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  1. Nov 2021
    1. "The Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving is aimed at those engaged in the cycle of research, from applying for a research grant, through the data collection phase, and ultimately to preparation of the data for deposit in a public archive: " from tweet

  2. Apr 2021
  3. May 2020
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  5. Jul 2016
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      Humanities scholars integrate and aggregate data from many sources. They need tools and services to analyze digital data, as others do the sciences and social sciences, but also tools that assist them interpretation and contemplation.

  6. Jan 2014
    1. This primer describes a few fundamental data management practices that will enable you to develop a data management plan, as well as how to effectively create, organize, manage, describe, preserve and share data

      Data management practices:

      • create
      • organize
      • manage
      • describe
      • preserve
      • share
    1. data practices of researchers – data accessibility, discovery, re-use, preservation and, particularly, data sharing
      • data accessibility
      • discovery
      • re-use
      • preservation
      • data sharing