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  1. Apr 2023
    1. al-Ghazali to investigate a form of theological occasionalism, or the belief that all causal events and interactions are not the product of material conjunctions but rather the immediate and present will of God.

      al-Ghazali practiced a theological form of occasionalism, which suggested that God was the cause of events. This was rebutted by Averroes a century later, but al-Ghazali's influence on Islamic thought broadly won out.

  2. Dec 2022
    1. We test this hypothesis by training a predicted compute-optimal model, Chinchilla, that uses the same compute budget as Gopher but with 70B parameters and4× more more data. Chinchilla uniformly and significantly outperforms Gopher (280B), GPT-3 (175B),Jurassic-1 (178B), and Megatron-Turing NLG (530B) on a large range of downstream evaluation tasks.This also means that Chinchilla uses substantially less compute for fine-tuning and inference, greatlyfacilitating downstream usage. As a highlight, Chinchilla reaches a state-of-the-art average accuracy of67.5% on the MMLU benchmark, greater than a 7% improvement over Gopher

      By using more data on a smaller language model the authors were able to achieve better performance than with the larger models - this reduces the cost of using the model for inference.

  3. Nov 2021
  4. Jun 2021
  5. Nov 2020
    1. Icon buttons have no label and are only an icon. Because they don’t have a label, they save a lot of space in an interface. Icon buttons also allow you to stack other icon buttons next to them in a small space.
  6. Oct 2020
    1. Please don't copy answers to multiple questions; this is the same as your answer to a similar question

      Why on earth not? There's nothing wrong with reusing the same answer if it can work for multiple questions. That's called being efficient. It would be stupid to write a new answer from scratch when you already have one that can work very well and fits the question very well.

  7. May 2020
    1. managing yourself and others.

      Authors promote two ideologies.

      1. Managing Self: The Five Eds (well, first Three) from Agile Leadership by B. Joiner
      2. Managing Others: at its base is Dave Pink's Drive model: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Authors then go to explain some ways of achieving each of previous.
  8. Sep 2017
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