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  1. Sep 2021
    1. The book, This is Service Design Doing, includes journey maps as a method for participatory design and co-creation workshops.

      I suggested to the Stop Reset Go team that we should map out the interactions and touch points to engage people with the process of bottom-up whole system change.

    1. Quora+ is a subscription to the best of Quora.Access great writing, straight-from-the-source knowledge, and stories you can’t find anywhere else while supporting creators who matter to you.

      Another example of a service that tries to entice users with a free service (and writers with a financial incentive) and then once they achieve enough popularity, they make some of "their" content "premium".

      (YouTube Premium, ...)

      This is why we should distrust and avoid using "free" services.

    1. Ensure there's only one version of your site running at once. That last one is pretty important. Without service workers, users can load one tab to your site, then later open another. This can result in two versions of your site running at the same time. Sometimes this is ok, but if you're dealing with storage you can easily end up with two tabs having very different opinions on how their shared storage should be managed. This can result in errors, or worse, data loss.

      I wonder how can we identify issues like this when they occur

  2. Jul 2021
    1. Simple Tips to increase Your Blog Traffic with Guest Post Service

      Ask any guest post services, and they'll have many recommendations on the thanks to increase your blog traffic. relying on your niche, they might suggest anything from holding a contest to happening an aggressive guest post campaign. While these could even be effective ways to urge traffic, it's best to start out with the basics . Here are three simple tips to help you to urge more blog traffic.

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      Write more often. In simplest terms, the more posts your blog has, the more traffic you'll expect to receive. Each post should appear in program rankings for various terms, therefore the more posts you'll write, the broader a net you'll cast over the keywords related to your subject. If you merely write once or twice a month, you're not doing much to increase your traffic.

      For best results, you need to plan to post to your blog the utmost amount as possible; a minimum of once or twice per week is true . Your posts should be written around information people try to seek out on your topic; using keyword research tools can assist you identify what keywords people are using to seem . Posts of 350 words or more are usually easier to rank for his or her given keywords.

      Promote your blog. This is often one area where it doesn't pay to be shy. If you'd wish to receive more blog traffic, people got to know you exist! Speak up for yourself and permit them to understand you're out there. Place links to your site in your signature on forums you're active in, especially people that are related to your blog's topic. distribute flyers or business cards, or start a bit of writing marketing campaign. Write up articles on topics related to your blog's subject, to means to readers that you simply simply know your stuff. Place links to your site at the highest , and invite readers to return read more about your subject.

      In some cases, there is a fine line between ethically promoting yourself and coming off as a spammer. While spamming won't necessarily cost you blog traffic, it can impact how readers see you. If your site is supposed to means you as an authority on a selected subject, it's probably not worth risking your reputation for a few of additional clicks onto your site.

      Network. Another important component of promoting your blog is networking. Not only does one need to network with other bloggers, but also with people interested by your material. Use social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter to hunt out like-minded folks that might be interested by your site. Try making some YouTube videos about your subject, and post links to your blog within the sidebar.

      Visiting other blogs can also help boost your blog traffic. Leaving comments on other sites will show readers your expertise, and may often give them the way to click back to your blog. Guest Post on more successful blogs related to your niche is additionally a superb because of getting swells of traffic from other blogs.

    1. It’s a familiar trick in the privatisation-happy US – like, say, underfunding public education and then criticising the institution for struggling.

      This same thing is being seen in the U.S. Post Office now too. Underfund it into failure rather than provide a public good.

      Capitalism definitely hasn't solved the issue, and certainly without government regulation. See also the last mile problem for internet service, telephone service, and cable service.

      UPS and FedEx apparently rely on the USPS for last mile delivery in remote areas. (Source for this?)

      The poor and the remote are inordinately effected in almost all these cases. What other things do these examples have in common? How can we compare and contrast the public service/government versions with the private capitalistic ones to make the issues more apparent. Which might be the better solution: capitalism with tight government regulation to ensure service at the low end or a government monopoly of the area? or something in between?

  3. Jun 2021
    1. Now, when the Coleridge of 21st-century marginalia emerges, he should be able to mark up the books of a million friends at once.

      This could be an interesting service to set up and run.

      I wonder if I could set up a private Hypothes.is group and actually charge a club rate to members for doing such a thing?

  4. May 2021
    1. Service workers act as proxy servers that handle network requests inside your app. This makes it possible to make your app work offline, but even if you don't need offline support (or can't realistically implement it because of the type of app you're building), it's often worth using service workers to speed up navigation by precaching your built JS and CSS.
  5. Apr 2021
    1. This sounds tangential to the sort of idea that Greg McVerry and I have noodled around with in the past.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Darius Kazemi</span> in Darius Kazemi: "In just a couple hours I'll be speaking with @jom…" - Friend Camp (<time class='dt-published'>04/28/2021 10:19:27</time>)</cite></small>

    1. With Stack Overflow for Teams being a flexible platform, we’ve seen customers use it for a wide variety of use cases: A platform to help onboard new employees A self-serve help center to reduce support tickets Collaboration and documentation to drive innersource initiatives Breaking down silos and driving org wide transformation like cloud migration efforts A direct customer support platform Enable people who are working towards a common goal, whether a startup or a side project, to develop a collective knowledge base
    1. les horaires étant annualisés, ils font en général 40 ou 41 heures semaine,
    2. Non , les personnels administratifs en EPLE ne bénéficient pas des vacances scolaires, car ils travaillent pendant les vacances, pour préparer, organiser, gérer… tout comme d’autres personnels de l’Éducation nationale qui pendant que les élèves ont des vacances travaillent à d’autres tâches encore pour le bon fonctionnement du système éducatif. Non, les personnels administratifs des services ne bénéficient pas non plus des vacances scolaires.
    1. Astreintes des chefs d'établissements scolaires 9e législature Question écrite n° 03237 de M. Philippe Madrelle (Gironde - SOC) publiée dans le JO Sénat du 26/01/1989 - page 118 M. Philippe Madrelle appelle l'attention de M. le ministre d'Etat, ministre de l'éducation nationale, de la jeunesse et des sports, sur les différentes modalités d'astreintes auxquelles sont assujettis les chefs d'établissements scolaires. Il lui demande de bien vouloir lui préciser si les chefs d'établissements sont obligés d'assurer d'une manière permanente la garde des bâtiments administratifs, pédagogiques et des logements de fonction de l'établissement où ils exercent leur activité professionnelle. Par ailleurs, il lui demande si cette astreinte est susceptible de s'étendre à d'autres personnels de l'établissement. Réponse du ministère : Éducation publiée dans le JO Sénat du 04/05/1989 - page 713 Réponse. - En plus de leurs responsabilités définies par le décret n° 85-924 du 30 août 1985 relatives au bon fonctionnement des établissements durant les périodes de présence des élèves, afin d'assurer la sécurité des personnes et des biens, les chefs d'établissement doivent assurer également un certain nombre d'obligations pendant les congés scolaires. La réglementation applicable en ce domaine conduit le chef d'établissement, dans le respect des dispositions statutaires en matière de congés annuels, à organiser durant les vacances une permanence qui répond à des objectifs précis : garantir le renseignement des familles et notamment prévoir l'inscription des élèves, permettre aux services académiques d'effectuer le travail préparatoire pour les rentrées scolaires, assurer l'encadrement du personnel de service pour la conduite des travaux d'entretien ou de réfection qui ne peuvent s'effectuer qu'en dehors de la présence des élèves, permettre la réponse de l'étab lissement aux sollicitations extérieures que peut appeler la politique d'ouverture du service public de l'éducation nationale. Il relève de la responsabilité du chef d'établissement d'établir à cet effet un service de vacances dans lequel, pour la période des vacances scolaires d'été, sa présence est notamment impérative deux semaines après la sortie des élèves et deux semaines avant leur rentrée. Sont astreints également au service des vacances, outre les chefs d'établissement, leurs adjoints, les personnels d'éducation ainsi que les personnels affectés au service d'intendance. S'agissant du gardiennage pendant la période de fermeture, il appartient au chef d'établissement de proposer à l'inspecteur d'académie, directeur des services départementaux de l'éducation, les modalités de mise en place de ce service et les éventuelles solutions de remplacement. Enfin, compte tenu des conséquences de l'organisation du service de vacances sur le fonctionnement des établissements, le chef d'établissement doit tenir informé selon le cas le président du conseil régional ou général du dispositif retenu.
  6. Mar 2021
    1. However, if these timeouts are moved into a web worker, they should run to time and not get de-prioritised by the browser.
    1. And they are one of the reasons most digital services don’t come with a How To manual. Most of the time, we’re not expected to use them the “right” way; most of the time there is no right way, because most digital services bend to meet our needs.A

      How can the IndieWeb as a group do this piece better? Perhaps it comes down to individual sub-providers which is fine, but if the larger group can do it from the top down...

    1. How to Build an On-Demand Platform Like Uber or Airbnb

      "On-demand apps have been on the rise ever since the success of Uber and Postmates. The reason for this is a mix of technological advancement and real-time fulfillment of services & goods. These factors have basically driven any major industrial growth we’ve seen in the past decade.

      One of the obvious questions in the mind of every entrepreneur is if the on-demand economy is a bubble or is it worth getting into and how to build an on-demand delivery app?"

    1. Open source code library for building innovative e-learning that is accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. Based on the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) and bootstrap. This collaborative open source project is led by the Canada School of Public Service, Government of Canada.
    1. Stuart served in the US Navy during World War II but did not see combat as his mission in his life.[5]

      Based off his writings, Stuart was a conservative (a very different definition than the modern conservative). He always put America in the best light when speaking at events, especially overseas events. He was a zealous patriot to the end .

  7. Feb 2021
    1. In the telecommunications industry, on a conceptual level, value-added services add value to the standard service offering, spurring subscribers to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their average revenue per user.
    2. For mobile phones, technologies like SMS, MMS and data access were historically usually considered value-added services, but in recent years SMS, MMS and data access have more and more become core services, and VAS therefore has begun to exclude those services.
    1. Is Customer Service available in languages other than English?
    2. Can I close my account and withdraw my money?
    3. Can I have a monthly paper statement mailed to me?
    4. What if I don't agree with my balance or one of my transactions?
    5. Who should I notify if I change my mailing address?
    6. How long will it take to receive a replacement card if reported lost or stolen?
    7. What if my Direct Express® card is lost or stolen?
    8. Who do I call if I have questions about how to use my Direct Express® card?
  8. Jan 2021
    1. He attended naval college as a teenager and served in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force during the First World War.

      His service history

    1. v1 tabs tightly couple to their v1 Cache; v2 tabs tightly couple to their v2 Cache. This tight coupling makes them “application caches.” The app must be completely shut down (all tabs closed) in order to upgrade atomically to the newest cache of code.
    1. If a Service Worker fails, it’s possible to break an entire website in ways that we can’t fix on the server side (or at least, not right away). Imagine this: your site appears to be down, but refreshing the page won’t help, because the browser isn’t even talking to your server; it’s just talking to your broken Service Worker.
    2. As programmers, we sometimes have to work on tricky stuff, but then we say, “Well, it’s not rocket science.” But Service Workers are rocket science.
    1. A hosted Kit is the easiest way to add Font Awesome to your website. It's a collection of icons, styles, and settings that allows you to make changes and update versions without pushing code.
  9. Dec 2020
    1. Really sucks if they don't give us our money back for this game.
    2. I am having the same problem... Contacted Nintendo support and they said they cannot guarantee that I will be able to get a refund for this game that doesn't work.
    1. If you are running your own instance of the Hypothesis annotation server

      If you're interested in setting up your own server, start with this guide: https://h.readthedocs.io/en/latest/developing/install/

  10. Nov 2020
    1. Service Workers are very powerful. They allow offline functionality, push notifications, content caching, and more. They have a short lifetime, and the way they work is by waking up when they get an event (e.g., network requests, push notifications, connectivity changes) and then they start running only as long as the process needs it.
    2. Service Workers are also helpful for offline caching and performance. You can write code to cache your application shell to work offline and populate its content using JavaScript.
    1. perfect winter, right? You can have the same kind of relaxing winter by booking snow removal services from these snow removal business apps.

      Do you hate shoveling snow in the winter? I do too, so I have found some fantastic snow removal app services that will make my life more comfortable this year.

    1. because we still remember the quality of service that the restaurant gave us.

      This is pretty much what Service Design, (Digital) Product Design and User Experience Design professionals are (or at least should be) concerned about.

    2. Yet from the responses to those posts, it’s become clear that for many people, maybe even most, this is not ‘obvious’ at all

      Worth taking a look at the so-called product centric-mindset, the mainstream approach in pretty much every technology startup: people are designing/building/launching/growing the product, in roles such as product manager, product designer, product engineer, product lead, product marketing specialist, etc. Funny paradoxical thing is that many of these businesses can be characterised to have a SaaS business model, as in Software-as-a-Service.

      When we take a closer look at the Service Design community, we will often hear that "Everything is a service" as these days every product is bundled into a service.

      I came across quite a few times about the Rolls Royce case study presenting the aero-engine business model: aircraft engine business model - Google Search

    3. From the restaurant’s perspective, the service-boundaries in time were quite short

      This reminded me of the marketing concept "Moments of truth" by A.G. Lafley (P&G), name ZMOT-FMOT-SMOT-TMOT - In my conference talk "Real, mental, virtual - Maps and reference points in the stores" that I gave back in 2012 at New Media Conference I briefly touched this subject.

      Moment of truth (marketing)) Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) decision-making moment - Think with Google

  11. Oct 2020
    1. This is an article about a specific type of adult lear6. Prepared service teachers will present a slightly different set of adult learners. They are learning to receive a degree and not necessarily have same constraints like under educated adult learners.

    1. Handling all these requests costs us considerably: servers, bandwidth and human time spent analyzing traffic patterns and devising methods to limit or block excessive new request patterns. We would much rather use these assets elsewhere, for example improving the software and services needed by W3C and the Web Community.
    1. Service design principles support the development of services which deliver high quality experiences to users and customers
    2. Any activity that fails to add value for the customer should be eliminated or minimized Work is always structured around processes and not around internal constructs such as functions, geography, product, etc. Work shall not be fragmented unless absolutely necessary. This enables accountability and responsibility from a single individual and reduces delays, rework, etc. It encourages creativity, innovation and ownership of work. Processes should be as simple as possible. Focus on reducing process steps, hand overs, rules and controls. Wherever possible the owner of the process should have control over how it is delivered. Processes should reflect customer needs and many versions of a process are acceptable if customers have different needs. Process variation should be kept to a minimum. Process dependencies should be kept to a minimum. (I.e. process in parallel) Processes should be internalized rather than overly decomposed (e.g. training is better than work instructions) Process breaks and delays must be kept to a minimum Reconciliation, controls and inspection of process must be kept to a minimum KPIs for processes will only measure things that matter

      Process design principles for service design

    1. Service pages are the single most important page type, as they provide quick access in plain language to the services provided to residents.

      Link to research [ Link to style guide] (http://insert-your-link-here.com)

    1. You shall be obeyed. The maggots notwithstanding, sir, you shall be obeyed.

      This is such classic Betteredge to take his duties so seriously while at the same time being so opinionated and bold. Since Lady Verinder is dead he's sort of running the house most of the time now, so I find it funny that, even though he disagrees with the plan, he still seems so eager to do a good job of overseeing everything perfectly. It seems that he genuinely enjoys being given a task and doing it well.

    1. There’s an entire category of products commonly known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) that endeavors to make this possible. But, so far, these services have largely fallen short of what developers need. Many of our customers have come to DigitalOcean after their PaaS became too expensive, or after hitting various limitations.
    1. He says that he sees the combination of long form pieces and Q&A as a new level of support. “We used to have level one, which was sending a ticket to the help desk, and it was something we could easily resolve for you. Level two was a more complex problem that maybe required an engineer or specialist from a certain team to figure out. I look at this new system as a level zero.” Before sending us a ticket, folks can search Teams. If they find a question that solves the problem, great. If they need more details, they can follow links to in-depth articles or collections that bring together Q&A and article with the same tags.“
  12. Sep 2020
  13. Aug 2020
    1. Lozano, R., Fullman, N., Mumford, J. E., Knight, M., Barthelemy, C. M., Abbafati, C., Abbastabar, H., Abd-Allah, F., Abdollahi, M., Abedi, A., Abolhassani, H., Abosetugn, A. E., Abreu, L. G., Abrigo, M. R. M., Haimed, A. K. A., Abushouk, A. I., Adabi, M., Adebayo, O. M., Adekanmbi, V., … Murray, C. J. L. (2020). Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. The Lancet, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)30750-9

    1. The straightforward solution to integrate WPML with third party translation services was to do it via dedicated plugins. A separate plugin for each company offering translation services could do the trick. However, this approach had a few drawbacks. For example, WPML developers would need to update and test all these plugins whenever the WPML core plugins received an update, and vice versa; when the API used by the external service changed, you needed to incorporate the change to WPML and test it as well.
    2. WPML knows how to communicate with the Translation Proxy, and the Translation Proxy knows how to communicate with translation services. If a Translation Service company happened to change their API, we needed to only update the Translation Proxy.
    3. intermediate service
  14. Jul 2020
    1. A growing number of platforms, vendors, and partners support the AMP Project by providing custom components or offering integration with AMP pages within their platforms.

      I guess AMP is actually open-source software, but it still feels like it's something non-standard. I guess it's just an alternative open standard to the "main" web open standards.

    1. If you have worked with emails before, the idea of placing a script into an email may set off alarm bells in your head! Rest assured, email providers who support AMP emails enforce fierce security checks that only allow vetted AMP scripts to run in their clients. This enables dynamic and interactive features to run directly in the recipients mailboxes with no security vulnerabilities! Read more about the required markup for AMP Emails here.
    1. How HR Consultancy Services works? Posted by yunicsolutions on July 28th, 2020Business organizations advance compelling unforeseen development, blend, and utilization of the work power. Because of the difficulties of the current work markets, they are wrestling with a ceaselessly befuddling degree of issues—from steady joblessness or underemployment to partition shifts and the effect of automated and innovative unforeseen development.Open business administrations are one of the tremendous conductors for acknowledging work and work exposes draws near. The HR business is experiencing terrific changes over the extent of HR associations, including determination, preparing and movement, action, assessments, preferences and prizes, HR Consultancy, HR improvement, HR re-appropriating, and HR directing.As section blocks are insignificant, the HR association space in India has an enormous number of players and the market is remarkably apportioned. Several associations are making in each HR association space. A couple of new kinds of organizations are ascending in India, including impermanent staffing, action preparing, foundation check, social picking, reward the board and ESOPs, and outplacement associations. Eventually, like never before, more grounded business organizations accept a verifiably huge activity in work planning, improving employability, and watching out for capacity puzzles and partner support plainly to chairmen and laborers through working differing exceptional work show programs. There are a couple of sorts of work organizations which are given by selection workplaces which are according to the accompanying;-PERMANENT STAFFINGPermanent delegates work for a business and are paid genuinely by that business. Suffering workers don't have a fated end date for business. Permanent Staffing is enrolment done on the general level. The up-and-comers are chosen for a principal level development; the competitors are generally new in the business.Different affiliations offer various kinds of organizations to draw in and hold workers. These organizations offer help to delegates in an assortment of approaches to manage to improve their work and individual life. Close by standard fortuitous focal points, for example, therapeutic organizations and managed time, different associations are making more approaches to manage keep workers fulfilled. A noteworthy bundle of these organizations can be executed in free associations at low expenses.LATERAL HIRINGAs the most enlisting boss and HR masters know, beguiling a top applicant away from their present work to one with a practically identical compensation and title can require a scramble of cleverness. Flat enlisting is somebody used "from the side", which suggests at a relative encounter and pay level as their past development. The lateral enlistment process invites on the table appropriate specific and fragile aptitudes. Also, this occupant would in like way be a lot of headings with industry accomplices. This is the clarification this is one of the most overwhelming enlisting practices.For a convincing Lateral Hiring, it's important that the following interest limits are clearly seen and portrayed explanation association objective and industry best practices.IT EnrollmentIT Administration is one of the most critical and huge associations that a business need. This time is the PC time span and you can't develop your business beside if you change as per the market turn which requests a specific technique to deal with the business.

      How HR Consultancy Services works? You might have came across many HR Consultancy services but do you want to know how they function? This article deals with the functioning of an HR Consultancy Firm.

    1. A Mobile App For All Your Household Service Needs

      Every house needs a bit of fixing, time and again. And, not all of us are experts in fixing broken couches or AC leaks. Sometimes it’s not about fixing stuff on your own but not having the time to do so.