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  1. Dec 2022
    1. large-scale development organisations

      What about small-scale? I guess the levels are the same, I don't see why they shouldn't ...

    2. collaboration techniques

      Insight number 1: Do not do this alone :)

  2. Aug 2022
    1. die in irgendeiner Form mit dem Lernobjekt oder dessen Beschreibung in Beziehung stehen

      In which context does this participation have to take place? Does this also include providers who are only involved in the distribution but not in the content? For example Youtube or a Youtube channel as a platform where the resource can be found with some metadata?

  3. Sep 2021
    1. I introduce those forms and also hold them in place for three months


    2. All too often a Sprint Review is nothing more than a team saying they did a bunch of stuff with no actual feedback happening. The same can be said of Retrospectives, where the team produces many stickies, but no change manifests. The Daily Scrum Is a daily feedback mechanism, but all too often reduced to merely a task status update.

      Seems to be a pretty common pattern ... :/ I observe it, too, all day. And I wonder how to change that. Every time we decide to talk about obstacles and challenges instead of just give a status update in the daily we don't do it at the end. In reviews we hardly get any feedback. This is not just not agile but de-motivating as well. And then I realize, that we are not in a lifecycle state where Agile is the right framework for us ...

    1. I like the idea of thinking about doing or not doing stuff as a sign of "circumstances". When the idea of merging a branch without feedback is not to be liked by the team than we shall discuss the reasons and the reasons for the reasons. 5 Whys ;) And then we talk about the real things: communication, trust, performance, ...

    1. First, if you can’t build and distribute the new thing to lots of people, the circle of innovation can’t complete.

      Zunächst bedeutet das wohl, dass man per Definition dann nicht von Innovationen sprechen sollte sondern von Erfindungen. Wenn man innovativ sein möchte muss man die Ergebnisse in die Welt bringen können. Aber was bedeutet das genau? Marketing? Netzwerk? Einfachheit? Strahlkraft? Alles davon? Hmm ...

  4. Aug 2021
    1. Unter einer Symmathesie versteht Nora Bateson eine durch kontextuelles wechselseitiges interaktives Lernen gebildete Einheit. Wichtige Grundlagen bilden dabei die Ideen der verbindenden Muster, der Informationen als relevanten Unterschiede, der multiplen Beschreibung, der Autopoiesis, sowie Gregory Batesons Begriff des Geistes

      Im Englischen "symmathesy". Jessitron (Entwicklerin) beschreibt sich selbst als "symmathesist", also als einen Akteur innerhalb dieser Einheit. Im Kontext der Softwareentwicklung finde ich den Begriff sehr spannend und passend. Auch die entwickelte Software ist Teil dieser Einheit, denn auch sie lernt und wächst. Im Idealfall zumindest ;)

      Mehr Details dazu auch unter https://blog.atomist.com/the-origins-of-opera-and-the-future-of-programming/

  5. Jun 2020