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    1. IFTTT (/ɪft/, an acronym of if this, then that)[3][4] is a private commercial company founded in 2011, that runs online digital automation platforms which it offers as a service.[5] Their platforms provide a visual interface for making cross-platform if statements. As of 2020[update], they have 18 million users.[2][6][7] IFTTT has partnerships with different providers of everyday services as well as using public APIs to integrate them with each other through its platform. They supply event notifications to IFTTT and execute commands that implement the responses.


      「跨平台的 IF 敘述」

  3. Nov 2023
    1. The processing limit for shortcut text, etc. seems to be approximately 2.6 MB.

      Well shucks... This seems specific enough to emphasize because this is the first time I'm seeing that figure.

  4. Sep 2023
    1. In those countries where manpower is not available, or some process where human efforts are limited, Automation is justified. Howeverin the countries with huge potential of young manpower automation can be limited.

      So, Essentially, they're proposing we take populous countries and limit the automation and let it go wild, but wouldn't this mean that over time, there would be technology segregation or a widespread between the automated countries and the manual labor ones? This would potentially create a crisis. We can likely say that opening borders because of not having to be in the physical location could open up some other doors.

    1. We will try to add two tests for response code in order to know that our request was successful. Another test we will add for response time <  2 sec in order to understand how fast request was processed by server. If it will be executed slower then for 2 seconds, our test will fail. In this case I use 2 seconds just for example it might be greater or lower number, but 7 seconds is usually a maximum time for request execution. So in order to add tests, go to “Tests” in request section of application and add this few lines : tests["Status code is 200"] = responseCode.code === 200; tests["Response time is less than 200ms"] = responseTime < 2000; When this is done hit on Send button again and execute your first test.

      Good case -- importance of adding tests to validate response codes and times, ensuring optimal server performance and response.

    1. Developers use tools like Postman for API test automation to create WMS system integration technologies that help you increase efficiency by automating manual processes. The WMS connects all of your warehouse locations so that you can easily access information about your inventory, orders, and shipments from any computer.

      Leveraging tools such as Postman, developers can automate API tests, leading to the creation of efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrations that streamline operations.

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    1. If there are any date formats you regularly use that aren’t the default for Shortcuts, those are excellent choices for creating utility shortcuts.

      Hell yeah.

      I guess I could be mistaken, but I'm going to choose to interpret this as sublime validation for my "invention" and absolutely comprehensive implementation of DavodTime in the past 18 months or so.

  8. Mar 2023
    1. C’est la confusion entre mécanisation et automatisation qui nourrit l’inquiétude de vies soumises au calcul.

      Marshall McLuhan oppose d’ailleurs « mécanisation » (qu’il associée à l’aliénation de l’être humain, son asservissement à la machine de la manière ouvrière) et « automation » (processus libérateur menant à l’autonomie).

      Étant indépendante du lieu ou du type des opérations de travail, l’énergie électrique crée des modèles de décentralisation et de diversification du travail à accomplir. […] <mark>[L]es modèles sociaux sociaux et éducationnels que recèle l’automation sont ceux du travail autonome et de l’autonomie artistique.</mark> Voir dans l’automation la menace d’une uniformisation à l’échelle mondiale, c’est projeter dans l’avenir la standardisation et la spécialisation mécaniques, qui sont désormais chose du passé.

      — Marshall McLuhan, <cite>Pour comprendre les médias</cite>, Points, 1968, p. 404

      McLuhan verrait dans l’énergie électrique (comme la lumière) une certaine neutralité, un caractère tellement générique qu’il permet de faire presque n’importe quoi, sans «biais» ou restriction conceptuelle particulière (voir p. 155, « la lumière est de l’information sans “contenu” »).

    1. 1930s Wilson Memindex Co Index Card Organizer Pre Rolodex Ad Price List Brochure

      archived page: https://web.archive.org/web/20230310010450/https://www.ebay.com/itm/165910049390

      Includes price lists

      List of cards includes: - Dated tab cards for a year from any desired. - Blank tab cards for jottings arranged by subject. - These were sold in 1/2 or 1/3 cut formats - Pocket Alphabets for jottings arranged by letter. - Cash Account Cards [without tabs]. - Extra Record Cards for permanent memoranda. - Monthly Guides for quick reference to future dates. - Blank Guides for filing records by subject.. - Alphabet Guides for filing alphabetically.

      Memindex sales brochures recommended the 3 x 5" cards (which had apparently been standardized by 1930 compared to the 5 1/2" width from earlier versions around 1906) because they could be used with other 3 x 5" index card systems.

      In the 1930s Wilson Memindex Company sold more of their vest pocket sized 2 1/4 x 4 1/2" systems than 3 x 5" systems.

      Some of the difference between the vest sized and regular sized systems choice was based on the size of the particular user's handwriting. It was recommended that those with larger handwriting use the larger cards.

      By the 1930's at least the Memindex tag line "An Automatic Memory" was being used, which also gave an indication of the ubiquity of automatization of industrialized life.

      The Memindex has proved its success in more than one hundred kinds of business. Highly recommended by men in executive positions, merchants, manufacturers, managers, .... etc.

      Notice the gendering of users specifically as men here.

      Features: - Sunday cards were sold separately and by my reading were full length tabs rather than 1/6 tabs like the other six days of the week - Lids were custom fit to the bases and needed to be ordered together - The Memindex Jr. held 400 cards versus the larger 9 inch standard trays which had space for 800 cards and block (presumably a block to hold them up or at an angle when partially empty).

      The Memindex Jr., according to a price sheet in the 1930s, was used "extensively as an advertising gift".

      The Memindex system had cards available in bundles of 100 that were labeled with the heading "Things to Keep in Sight".

    1. The beauty of FAST framework Overloaded with information → Filter Drowning in busywork → Automate Descending into chaos → Structure Doing things over and over → Templatize

      The beauty of FAST framework<br><br>Overloaded with information → Filter<br><br>Drowning in busywork → Automate<br><br>Descending into chaos → Structure<br><br>Doing things over and over → Templatize pic.twitter.com/kn6Gi27DLG

      — Andrew Altshuler (@1eo) February 4, 2023
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  9. Nov 2022
    1. Since this can involve a lot of repetitive actions on a long file, I use this javascript code along with the QuickAdd plugin, to do it for me.
      • [ ] May be worth coming back to explore this part of the Obsidian workflow at some point for some automation. (@2022-11-08)
    1. “You have to assume that things can go wrong,” shared Waymo’s head of cybersecurity, Stacy Janes. “You can’t just design for this success case – you have to design for the worst case.”

      Future proofing by asking "what if we're wrong?"

  10. Sep 2022
    1. “Find Notes” can now retrieve more than 26 notes at a time

      Also, this is not currently working.

    2. Create Tab Group

      I can't really see any reason for this action to exist without the ability to accept input (which it can't.) Automating the creation of an empty Tab Group doesn't make much sense but it sure would to automate moving tabs around.

    1. cult v. culture, sketchy mobile ad lore — Grubhub lore, "silence brand"

      hard jewelry, soft feelings

      Disneyland hotel?

    1. For example, whereas C programmers have argued for years about where to put their brackets, and whether code should be indented with tabs or spaces, both Rust and Go eliminate such issues completely by using a standard formatting tool (gofmt for Go, rustfmt for Rust) which rewrites your code automatically using the canonical style. It’s not that this particular style is so wonderful in itself: it’s the standardisation which Rust and Go programmers appreciate.
    1. The single-line commit trailers ^Update-Info: *(.*) on version tagged commits are used to assemble a small changelog during update, which is presented to the user. The single line can contain important information/links to relevant fixes and changes.
  11. Aug 2022
    1. It seems to me that they tried to roboticize a manufacturing process for a product that was designed to be manufactured by humans. Rookie mistake.

      If they want to automate construction of Mac products, they'll have to redesign the product to fit the constraints of robotic manufacture.

    1. This is an Appium plugin designed to manage and create driver session on connected android devices and iOS Simulators. Why Appium Device Farm? Automatically detects connected Android, iOS Simulators and Real devices before session creation and maintains it in device pool. Dynamically allocates a free device from device pool while creating driver session. Updates the device pool with a new device during test execution. Allocates random ports for parallel execution.

      I believe this is software for a lot of mobile phones that recycle IP addresses (as they are unque alledgedly) and are more reliablu than proxies. Then all kinds of nefarious activities is emplyed on these mobile phones. this happens in countries like india/bangladesh ithink. perhaps there could be a better use for this infrastructure... appium device farm

  12. May 2022
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X8gaMGQNsA

      Using direct links to things within Obsidian can be powerful. It's also very useful when using other tools in conjunction with Obsidian.

      Seems like many of the tips and automations from outside of Obsidian here are Apple iOS specific.

  13. Apr 2022
    1. One of those factors is globalization which has helped lift hundreds and millions out of poverty, most notably in China and India, but which, along with automation has also ended entire economies, accelerated global inequality, and left millions of others feeling betrayed and angry at existing political institutions.

      An awareness of other structural, economic issues that are weakening democracy: Globalization, Automation, Inequality.

    1. Disappearing message apps take something humans are bad at (remembering to do a specific task at a specific time) and hand that job to a computer, which is really good at that.

      Disappearing message apps automate the agreement

      The people in the message thread turn the responsibility for deleting the thread over to a machine. One person doesn't need to rely on the memory of another person to ensure the contents are deleted. People might forget; the machine just runs its rules.

    1. In its simplest sense, automation is about each individual part performing the same repetitive steps over and over again
  14. Mar 2022
    1. Oh and I automated my entire crypto portfolio.

      Interesting boast for someone who works for someone else. 🤔

  15. Jan 2022
    1. The script is in batch with some portions of powershell. The base code is fairly simple and most of it came from Googling ".bat transfer files" followed by ".bat how to only transfer certain file types" etc. The trick was making it work with my office, knowing where to scan for new files, knowing where not to scan due to lag (seriously, if you have a folder with 200,000 .txt files that crap will severally slow down your scans. Better to move it manually and then change the script to omit that folder from future searches)
    2. It essentially scans the on-site drive for any new files, generates hash values for them, transfers them to the Cloud, then generates hash values again for fidelity (in court you have to prove digital evidence hasn't been tampered with).

      Script to automate an 8 hour job: The firm gets thousands of digital documents, photos, etc on a daily basis. All of this goes on a local drive. My job is to transfer all of these files to the Cloud and then verify their fidelity.

  16. Nov 2021
    1. /!\ If you see "Complete the captcha then press enter", switch to the Chromium window and do the captcha. ¨¨ Press Enter when you're done, the page will reload and you should see the source code of the URL you request
    2. This code permit a manual bypass of the CloudFare captcha for FanFiction.net
  17. Sep 2021
    1. Side note: When I flagged yours as a dupe during review, the review system slapped me in the face and seriously accused me of not paying attention, a ridiculous claim by itself since locating a (potential) dupe requires quite a lot of attention.
  18. Jun 2021
    1. If everyone is marked as Extended Away, activate vacation mode to automatically turn off/on lights to make it look like someone is home

      intresting anti-theft automation

  19. May 2021
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    1. empty is an utility that provides an interface to execute and/or interact with processes under pseudo-terminal sessions (PTYs). This tool is definitely useful in programming of shell scripts designed to communicate with interactive programs like telnet, ssh, ftp, etc.
    1. fill_in('Foo', with: 'bar', fill_options: { clear: :backspace })

      first sighting: fill_options: { clear: :backspace })

      first sighting: fill_options as an option at all (for fill_in only, I presume)

      I wonder they added at all as a response to this:

      See also: https://hyp.is/ZcXVJJMyEeucgmPXYFP9yg/github.com/teamcapybara/capybara/issues/203

      (which key should have been pressed, backspace, space?)

  21. Mar 2021
    1. Stop thinking of the ideal user as some sort of honorable, frontier pilgrim; a first-class citizen who carries precedence over the lowly bot. Bots need to be granted the same permission as human users and it’s counter-productive to even think of them as separate users. Your blind human users with screen-readers need to behave as “robots” sometimes and your robots sending you English status alerts need to behave as humans sometimes.
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    1. you may be more likely to work alongside a robot in the near future than have one replace you. And even better news: You’re more likely to make friends with a robot than have one murder you. Hooray for the future!
    1. that can be partially automated but still require human oversight and occasional intervention
    2. but then have a tool that will show you each of the change sites one at a time and ask you either to accept the change, reject the change, or manually intervene using your editor of choice.
  31. Mar 2020
    1. Overestimating robots and AI underestimates the very people who can save us from this pandemic: Doctors, nurses, and other health workers, who will likely never be replaced by machines outright. They’re just too beautifully human for that.

      Yes - we used to have human elevator operators and telephone operators that would manually connect your calls. We now have automated check-out lines in stores and toll booths. In the future, we will have automated taxis and, yes, even some automated health care. Automated healthcare will enable better healthcare coverage with the same number of healthcare workers (or the same level of coverage with fewer workers). There can be good things or bad things about it - the way we do it will absolutely matter. We just need to think through how best to obtain the good without much of the bad ... rather than assuming it wont ever happen.

    2. the demand for products will keep climbing as well, as we’re seeing with this hiring bonanza.

      Probably not. The increase in demand is a result of the social-distancing and the hoarding. This is not a steady state. The demand for many things will return to normal (or below) once people figure out what they are using and what is still available. For example - you don't use that much more toilet paper when you are at home ... but you buy more if you don't know when it will be available again.

    3. Last week, Amazon officials announced that in response to the coronavirus they were hiring 100,000 additional humans to work in fulfillment centers and as delivery drivers, showing that not even this mighty tech company can do without people.

      Amazon has adopted automation in a very big and increasing way. Just because it has not automated everything yet, doesn't mean that complete automation isn't possible. We already know automated delivery is in the works. Amazon, Uber and Google are all working on the details of autonomous navigation ... and the ultimate result will absolutely impact future drivers (pun intended).

    4. Why haven’t the machines saved us yet?

      because machines don't buy tickets to fly on planes and vacation on cruise ships.

    5. And that’s all because of the vulnerabilities of the human worker.

      It has more to do with the vulnerabilities of the human traveler and the human guest (and less to do with the workers). The demand for these services has simply gone down while people try to avoid spreading the virus.

    1. Cookies may not be detected by scanner if the related tag is triggered by actions such as form submission, scroll depth, timing delay, etc. These tags will need to be controlled by manual methods.

      With all these caveats listed, it makes me wonder for which tags auto-blocking does work. Only script tags inside of head?

      They are a bit vague in their "how it works" description...

    2. Cookies set by in-line scripting directly in the HTML is not supported by the auto-blocking functionality.
  32. Feb 2020
    1. Do Browse like a user wouldTake natural pauses that users would take to consume page contentFocus on the most common use cases, rather than all the possible use casesTake note of pages where forms/logins occur, you will likely need to complete some scripting there
  33. Jan 2020
    1. we usually need 400-1200 colonies, it’s still easier and faster to do this manually than by colony picker. Also, colony pickers typically cost >$100K and don’t seem appropriate for our scale. 
  34. Dec 2019
    1. Rubydoc.info can automatically fetch and rebuild your docs from your github project everytime you commit! To add a post-receive (commit) hook to Github, simply select the official Rubydoc.info service hook from the list of service hooks in your project settings.
    1. Using kickstart, a system administrator can create a single file containing the answers to all the questions that would normally be asked during a typical installation. Kickstart files can be kept on a server system and read by individual computers during the installation. This installation method can support the use of a single kickstart file to install Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux on multiple machines, making it ideal for network and system administrators.
  35. Nov 2019
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    1. While about half of all work activities globally have the technical potential to be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies

      1/2 of all work is redundant (note: not .5 of all jobs but rather of the tasks we on given jobs; also, this is total so not on average meaning that some jobs are 99% today and others are less but point remains that even a CEO's job has redundancy)

  37. Mar 2019
    1. Nest Secure is easy to live with

      Yes it is. One downside, however, is that the system does not provide very good integration with other smart devices/services. This seems to be a trend in Google services of late. IFTTT, for example is not available at all for Nest Secure as today.

  38. Feb 2019
    1. It is no longer enough to automate information flows about us; the goal now is to automate us. These processes are meticulously designed to produce ignorance by circumventing individual awareness and thus eliminate any possibility of self-determination. As one data scientist explained to me, “We can engineer the context around a particular behaviour and force change that way… We are learning how to write the music, and then we let the music make them dance.”
  39. Jan 2019
  40. www.at-the-intersection.com www.at-the-intersection.com
    1. Like I dunno, I would sometimes prefer to have some type of automatic initiation process and enter trades, but I don't know of anything that's safe and I haven't really thought about it that much
    2. and I'll be manually inputting them. And that is annoying and I haven't really tackled that
    3. Um, three commas does that as well because it allows you to put in your targets, which is great cause it, you know, it auto sells it for you and then you can go back and look at it.
    4. maximize my profits or minimize my losses through automation
    5. So having that automated tool, um, I don't know how people would trade without it to be, to be completely honest,
  41. Oct 2017
    1. That deliberateness would eventually show up in the Omata, which promises a “deeper connection to the ride itself.”

      I like the emphasis on "deliberateness" as opposed to, I suppose, automation.

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    1. ICRA 2016 in Stockholm

      lâu quên mẹ nó hội nghị này thằng Redwan có dự ông Chong chắc cũng có

  46. Apr 2016
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    1. Min 52:43, Patternmakers: the artisans who enable the machine, who create the patterns that make machines possible.

  48. Aug 2015
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    1. With technological change, we see increased demand for new products; therefore new jobs are created on the railways and shops selling more luxury items, such as scarves and hats.

      Those who can't make, sell. Those who can't sell, starve. What a horrible thought.

  50. Feb 2014
    1. API Services During my monitoring of the API space, I came across a new API monitoring service called AutoDevBot, which monitors all your API endpoints, and notifies you when something goes wrong. Pretty standard feature in a new wave of API integration tools and services I’m seeing emerge, but what is interesting is they use Github as a central place to store the settings for the API monitoring service. AutoDevBot has you clone their settings template, make changes you need to monitor your APIs, register and fire up AutoDevBot to monitor. Seems like a pretty simple way for API service providers to engage with API providers, allowing them to manage all the configuration for API services alongside their own internal API operations.