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  1. Jul 2022
    1. SAFe: Lean-Agile principles according to the Scaled Agile Framework

      Scaled Agile Framework is an industry proven method consisting of 3 levels. Agile team-level development is the best option for companies looking for a strategy that allows them to effectively deliver quality, fully tested products to their customers. SAFe, short for Scaled Agile Framework, is one of the value-added methods for scaling agile to enterprise level. Scaling a team is the priority of this framework.

  2. Feb 2022
  3. Dec 2021
  4. Oct 2021
    1. Lean Canvas

      For the builders collective, I created some tools that are open source and useful for design and social architecture. Other projects are coding challenges to experiment with what is possible on the web.

      This experiment is based on the Lean Canvas, based on the Business Model Canvas from the book Business Model Generation.

      Type in the grey box at the top of the page. Click or tap in the boxes to add the text as a box in each section of the Lean Canvas. Click on the box to delete.

      There is no save functionality, so be sure to take a screenshot. Or roll your own by using the code on Codepen and GitHub.

    1. Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan template created by Ash Maurya that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions. It is adapted from Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas and optimized for Lean Startups. It replaces elaborate business plans with a single page business model.
    1. The lean canvas is an adaption of Alex Osterwalder’s  “Business Model Canvas” which he describes in his book: “Business Model Generation”
  5. May 2021
    1. “minimum viable paper” (MVP) – similar to the corporate world’s minimum viable product

      Using the idea of a "lean" Ph.D. one should aim to create a minimum viable paper and then work towards refining and improving it over time with constant feedback from one's advisor.

  6. Oct 2020
    1. Where Companies Go Wrong with Learning and Development

      This article by Steve Glaveski reviews common problems in learning in development that companies experience. It ends with a list of things that need change and promptes "Lean Learning".


  7. May 2020
  8. Jan 2019
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  9. Nov 2018
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  10. May 2017
    1. Every time a customer service assistant shrugs and says “computer says no” or an organization acts in crazy, inflexible ways, odds-are there’s a database underneath which has a limited, rigid view of reality and it’s simply too expensive to fix the software to make the organization more intelligent. We live in these boxes, as pervasive as oxygen, and as inflexible as punched cards.

      Isn't it interesting how the rigidity of institutionalised "old economy"-businesses and their management structure as well as their work ethics is, in a way, mimicked by their IT-architecture? Efficiency over effectiveness, stability over flexibility, repetition over creative destruction and innovation. And then came Agile...

  11. Oct 2015
    1. Pero un emprendedor en España o en Latinoamérica que se plantea crear algo desde su casa porque está en paro o porque tiene un empleo que quiere dejar, que a la vez que emprende tiene que pagar las facturas y ocuparse de los niños, y que tiene que enfrentarse a una burocracia mucho más feroz que la estadounidense tiene mucho más complicado aplicar felizmente las recetas de Lean Startup

      y bien que es diferente en España donde abrir una empresa por lo general demora más de cien días

    2. Sigo convencido de que Lean Startup y las ideas, herramientas y metodologías que le rodean como Customer Development, Business Model Design, Lean UX o Effectuation son la mejor vía para crear una empresa. Pero la interacción con mis lectores y con los alumnos de mis cursos me ha hecho ver que hay problemas para llevar a la práctica estas ideas.