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  1. Sep 2019
    1. A generalizing specialist is someone with one or more technical specialties who actively seeks to gain new skills in both their existing specialties as well as in other areas, including both technical and domain areas.

      "actively seeks"

    1. The Agile Software Development Process – How We Do It

      To get your tech startup going you have to deal with a lot of challenges, and come through it unscathed. Otherwise, the failure to deal with those challenges may directly lead to mistakes and problems during the actual software development process- hampering your chances of scaling your development process.

  2. Apr 2019
    1. People-centric means that you will allocate specific people to focus primarily on the maintenance tasks,

      approach 1

  3. Feb 2019
    1. INVEST

      According to this checklist, a User Story should be:

      Indepedent (of all others)

      Negociable (not a specific contract for features)

      Valuable (or vertical)

      Estimable (to a good approximation)

      Small (so as to fit within an iteration)

      Testable (in principle, even if there isn't a test for it yet)


      1. Glossary: INVEST - Agile Alliance
      2. INVEST at XP 1-2-3 by Bill Wake
  4. Oct 2018
  5. Jun 2018
    1. AN EQUITABLE ITERATION PROCESS“Fail faster” is a maxim of application developers these days. It means putting something out into the world quickly and responding to user feedback in future iterations. This is a great way to optimize the value of your application to your users, by starting with something simple and experimenting until you get the right features.Unfortunately while this process can increase positive impacts, it does nothing to diminish negatives impacts. The fail faster approach experiments not only with features but also with the lives of people using those features. Consider the release of the Alexa app for Amazon Echo, which did not allow for blocking calls or texts. This raises immediate red flags for anyone who has been doxed or stalked, and may have directly lead to harm for Alexa users. It isn’t enough to iterate features in response to harm — we must also iterate the process that lead to those features being released. What would that process look like if it was centered around the privacy and security of survivors of violence? Of people from communities that are regularly subject to state surveillance?
  6. Nov 2017
    1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

      Do not give up personal interaction in favor of a tool-supported process. "Když tomu nerozumím, tak se jdu zeptat."

  7. Aug 2017
    1. To get low-touch, high-return in your content quality and accuracy, you and your team need to rely on the 5 values of Scrum: openness, courage, respect, focus, and commitment.
    1. Agile relies on communication between individuals during the overall process of development; working software is considered the best measure of team activities, and changes in customer's requirements are always welcome. Software is produced in iterative way: it is released once in a small period of time and every release includes new features.
  8. Jul 2017
    1. This third research question led to the formulation of agile text mining, a new methodologyagile textminingto support the development of efficient TMAs. Agile text mining copes with the unpredictablerealities of creating text-mining applications.
    1. In Agile development we actually conjoin these two tactics. During a development “iteration” where we build several user stories some may be adding new functionality incrementally, others may be iterating to improve, change, or remove existing functionality.

      Con l'approccio incrementale aggiungiamo un pezzo alla volta, per incrementi successivi, le funzionalità che compongono il sistema. Scegliamo prima le funzionalità a maggior valore.

      Con l'approccio iterativo adottiamo una strategia esplorativa, con lo scopo di avere feedback su quello che abbiamo costruito, e cambiarlo in base a quello che apprendiamo nel validarlo, per successive iterazioni.

      Nel caso del sw, l'iterazione serve per migliorare (raffinare), cambiare o rimuovere le funzionalità esistenti.

  9. May 2017
    1. Every time a customer service assistant shrugs and says “computer says no” or an organization acts in crazy, inflexible ways, odds-are there’s a database underneath which has a limited, rigid view of reality and it’s simply too expensive to fix the software to make the organization more intelligent. We live in these boxes, as pervasive as oxygen, and as inflexible as punched cards.

      Isn't it interesting how the rigidity of institutionalised "old economy"-businesses and their management structure as well as their work ethics is, in a way, mimicked by their IT-architecture? Efficiency over effectiveness, stability over flexibility, repetition over creative destruction and innovation. And then came Agile...

  10. Jul 2016
    1. Pages 7-8

      Rockwell and Sinclair talk here about developing an “agile hermeneutics” by which they mean an approach to fast/extreme writing. An example of this is that they tried to write a short essay in one day from the initial research but they also do things such as working in pairs with one person typing and the others talking things through.

  11. Jun 2016
    1. Also, the more complex a software project becomes, the more work you have to put into and it grows exponentially. So, keep it simple and make it fast. It's much easier to write software, throw it away and start over again quickly, than having this huge generic system that tries to do everything. It doesn't make sense. It's just too much work. You'd get this huge software system with thousand dependencies and, in the end, it's really hard to innovate, get new stuff in there, or, the worst case, to change the concept. Almost every software that we have published is not generic but is used only for one case. So, keep it simple and get a prototype in under three days.

      Agile visualization its a worthy exception to this trend. It is generic while being flexible and moldable. My first projects start with an easy prototype in a week and became full projects in a couple of months average. Then I can reuse the visual components by using abstraction and making visual builders.

      The couple of months average included the learning of the programming language and environment, the data cleaning and completion. With the builders the time has started to decrease exponentially.

  12. May 2016
  13. Jun 2015
    1. You should suspect motivated stopping when you close off search, after coming to a comfortable conclusion, and yet there's a lot of fast cheap evidence you haven't gathered yet—Web sites you could visit, counter-counter arguments you could consider, or you haven't closed your eyes for five minutes by the clock trying to think of a better option. You should suspect motivated continuation when some evidence is leaning in a way you don't like, but you decide that more evidence is needed—expensive evidence that you know you can't gather anytime soon, as opposed to something you're going to look up on Google in 30 minutes—before you'll have to do anything uncomfortable.

      Keeping these suspicions in mind, how should we improve agile decision making?