you need to now be just like me. That's not what I'm asking her for.

      concept development, actor

    4. SONG 00:18:33Yeah. (laugh) Well, and well I think that it's also like, but I think when you're in a marriage too, I think that's the other side of things too. If you're--if you're in a long term relationship or a marriage like people--my audience members who, uh, have--who are in that place in their life.SONG 00:18:48You know, like it's sort of this other reaction where it's like, on one hand I've heard them say, you know, I just actually, uh, this movie made me, uh, really appreciate and love and acknowledge the--the importance of my partner. And I just how much I appreciate them, how excited I'm, um, you know, I feel, uh, to commit to them for the rest of my life.SONG 00:19:09And it just made me realize that I'm with a really, really good partner who cares for me, and I care for them. On the other side of things, I've also wrote the version of they're like, you know man, like this movie made me realize I'm in a very bad relationship. And I have a very hard conversation to have with my partner.SONG 00:19:27So I think that in that way, it's like it is meant to be more of the reflective surface for the audience. It's a little bit more like, huh, this is the decision and this is the life that this character Nora made. What does it make you think? What does it make you feel?SONG 00:19:40And--and how do you feel about it? Have you felt this way before?

      concept development

    5. Can I tell you. Like after almost every screening, uh, you know, because what's amazing is like, you know, like and also the movie can mean something different for everyone. I think that we see, uh, what kind of a life and what kind of a choice that, uh, Nora is making, or Nora is choosing.SONG 00:17:40But the thing that, uh, it reveals usually in the audience is like what--where are they--where they are in their life. And what they're looking for and what they want from their life. And what they're choosing. So for example, I heard both ends of spectrum from people who are single.SONG 00:17:56Where, you know, if you're single then, you know, I heard both of the actions of like, you know, this movie, you know, made me want to go and fly to another country and try to see if I can reconnect with that person whose I've been really hung up on. And just see if there's something there.

      concept development

    6. SONG 00:14:44Well, I think that when you're trying to, uh, make something that is really personal and that pass on in this case a very real autobiographical, uh, element and it's actually, uh, the--kind of the initial thing that, you know, spawn the whole film.SONG 00:15:00Because of that I think you're right. It is very, uh, vulnerable. But also I think that there is some total, uh, joy in it too. Because I get to share something that I personally feel very deeply is what it is like to be a human being, uh, today and now and right here.SONG 00:15:16So I think that the truth is that the feeling of that really did overwhelm, uh, the any kind of like, uh, fear or vulnerability or anything like that. I think that I could find the courage to, uh, share the story because I knew that if the audience, uh, would just hear me out on the story, I think that they would be able to understand, um, and really--and listen beyond on understand.


    1. I could not have written it without knowing how it ends. I think the first thing I wrote was the very opening and then I wrote the scene at the bar leading into the final walk home. I always knew we were driving towards that ending. It’s meant to be a knife — you want the ending to be sharp.


    2. I think about the ways a movie is going to live inside of audiences really differently. I don’t think it makes sense to only inspire tears — I think it can inspire a sense of bliss, too. The movie can mean so many different things. A lot of people see Nora cry at the end of the film, and they feel so connected to her and they also cry.


    1. Double Happiness director Mina Shum looks back at what has — and hasn't — changed in this extended interview from The Filmmakers.7 years agoDuration 10:31Double Happiness director Mina Shum looks back at what has — and hasn't — changed in this extended interview from The Filmmakers.7 years agoArtsShare2:27PauseMute9:4210:31Toggle fullscreenShareLinkFacebookTwitterEmailEmbedDouble Happiness director

      She talks about representation on screen in the end of this interview.

    1. Double Happiness

      0:51 Mina delves into the concept of leaving home and achieving independence, drawing from her own experiences of leaving home at eighteen. She aims to develop this theme as a model for young women, exploring the challenges and triumphs associated with stepping out on one's own

    1. The film is the vehicle for the reuniting the three generations in (more or less) corporeal form. But Ruth, who is “halved,” has a problem with integrity, and nothing is quite as simple as it seems. As the film unfolds, she leads us in an equivocal inquiry into the shifty nature of memory and the documentary genre itself.

      In the film, the narrative reunites three generations. The film explores the concept of "halved."

    1. Another perspective that supports the social nature of education comes from Vygotsky (1978), whose theory of the zone of proximal development proposes that optimal learning is achieved through both teacher’s guidance and peer interaction.  The zone of proximal development is the distance between what an individual can learn on his/her own and the potential for learning with an instructor or a community of peers

      Gap between learning on your own, or learning in community is an interesting topic. I see this as an issue for both in person engagement and online engagement

    1. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to launch your food delivery app—the what, the whys, and the hows! Along with a step-by-step explanation of how to develop a food delivery app from the ground up, we offer insights into Food Delivery Software Solutions, revenue models, and food delivery market trends.

    1. Die Planungen neuer Kohlekraftwerke und die Nutzung von Kohleenergie haben im vergangenen Jahr neue Höchststände erreicht. Vor allem China plant viele neue Kraftwerke. Der Bericht Boom and Burst Coal des Global Energy Monitor stellt außerdem fest, dass Kohlekraftwerke weltweit viereinhalb Mal schneller abgeschaltet werden müssten, um das Ziel des Verzichts auf Kohleenergie bis 2040 zu erreichen.

    1. Die taz berichtet über die argentinische #Fracking-Zone Vaca Muerta und interviewt den ecuadorianischen Juristen und Politiker Alberto Acosta dazu. Acosta hat das Gebiet gerade mit dem International Rights of Nature-Tribunal besucht. Ölfirmen und Militär beuten Vaca Muerta trotz Widerstands der lokalen Mapuche-Bevölkerung aus und verursachen enorme Umweltschäden. Acosta fordert eine "kopernikanische Wende" in der Rechtsprechung, bei der anerkannt wird, dass die Rechte der Menschen von der Erde gewährt werden. https://taz.de/Alberto-Acosta-zu-Fracking-in-Argentinien/!5924912/ https://taz.de/Fracking-in-Argentinien/!5927002/ #fossildevelopment #vacamuerta

    1. Christina Figueres, frühere UN-Klimachefin, hat sich scharf gegen die Versuche des COP28-Vorsitzenden Sultan Al Jaber gewandt, Carbon Capture and Storage als Mittel gegen die Klimakrise zu propagieren. Al Jaber ist Ölminister der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate und Chef der staatlichen Öl- und Gasfirma Adnoc, einer Mitbesitzerin der OMV: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/may/16/cop28-host-uae-climate-united-arab-emirates

    1. Đie New York Times berichtet über die Folgen des gerade abgeschlossenen Deals zur Schuldenobergrenze für die Dekarbonisierung. Vieles spricht dafür, dass zwar der Bau der Bau der neuen Mountain Valley Pipeline für Erdgas beschleunigt wird Investitionen in die Netzinfrastruktur, die entscheidend dafür sind, ob die Energiewende in den USA gelingt, aber weiter aufgeschoben werden können.


    1. Untersuchungen zeigen, dass die COP28 mit dem Emissions Peak für Treibhausgase zusammenfallen könnte. Um das 1,5°-Ziel zu erreichen, müssten allerdings die Emissionen bis 2030 um die Hälfte sinken. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2023/nov/29/cop28-what-could-climate-conference-achieve

    1. In Deutschland werden durch das LNG-Gesetz Überkapazitäten für den Import von Flüssiggas geschaffen, wobei gleichzeitig bisher geltende Regeln für Umweltprüfungen außer Kraft gesetzt werden. Francesca Mascha Klein kommentiert diese Entwicklung und weist darauf hin, dass der LNG-Ausbau den Klimazielen deutlich widerspricht und auch durch seine erheblichen internationalen Auswirkungen, z.b auf das fracking den Weg in die klimakrise beschleunigt


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    1. We often think of software development as a ticket-in-code-out business but this is really only a very small portion of the entire thing. Completely independently of the work done as a programmer, there exists users with different jobs they are trying to perform, and they may or may not find it convenient to slot our software into that job. A manager is not necessarily the right person to evaluate how good a job we are doing because they also exist independently of the user–software–programmer network, and have their own sets of priorities which may or may not align with the rest of the system.

      Software development as a conversation

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    1. Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper, two Readers who wereaunt and niece and also lesbian lovers.
    2. Ashbee was also quite possibly the anonymous author of an infamouspublication, My Secret Life, a narrative (likely fictitious, albeit based on theauthor’s experiences) of the 1,500 sexual exploits of a man called ‘Walter’who frequented the bars and brothels of London in the 1880s. The memoirwas in excess of a million words, coming in at 4,000 pages, over elevenvolumes. Only six copies exist today of the original print run of 475, self-published for private subscribers, but it was reprinted in the 1960s and hassince grown in reputation and fame. Its author is still unidentified, but Ashbeeis the frontrunner. Given the words sent in to the Dictionary by Ashbee, itwould not be surprising if he authored a book with chapter headings such as‘My Cock’, ‘A Frisky Governess’, and ‘My Cousin’s Cunts’ (the plural ismind-boggling!). It was only very recently, in the twenty-first century, thatMy Secret Life was read for the OED and the editors discovered that itcontained the first written evidence for the words cocksucking, cunty, fist-fuck(originally meaning masturbation), frig, fuckee, and randiness.

      Ashbee could be an interesting movie idea...

    3. Very early one chilly morning in October 1895, Fielding Blandfordstepped into a horse-drawn carriage with Edith Lanchester’s father and twobrothers. The four men arrived at Edith’s rented lodgings in Battersea. Theywoke the whole house with heavy banging on the front door, and FieldingBlandford forced his way in to ‘examine’ Edith. He ordered that she be takento an asylum because she was committing ‘social suicide’ by insisting on livingwith her working-class lover without marrying him. He justified this byarguing that under the Lunacy Act 1890 he would have certified her had sheattempted (normal) suicide.

      Fascinating story of a kidnapping and committal of a woman in October 1895 for shacking up with a man she wasn't married to.

      Ultimately gained international attention.

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    1. Chapters of Me

      This post is an introduction to the author's life as a single mom and her journey of self-discovery, highlighting her experiences, challenges, and passions. She also shares her reasons for joining the Hive community and her dedication to exploring and bringing happiness through her content.

    2. Chapters of Me
      • Who: Jolyn Barcibal, a 25-year-old single mom from Negros Occidental, Philippines.
      • What: Introduction to Jolyn's life story and her journey of self-discovery as a single mom.
      • Where: Negros Occidental, Philippines.
      • Why: Jolyn wants to share her experiences and dreams while connecting with others and enhancing her writing skills through Hive.
      • When: Jolyn became a single mom in 2019 and has since been balancing motherhood, education, and work
      • How: Jolyn shows determination, unwavering commitment, and resilience in overcoming challenges and building a better future for herself and her child. She finds happiness in reading, writing, playing video games, exploring new foods while traveling, and video editing. Jolyn's parents provide strong support for her journey, and she aims to promote Hive and bring happiness through her content.
    1. Kommt ein Teil der Angst nicht auch aus der Furcht vor Fehlern? Oft funktioniert die Software eben doch nicht so gut wie die Bremsen meines Autos. Der Computer beruht auf den gleichen einfachen Prinzipien wie vor sechzig Jahren. Aber die Leistungsfähigkeit hat sich millionenfach gesteigert. Der Effekt dieser Leistungssteigerung auf die Programmierung ist allerdings sehr negativ – vor allem auf die Disziplin der Programmierung. Früher waren die Ressourcen extrem begrenzt, heute dagegen ist alles in Unmengen vorhanden: Speicher, Rechenleistung, Übertragungskapazitäten, einfach alles. Niemand muss mehr sparen. Programmieren heißt aber, Disziplin zu bewahren und jeden Moment darauf zu achten, dass man unnötige Komplexität vermeidet. Dieses Denken verschwindet mehr und mehr. Denn eine solche Optimierung erfordert Zeit. Sie wäre viel teurer, als einfach noch ein bisschen Hardware dazuzukaufen. Deswegen wird es nicht gemacht. Anzeige Warum ist das schlimm? Diese schnell erstellten Programme sind nicht nur weniger ökonomisch. Sie enthalten auch mehr Fehler.
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    1. ‘progress traps’:
      • for: progress trap, Inner Development Goals, SoNeC, SRG Mapping Tool

      • comment

        • nice! (emoji: pleasant surprise) I wonder if Ferial or Joseph gave some inputs here, or was the SoNeC team already familiar with progress traps?
        • SRG mapping tool and Deep Humanity are designed to reveal complexity emerging from multiple, diverse perspectives mapped together so can compliment SoNeC application of Inner Development Goals
    2. SoNeC encourages us to engage in our personal inner development that is intertwined with our collec-tive social and political development as acknowledged by the UN’s recent Inner Development Goals
      • for: UN Inner Development Goals

      • comment

        • SoNeC integrates UN Inner Development Goals.
        • This is aligned with Deep Humanity praxis
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    1. Ausführlicher Kommentar zu den 2,4 Billionen (Tausend Milliarden, im Artikel falsch übersetzt) Dollar, die laut dem COP27-Bericht von 2022 erforderlich sind, um Klimaschutz und -Anpassung in den Ländern des globalen Südens (außer China) zu finanzieren. Der auf Konsens ausgerichtete COP-Prozess sei außerstande, die nötigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Der Betrag entspricht grob den aktuellen weltweiten Militärausgaben. https://www.repubblica.it/commenti/2023/11/19/news/cambiamenti_climatici_spesa_annua-420689085/?ref=RHRT-BG-I279994148-P4-S3-T1

    1. As our app grows, an increasing amount of random code is landing in the app/services directory. I'm worried it will become impractical to improve on this, as the number of special cases will only increase. Some pain points off the top of my head (definitely not exhaustive):
    1. I'm assuming some of the goals are to make it clear where to put new files (and to stay within current Rails conventions). We already have a few non-standard app folders in our project, such as app/services, app/queries, etc. and we put some non-ActiveRecord classes in app/models. If we are going to move files, it might make sense to first define where files should go, and then move each file to the appropriate place. This might be more of a reorganization project, than copying over a folder.
    1. How to set up and validate locally Access content editor in wikis or in issues behind a feature flag :content_editor_on_issues. Copy some text from Google docs or any rich text document Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + V to paste raw text.
    1. Data and analytics engineers for Gentrack Logical Data Model

      Are you thinking of transforming energy and utilities sector with the world’s leading solutions​​or or even almost ready to get down to business? If so, you need a trusted software development partner for this. And it's a tough decision. Meet our client - Gentrack -leading New Zealand technology company engaged in the development, integration, and support of interactive cleantech solutions for the utility and airport industries across the globe. Now, if you are interested, take a look on how Globaldev together with Gentrack has designed and developed a completely new data and analytics layer called Gentrack Logical Data Model (GLDM) to process a wealth of data.

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    1. Biology offers many examples of Selves which change on-the-fly—not just during evolutionary time scales, but during the lifetime of the agent. All animals were once a single fertilized egg cell, then became a collection of cells solving problems in anatomical space, and only later developed an emergent centralized Self focused around navigating 3D space of behaviors
      • for: analog, analog - human development
      • analog: human development
        • Buddhist teachings on illusory nature of the self often make use of the example of our use of the same name for a body that is ever changing - it started as a sperm/egg united, then an embryo, fetus, neonate, newborn, infant, child, adolescent, young adult, adult, finally elderly.
        • the early stages of human development are just as radical as caterpillar to butterfly.
        • As adult humans, we take memories for granted, but such meta-level features do not even exist in the earlier parts of our development, such as just after the sperm inseminates the egg and we are just a collection of rapidly dividing cells
        • In this case, it is indeed insightful to apply more universal ideas of life and intelligence, since we ourselves have been through many different types of intelligences in our own individual human development
    1. Entang Adhy Muhtar, Abdillah Abdillah, Ida Widianingsih & Qinthara Mubarak Adikancana (2023) Smart villages, rural development and community vulnerability in Indonesia: A bibliometric analysis, Cogent Social Sciences, 9:1, 2219118, DOI: 10.1080/23311886.2023.2219118

    1. To build HIPAA compliant software, developers need to be aware of and comply with several key requirements outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule. These requirements are designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI) and to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of PHI.

      Building software compliant with HIPAA standards necessitates a deep understanding of its Privacy and Security Rules to safeguard protected health information effectively.

    1. We will try to add two tests for response code in order to know that our request was successful. Another test we will add for response time <  2 sec in order to understand how fast request was processed by server. If it will be executed slower then for 2 seconds, our test will fail. In this case I use 2 seconds just for example it might be greater or lower number, but 7 seconds is usually a maximum time for request execution. So in order to add tests, go to “Tests” in request section of application and add this few lines : tests["Status code is 200"] = responseCode.code === 200; tests["Response time is less than 200ms"] = responseTime < 2000; When this is done hit on Send button again and execute your first test.

      Good case -- importance of adding tests to validate response codes and times, ensuring optimal server performance and response.

    1. Configuring PyCharm: Open PyCharm with ‘Pytest Web Framework’ Press Ctrl+Alt+S > Project Click ‘Project Interpreter’ Select Python 3.6 Click ‘OK’ Go to write over 100500 automated tests!!!

      This section provides a step-by-step guide on setting up PyCharm for automated testing using the 'Pytest Web Framework'.

    1. There are many reasons why you might want to migrate from one stack to another. Maybe you’re looking for a more robust solution, or perhaps you’re trying to simplify your development process. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that it is possible to migrate from one stack to another.

      Migration between tech stacks can be driven by various motivations, including the need for enhanced capabilities or a desire for a more streamlined development workflow.

    1. It also simplifies Magento order management, providing a centralized dashboard for handling customer orders and inquiries. Efficient order management can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. For more insights, check out this Magento Commerce Resources page.

      Magento's order management system offers a unified platform, making it easier for businesses to manage customer interactions and orders, enhancing operational efficiency.

    1. Developers use tools like Postman for API test automation to create WMS system integration technologies that help you increase efficiency by automating manual processes. The WMS connects all of your warehouse locations so that you can easily access information about your inventory, orders, and shipments from any computer.

      Leveraging tools such as Postman, developers can automate API tests, leading to the creation of efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrations that streamline operations.

    1. Additionally, they are at the forefront of sharing valid product ideas with their team since they have an expert understanding of coding best practices as well as mobile and web programming services.

      Developers play a pivotal role in product ideation due to their deep knowledge of coding standards and expertise in both mobile and web development.

    1. Time Required to Code: Every project comes with a deadline, and the time set out by your client to get the work done is a crucial part of your decision. If you have a tight deadline, you might be better off with the fastest front-end framework you can find. One that would work well with your team’s capabilities to ensure great results in the shortest time possible.

      The efficiency of a front-end framework can significantly impact project timelines. Choosing a framework that aligns with the project's deadline and the team's proficiency can ensure timely delivery.

    1. So now we have a file that you need to open in JMeter UI, configure number of threads that you want to execute and you are good to go.

      After converting the Postman test into a JMeter format, users can easily adjust the concurrency settings by configuring the number of threads in the JMeter UI, offering flexibility in load testing scenarios.

    1. Let’s add a test that will validate that number of results on a page is lower then total number of results.

      This code snippet in Postman ensures that the number of displayed results on a single page is always less than the total count of results, ensuring pagination is functioning correctly.

  13. Aug 2023
    1. If you want to mimic a more production like situation you might use this workflow: Create a package of your submodule locally: cd /path/to/your/module npm pack This will create a .tgz file of your package in /path/to/your/module Install the local package of the submodule in your application: cd /path/to/your/application npm install /path/to/your/module/<YourModule>-<YourModulesVersion>.tgz
    1. In computing, the robustness principle is a design guideline for software that states: "be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others". It is often reworded as: "be conservative in what you send, be liberal in what you accept". The principle is also known as Postel's law, after Jon Postel, who used the wording in an early specification of TCP.


      Robustness principle: be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.

    1. Hire Full Stack Developers for Bespoke Needs Fulfilling An End-to-End Solution Delivery.We facilitate a dedicated team of experts who build solutions assuring clients with not just high ROI, but even sustainable and disruptive tech impact. Our full stack developers go through a strong evaluation process to be client-ready and have specialization in specific domain and industries. Our developers give a time zone advantage as we work across overlapping time zones, no matter where the client is based. HIRE NOWPrevious Hire Ecommerce DevelopersBuild and deploy fully functional, customized shops and multi-store ops. HIRE NOW Hire Mobile App DevelopersRapidly develop native iOS & Android, or cross-platform mobile apps. HIRE NOW Hire JavaScript DevelopersFor masterfully scripted, multi-platform responsive Web services. HIRE NOW Hire Web Application DevelopersLaunch Progressive Web Apps with flawless backend-frontend engineering. HIRE NOW Hire Ecommerce DevelopersBuild and deploy fully functional, customized shops and multi-store ops. HIRE NOW Hire Mobile App DevelopersRapidly develop native iOS & Android, or cross-platform mobile apps. HIRE NOW

      HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is your partners in web and mobile app development solutions. Our streamlined hiring process, adaptable engagement models, and talented experts ensure the perfect fit for your projects. Transform your digital concepts into reality with ease and excellence. Whether it's front-end UI/UX, back-end functionality, or full-stack prowess, we've got you covered. Experience the synergy of skilled professionals driving your digital aspirations forward. For a cost-effective and skilled solution, explore the opportunity to hire full stack developers India.

    1. We and the Japanesethought, in the i86o's, how wonderful it would be if thisresult could be achieved. We and they fixed our minds on theeconomic development of Japan and modified the educationalsystem of that country on "American lines" to promote thiseconomic development. So the rich got richer, the poor gotpoorer, the powerful got more bellicose; and Japan becamea menace to the world and to itself.

      Writing in 1951, Hutchins is writing too close to the time period of post World War II to have a better view of this topic. He's fashioned far too simple a story as a result.

      There was a lack of critical thinking and over-reliance on top down approval which was harmful in the Japanese story of this time period though.

    1. Global Engineering

      Unleash the power of custom software! Hey, business owner! Tired of one-size-fits-all software solutions? It's time to go custom! At GlobalDev, we're wizards of custom software development services. We understand your unique needs and tailor software that fits like a comfy pair of sneakers. With us, you get top-notch quality and flexibility—just the way you like it!

  14. Jul 2023
    1. Seit 2020 haben die 20 ärmsten Länder 50 Milliarden Dollar Schldenan die G20-Staaten zurückgezahlt. Diese Beträge stehen für Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung der oft besonders vulnerablen Länder nicht zur Verfügung. Bei einem Trffen der G20-Finanzminister*innen wurden keine Fortschritte bei der Entschuldung der ärmsten Länder erreicht. https://taz.de/Schuldenkrise-im-Globalen-Sueden/!5945035/

    1. Taken together, these implicit and explicit subsidies add up to over $7 trillion each year spent in ways that have unintended, harmful effects that are undermining our efforts to tackle climate change. To put that big number into context: this is about eight percent of the value of the global economy.
      • seven trillion dollars in toxic subsidies
    2. Detox Development: Repurposing Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
      • Title
        • Detox Development: Repurposing Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
      • Author
        • World Bank
    3. Hiding in plain sight: The missing trillions for climate change
      • Title
        • Hiding in plain sight: The missing trillions for climate change
      • Author Axel Van Trotsenburg
      • Date
        • June 15, 2023
      • Publisher
        • World Bank
    1. Rails' default approach to log everything is great during development, it's terrible when running it in production. It pretty much renders Rails logs useless to me.

      Really? I find it even more annoying in development, where I do most of my log viewing. In production, since I can't as easily just reproduce the request that just happened, I need more detail, not less, so that I have enough clues about how to reproduce and what went wrong.

    1. Sometimes it means telling them something they knew unconsciously but had never put into words. In fact those may be the more valuable insights, because they tend to be more fundamental.

      The art of the "aha" moment.

    1. Vor der Pariser Konferenz zur Klimafinanzierung, bei der vor allem die sogenannte Bridgetown Agenda diskutiert werden soll, begründet Avinash Persaud, ein Berater der Premierministerin von Barbados, die Forderungen nach radikaler Veränderung und Aufstockung der Klimafinanzierung. Die Summen, die der globale Süden für klimaanpassung und Klimaschutz erhält, müssen potenziert werden, damit diese Länder der Klimakatastrophe wirksam begegnen können. Nicholas Stern und Vera Songwe beziffern den jährlichen klimafinanzbedarf des globalen Südens auf Billionen Dollar, etwa die Summe, die zurzeit für fossile Energien ausgegeben wird. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jun/18/countries-are-drowning-climate-expert-calls-for-urgent-rethink-on-scale-of-aid-for-developing-worldexpert:

  15. Jun 2023
    1. As Chris Aldridge says, for centuries the Zettelkasten approach was the standard and universal method for producing books and articles - until personal computers took over. Nearly every serious work ever published before the 1980s was drafted either with index cards or paper slips, or else with notebooks in a commonplace style. Every writer had their own take on these two options, but that’s what they all used. Then, in a single decade, word processing software took over. These days, most writers use something like Microsoft Word or Google Docs (just try persuading your publisher you’re not giving them a docx file). Scrivener became popular because it critiqued the ‘endless roll of paper’ model and reverted to an index card interface of sorts. But it remained a niche.Today, you either thrive on that word processor model or you don’t. I really don’t, which is why I’ve invested effort, as you have, in researching previous writing workflows, older than the all-conquering PC of the late 1980s and early 90s. At the same time, new writing tools are challenging the established Microsoft way, but in doing so are drawing attention to the fact that each app locks the user into a particular set of assumptions about the drafting and publishing process.The current academic scene is a brutal war to publish or perish. It’s not unusual for a researcher to write or co-write 30-40 peer-reviewed articles per year. General publishing is also frenetic. In the UK, 20 books are published every hour of the day. It all makes Luhmann’s ‘prolific’ output look lazy. Now though, AI is blowing the entire field apart. From now on, prolific writing is what computers do best. There’s no reason not to publish 20,000 books per hour. Soon enough, that will be the output per ‘author’. Where the pieces will eventually land is anyone’s guess. For example, the workflow of the near future might involve one part writing and nineteen parts marketing. Except that AI has got that sewn up too. Meanwhile, until the world ends, I’m just having fun doing my thing.

      Before the advent of the computer, the use of a zettelkasten or commonplace book to research was "common place".

      What happened with the transition? Perhaps the methodology was lost in the transition, people just dumping things into a word file?

    1. Five core layers: 1. Presentation Layer 2. Application Layer 3. Domain Layer 4. Persistence Layer 5. Database Layer

    2. In the layered architecture pattern, each layer fulfills a specific responsibility and role within the application. Some focus on user interface logic, while others handle the execution of business rules. These layers complement each other's unique purposes, but they aren't explicitly reliant on one another to perform their own tasks.
    3. In software architecture, layers act as individual processes within the infrastructure of an application. These layers typically form a pattern, also called the n-tier architecture pattern.
    1. how to helpmost effectively children from ‘poor circumstances’.

      Why do governments and some so-called education leaders ask about how to best help (academically) children from "poor circumstances" in such a way that improving their circumstances is never part of the equation despite it being the immediate root of their problem?

    1. We don’t just want to know that children behave differently at 4 than at 3, but why they behave differently. Variability can help.

      The authors claim that variability isn't just noise, but helps us understand the reasoning behind developmental behaviors, which can shed light on the causes of developmental differences in children.

    1. Unlike many developed countries, the United States lacks a national curriculum or teacher-training standards. Local policies change constantly, as governors, school boards, mayors and superintendents flow in and out of jobs.

      Many developed countries have national curricula and specific teacher-training standards, but the United States does not. Instead decisions on curricular and standards are created and enforced at the state and local levels, often by politically elected figures including governors, mayors, superintendents, and school boards.

      This leaves early education in the United States open to a much greater sway of political influence. This can be seen in examples of Texas attempting to legislate the display the ten commandments in school classrooms in 2023, reading science being neglected in the adoption of Culkins' Units of Study curriculum, and other footballs like the supposed suppression of critical race theory in right leaning states.

    1. Debug mode allows you to see only the data generated by your device while validating analytics and also solves the purpose of having separate data streams for staging and production (no more separate data streams for staging and production).

      good to know.

      Seems to contradict their advice on https://www.optimizesmart.com/using-the-ga4-test-property/ to create a test property...