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    1. making different use of our current spaces, implementing further sanitation and transitioning toward more room for pedestrians are all going to be key features in a pandemic-resilient city of the future
    2. Tackling basic sanitation is the first step in building a healthier city. “That means appropriate water and sanitation systems and good quality houses
    3. calls for cities to focus on health in their planning have been growing. “For the resilient, sustainable cities we all want and need, urban plans need to be designed, evaluated and approved using a health lens,”
    4. As these cities grew, outbreaks of typhoid and cholera became such major public health issues that they led to the construction of entire new sanitation systems: sewers
    5. Modern cities weren’t designed to cope with life during a pandemic, and this upside-down way of living has turned them into “a disorganised array of disconnected bedrooms and studios”
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    1. Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

      Barcelona--Casa Batllo with Audio Tour $30 The Gaudi attractions in Barcelona were hard for me to keep track of, so I began adding images and notes to myself about planning the trip. This got me thinking that I could plan other things.

  6. Dec 2019
    1. But just creating the backups will not save your business. You need to make regular backups and keep the most recent copies at a remote location, that is not in the same building or even within a few miles of your business location, if at all possible. This helps to ensure that a large-scale disaster does not destroy all of your backups.
    1. With Storybook, we have been able to build our React components gradually in isolation without having to worry about having the final component version or environment ready from the start. It has doubled as a staging and planning tool for us.
  7. Sep 2019
    1. Impact of staffing cap

      The impact of staffing caps has been highlighted by numerous commentators and almost certainly plays a significant role in putting pressure on the planning workforce.

    2. Staffing cap recommendation

      That government review NDIA data to determine if there are staffing issues limiting the number of planners relative to the demand for plans. If this is the case, we argue that government should relax staffing caps.

    1. Recommendation to lift staffing cap

      The NDIA to lift the staffing cap to employ more NDIA planners and ensure NDIA planners are always used for participants with complex disabilities and/or lives. Where a LAC is the NDIA representative in a planning meeting, these LACs need to ensure they are trained and encouraged to work towards understanding individual needs and goals as opposed > to pre-empting needs based on disability type and therefore misrepresenting the actual needs of the participant.

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    1. The first thing I would show our players at our first meeting was how to take a little extra time putting on their shoes and socks properly.

      Things like this are easy to forget or better said, it's easy to assume basics like socks/shoes are universally well-performed. I was reminded of this: it's the last month of school and I'm teaching individuals how to "control-click" on a google search page to open promising web pages worthy of more detailed examination.

    2. it's the little details that make the big things come about.

      If excellence is your aim, such details--and they are countless in education--must be addressed in a thoughtful, systemic way.

    1. La segunda fase se centra en la selección de prácticas de ocupación de deshabitados en el Alto Aragón (figura 3). Se analiza el contenido de las monografías que recogen diversas experiencias de intervención en el Alto Aragón fundadas tanto en el levantamiento y análisis del estado actual del conjunto edificatorio frente a épocas pasadas como en los agentes que toman parte y en herramientas de planificación que actualmente afectan a tales ámbitos espaciales (Ruiz, 2014). Se obtiene, así, una primera cartografía SIG (sistema de información geográfica) en sentido amplio que engloba una diversidad de prácticas de ocupación.

      Reciba un cordial saludo desde la ciudad de Cuenca, Ecuador. Estamos realizando investigación en la Maestría de Ordenación Territorial. He leído su artículo y he encontrado que su trabajo de investigación es bastante completo y con cartografía especializada. Tengo una consulta y es si la primera cartografía de SIG generada con las diversas prácticas de ocupación está disponible o abierta para visualización, esto es para fines de aprendizaje.

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    1. My initial questions are significantly contextualized by: (1) the metropolitanconfiguration; (2) the transition to democracy; and (3) the Europeanization of localpolicies. What I am interested in here is determining how citizen participation hasdeveloped in the field of urban planning within the framework of those three politicalconditioning factors and a unique set of urban movements. This participation is, in myopinion, one of the key aspects of the interaction of urban movements with localgovernments in recent decades. In fact, a surprising and stimulating factor in my researchhas been to observe that these interactions have evolved in very different ways from verysimilar origins

      La participación ciudadana en el marco de las políticas publicas en los países de Latino américa aun mantiene una mínima influencia en la toma de decisiones dentro de la planificación territorial, pienso que las interrogantes que están contextualizadas aquí son las mismas en mi región. me surge una duda, El orden en que estas interrogantes se mencionan en este apartado están priorizadas por algún dato o indice, y están disponibles?

  11. Apr 2019
    1. Have to agree had a walk around here recently and I'm not impressed by any of the buildings going up around the square. The FJMT tower and low rise buildings are a jumbled mess, pretty ugly actually. The Mirvac buildings are not much better. The library just looks like an entrance to a train station and makes no sense being underground with it's commercially clad fly tower or whatever it is? It's entrance is cramped with a cafe blocking access to the steps. Why build a grand space only for it to be cluttered? I just felt the place felt like no lesson's have been learnt. Hopefully some better designs will be constructed in Green squares evolution but it's certainly not an exercise in good city planning and the architecture is certainly not groundbreaking harmonious or pleasing on the eye.

      Largely agree. It's all very controlled, with a bit of decent archi. But it certainly doesn't feel 'real', tactile.. like there is any ownership. It belongs to ritzy people, ritzy gov, and ritzy gov-corporate relationships. Yerp.

    1. Hemmes lifts lid on project APRIL 03, 2019 Pub titan Justin Hemmes’s $1.5 billion redevelopment will dominate a Sydney city block, taking up to seven years to complete, with world-class local and international architects engaging in a design competition for the proposed five-star extravaganza. In his first interview on the yet-to-be-named project, the billionaire said he planned a 52,500sq m tower opposite Wynyard Station, amalgamating his Ivy party palace and adding a substantial office component, a luxury hotel and an opulent hospitality precinct.

      Awesome news. This MUST be rolled into Crossrail/West Metro planning works.

    1. Veridian Kogarah by cnd

      Good facade articulation to breakdown the mass of the building.

    2. Veridian Kogarah by cnd

      Is alrightish. I like the two-volume articulation.

    3. Andover Street Apartments, Carlton, Sydney by cnd

      Nice normal stuff.

    4. 'The Ritz'

      BAN dumb names. Just "123 Main Street" allowable.

    5. An artist impression of the Kogarah North Precinct wih Georges River Girls High School on the right.

      These sort of renders have a lot to answer for.

  12. Feb 2019
    1. Rather, particular technologies have their own propensities, potentials, affordances, and constraints that make them more suitable for certain tasks than others

      How will we use these technologies to help our students learn even though they will have problems that come along with it? How can we make sure that we limit the amount of problems that will occur in our lessons?

  13. Nov 2018
    1. Towards teaching as design: Exploring the interplay between full-lifecycle learning design tooling and Teacher Professional Development.

      This article explores the theory of training teachers as learning designers to promote innovate and creativity. Included in the article are studies of designers with little teaching experience compared with those that are full-cycle teachers and the effect of TPD and LD upon training.

      RATING: 5/5 (rating based upon a score system 1 to 5, 1= lowest 5=highest in terms of content, veracity, easiness of use etc.)

  14. Sep 2018
    1. prior preparation

      Anticipation through planning of community needs due to new developments and ups and downs of predominant industries for example mining.

  15. Feb 2018
    1. It's a crucial question for those who want to reform the teaching of writing, because once you ask what skills are missing, you can make a list and start a counter-attack.

      I notice how it is also important that in anything you wish to reform and make better this type of analyzation works. From teachers, to students, to ,mechanics, to managers. One must first assess and list what answers they would like to find or problems they have so that one can improve and reform their work. I have found this helpful when I am stressed out with schoolwork; I would just take a step back and list out what has to be done and when so I do not forget anything and I can plan out my time. This relates to Haltman's point that no information at all is a total failure. One must ask questions and want to improve or you will not move forward. Like Maguire said, it is only "once you ask what skills are missing, you can make a list and start a counter attack." If I do not get any other takeaways from this article I will make sure that I remember to use this skill more often.

  16. Nov 2017
    1. an environment unlike anything they will encounter outside of school

      Hm? Aren’t they likely to encounter Content Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Intranets, etc.? Granted, these aren’t precisely the same think as LMS. But there’s quite a bit of continuity between Drupal, Oracle, Moodle, Sharepoint, and Salesforce.

    2. institutional demands for enterprise services such as e-mail, student information systems, and the branded website become mission-critical

      In context, these other dimensions of “online presence” in Higher Education take a special meaning. Reminds me of WPcampus. One might have thought that it was about using WordPress to enhance learning. While there are some presentations on leveraging WP as a kind of “Learning Management System”, much of it is about Higher Education as a sector for webwork (-development, -design, etc.).

  17. Oct 2017
    1. his also draws on tenets from Understanding by Design (UbD) as you begin with the end in mind and think about where you would like to bring students by the end of the project.

      This is crucial in your lesson planning. You need to have student learning outcomes and goals or else there is no point to the lesson. It can be helpful at the start of the project to tell your students what the goals and outcomes should be. You can collaborate with your students about what their goals should be, but you should have a set of general goals already in your head.

    2. It should also be noted that Internet Inquiry Projects are not only appropriate but also vital for use in classrooms from Pre-K up through higher ed. It is the responsibility of educators in all grades and content areas to modify as needed for learners.

      depending on your own content area knowledge and your students prior knowledge every lesson needs to be tailored to fit both of your needs. Scaffolding and time duration are two main components when planning an internet inquiry project.

  18. Aug 2017
    1. This has much in common with a customer relationship management system and facilitates the workflow around interventions as well as various visualisations.  It’s unclear how the at risk metric is calculated but a more sophisticated predictive analytics engine might help in this regard.

      Have yet to notice much discussion of the relationships between SIS (Student Information Systems), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

  19. Mar 2017
    1. Time-planning I suppose I have to look up in the schedule to see when they are on.

      Priority of spending time with people/tv/class/conference

      Attachment. Planning. Engagement

  20. Nov 2016
    1. Strictly speaking, this is true. No jurisdiction can be legally compelled to designate a Priority Development Area. The region’s 191 PDAs were all nominated by local jurisdictions. San Francisco’s PDAs were unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2007.

      And yet, earlier in this article, the process is criticized for being undemocratic. Which is it, dude?

  21. Jan 2016
  22. Nov 2015
    1. Retail, educational and leisure/pleasure uses (A1, A3 and D2) should be supported.

      A1 = retail A3 = food and drink D1 = education, nurseries, museums, exhibition D2 = entertainment and leisure (cinema, concert hall, swimming, skating etc venues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planning_use_classes_in_England

    1. draft Local Plan sets out a vision for 2031

      This Local Plan is different from the Thanet Corporate Plan and from this Maritime Plan? And further down this page

      • Economic Growth and Regeneration Strategy
      • Destination Management Plan
      • Local Transport Plan
    2. sustainable, balanced economy with a strong focus on tourism, culture and leisure; the importance of Ramsgate’s maritime heritage; the commercial function of the Port; supporting renewable technology; its Royal Harbour, marina, beach and attractive waterfront, providing a vibrant mix of town centre uses, with a strong visitor economy and café culture; and a continuing policy for the growth of Ramsgate Port.

      Strong element of the bleeding obvious in these wishes.

  23. Jun 2015
    1. Inspiration Board: use Mural.ly to consolidate articles, images, and your own fleeting strokes of genius so you have everything in one place. You can use this to give yourself a more holistic view of your thoughts, and also to inspire new ideas by connecting things in different ways.

      I reckon murally is the best of its type

  24. Mar 2015
    1. an objective set for the Sprint that can be met through the implementation of Product Backlog. It provides guidance to the Development Team on why it is building the Increment. It is created during the Sprint Planning meeting. The Sprint Goal gives the Development Team some flexibility regarding the functionality implemented within the Sprint. The selected Product Backlog items deliver one coherent function, which can be the Sprint Goal. The Sprint Goal can be any other coherence that causes the Development Team to work together rather than on separate initiatives.

      an objective set for the Sprint that can be met through the implementation of Product Backlog. It provides guidance to the Development Team on why it is building the Increment. It is created during the Sprint Planning meeting. The Sprint Goal gives the Development Team some flexibility regarding the functionality implemented within the Sprint. The selected Product Backlog items deliver one coherent function, which can be the Sprint Goal. The Sprint Goal can be any other coherence that causes the Development Team to work together rather than on separate initiatives.

  25. Feb 2015
    1. identifying one primary audience

      RK&A says doomed for failure if try to focus on too many communities at once. Choose one primary audience (probably the highest need), and build intended impact/programming/marketing/etc. around them.

  26. Nov 2014
    1. I think the demand is so insatiable, and the out-of-town investment money so big, that we’ll end up building 50,000 pied a terres and second homes that will do very little to bring prices down to the level where a middle-class worker in one of the city’s biggest industries (government, health care, or hospitality) will be able to afford the rent.
      1. Requiring more affordable housing would make many of these units affordable. Of course.
      2. The result would be more density, which is better for small businesses because they get more customers.

      Of course, if the developers don't want to build housing at all, or not with those restrictions, then we can return to the other points of this article and play with zoning. Then go back to the steps above.

      Probably, we should do all the things. Because whether or not we can "solve" the housing "crisis" without a whole lot more density, I want density anyway. That's why I live in a city and not the suburbs.