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  1. Sep 2021
    1. All too often a Sprint Review is nothing more than a team saying they did a bunch of stuff with no actual feedback happening. The same can be said of Retrospectives, where the team produces many stickies, but no change manifests. The Daily Scrum Is a daily feedback mechanism, but all too often reduced to merely a task status update.

      Seems to be a pretty common pattern ... :/ I observe it, too, all day. And I wonder how to change that. Every time we decide to talk about obstacles and challenges instead of just give a status update in the daily we don't do it at the end. In reviews we hardly get any feedback. This is not just not agile but de-motivating as well. And then I realize, that we are not in a lifecycle state where Agile is the right framework for us ...

  2. Jul 2021
  3. Apr 2020
    1. From a narratological perspective, it would probably be fair to say that most databases are tragic. In their design, the configuration of their user interfaces, the selection of their contents, and the indexes that manage their workings, most databases are limited when set against the full scope of the field of information they seek to map and the knowledge of the people who created them. In creating a database, we fight against the constraints of the universe – the categories we use to sort out the world; the limitations of time and money and technology – and succumb to them.

      databases are tragic!

    1. The issue here is still the same. You’ve added too many buttons to the composer toolbar. That breaks the composer layout on both narrow desktop viewports and on mobile - on any theme. This theme was designed for the default Discourse layout. If your site requires a lot of extra buttons, then it’s up to you to fix it. I think you’ve already figured out how to do it If you need to override the CSS in this theme, then create a theme component with those overrides and add it to your theme.
      • @GokulNC brought up a problem with this theme. He suggested what could be the issue and how things could be improved.
      • He got shut down with "any other theme would..." and "it's your problem"
      • He provides a screenshot showing another theme behaving better and as expected, and provides a compact solution.
      • He gets shut down with a sarcastic "not my problem"
      • I create an account and comment, calling Johani out on being non-inclusive and harsh towards somebody trying to make things better
      • My post gets deleted
      • My account gets deleted - no feedback whatsoever

      Johani: You are a small little king in a small little kingdom - the internet is a big big place my friend.

  4. May 2019
  5. Mar 2019
    1. An exception handler that catches every exception, and in the worst case throws away the call stack.

  6. Jan 2014
    1. People may use merge commits to represent the last deployed version of production code. That’s an antipattern. Use tags.