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    1. on Mobile Devices

      Acá una alternativa sencilla, en español :) https://anotacionweb.com/truco-anotar-hypothesis-celular/

    2. only available on computers and laptops.

      This article here explains an alternative way to use Hypothesis on mobile with Firefox, without having to go through steps 1-3 of this tutorial.

    3. and bookmarklets for other browsers

      Unofficial Firefox extension is available here.

    4. not supported on mobile browsers.

      Actually it is, using chromium-based Yandex browser.

    1. mobile Firefox,

      This article here explains how to automate injecting the annotation client using Greasemonkey in Firefox mobile.

  2. Jul 2020
    1. getDeliveredNotifications

      In Android this uses getActiveNotifications):

      Recover a list of active notifications: ones that have been posted by the calling app that have not yet been dismissed by the user or cancel(java.lang.String, int)ed by the app.

    1. Ionic React manages the lifetime of a page,

      How does it manage it? There is some information about Angular here. Where is this information for React?

      Documentation about IonRouterOutlet is relevant here.

    1. several options available when routing to different views
      • Ionic Components' routerLink prop (IonItem, IonButton, IonCard, IonRouterLink, IonFabButton, and IonItemOption), with routerDirection prop to specify the type of transition (back, forward, or none).
      • React Routers Link component.
    2. React Routers Link component


      Apparently, it is like a browser's anchor tag

    1. using localStorage is bad for anything that needs to live for a long time as the browser/OS may clean it up.

      Should we use Ionic React Hook useStorage, then?

    2. []

      This means this will run only once. See here.

    1. npm link

      Since we're using yarn in the client repo, maybe it's better to use yarn link instead?

    1. suspender los cortes de servicios por 180 días de internet, cable y telefonía fija o móvil para algunos clientes puntuales, el zero rating para navegar las páginas de universidades nacionales y la baja de calidad de los contenidos de Netflix para no saturar las redes.

      El gobierno tomó estas decisiones? Algún enlace a las medidas puntuales?

    1. known as "the kill zone" in investment circles.

      giants like Google and Facebook. Both companies, along with Amazon and Apple, effectively have a “Kill Zone” around them—areas not worth operating or investing in, since defeat is guaranteed.

    1. watch out for big platforms that try to drive out competition, by discouraging their users from multi-homing.

      So this wouldn't be adversarial interoperability, in the terms defined here.

    2. MFN clause

      Most favoured nation. According to Wikipedia: "a status or level of treatment accorded by one state to another in international trade (...) the country which is the recipient of this treatment must nominally receive equal trade advantages as the most favoured nation by the country granting such treatment"

    1. In the absence of adversarial interoperability, we're left trying to solve the impossible collective action problem of getting everyone to switch at once,

      Still people do move from one service to another. Look at Facebook's (the product, not the company), Instagram, TikTok, etc.

    1. keep the relevant NAT port(s) open on the router/firewall. This technique allows traffic from clients to pass through from the Internet in a direction that would otherwise be blocked by the way network address translation works.

      But can the public server behind the NAT receive incoming connections from the clients directly? Or are they proxied through the central server?

    1. not necessary to port-forward or otherwise configure your router

      But then traffic goes through central servers? Isn't this a bottleneck?

    1. a small demo to get you started.

      In this example, useEffect is used to get data from a remote resource using Axios each time the user updates an input field.

    1. la fragilidad estructural con que convive la población inquilina en Argentina.

      Siento que el artículo habla de las realidades en grandes ciudades del país, como ser Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Rosario (y sus respectivas áreas metropolitanas), como si fuese una realidad nacional. Me pregunto si en vez de una ley única para todo el país no sería mejor leyes (incluso más exigentes) para estas ciudades.

    2. Según vaporosas mediciones de Cucicba (Colegio Único de Corredores Inmobiliarios de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires) en 2019, una proyección hipotética de la indexación propuesta en la ley de alquileres arrojó aumentos del 40% para 2020. Mientras que, desde sus relevamientos, el promedio de aumentos bajo la ley de la selva actual fue de 32% en 2019.

      No habría que comparar para un mismo período? Es decir, cuál habría sido el aumento para 2019 de seguir la indexación propuesta por la ley de alquileres?

    3. dolarización del valor de las propiedades,

      Este artículo del 2013 en Página 12 da más detalles sobre este proceso. Sin embargo, no encuentro que se tratase de una medida específica, sino más bien una consecuencia de otras medidas económicas. Es así?

    1. elements whose display value was assigned to "none" will not appear in the tree (whereas elements with "hidden" visibility will appear in the tree).

      display:none vs visibility:hidden

    1. The drop in users is caused by the switch to the new system. It appears that, in the case of uBlock Origin, about 1.6 million users of the add-on have Telemetry data disabled in Firefox.

      This drop should also be because, as they say in the same blog post, before they counted by unique IP address, and now they are counting by Firefox profile.

  3. Jun 2020
    1. the "Modern browsers" version assumes native support for features such as e.g. async/await, Promise, and ReadableStream.
    1. FCM might intentionally delay messages to prevent an app from consuming excessive resources and negatively affecting battery life.

      In which situations would this happen?

    2. When the device is in Doze, delivery may be delayed to conserve battery

      Starting from Android 6.0 (API level 23), Android introduces two power-saving features that extend battery life for users by managing how apps behave when a device is not connected to a power source: https://developer.android.com/training/monitoring-device-state/doze-standby

    1. download third-party libraries from their official site, not from a CDN or other location.

      is npm accepted?

    1. investigaciones recientes indican que el entre el 40% y el 45% de las personas infectadas son asintomáticas .

      Otra vez...

    2. Un estudio del SARS-CoV-2 estimó que la tasa más alta de transmisión viral tiene lugar uno a dos días antes de que la persona infectada comience a mostrar síntomas.

      Cuándo vamos a empezar a ser un pocos más serios y a citar los estudios cuando decimos "un estudio encontró que..."?

    1. hack

      Acá una adaptación al español de esta simple e ingeniosa idea: https://anotacionweb.com/truco-anotar-hypothesis-celular/

    2. a new filter

      The settings below seem to fail with urls with special characters, such as https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestación. Disabling the "Url Encode forwarded url" option seems to solve the problem.

    1. La OMS concluyó que el coronavirus no se transmite por el aire


      Esta nota se basa en información vieja, del 29 de marzo último. La organización internacional no cambió su postura sobre estos 2 temas ni informó sobre nueva evidencia hasta el momento. Ver chequeo completo acá.

    1. developer-content-bullshit machine

      What does the author mean with this?

    1. The creator of a Hypothesis group

      According to this issue in Github, in an LMS environment the creator of the group would be the first instructor-user in a course who creates and launches a Hypothesis-enabled reading. Could someone confirm this? Is this specified somewhere else?

    1. This will allow you and your classmates to follow each other’s work more easily.

      This seems to me less useful since there exist private annotation groups.

    2. video embedding
    1. complete reference target text.

      I wish there was an option to include both number and reference for headings.

    1. Firefox

      I published an unofficial Firefox extension here. Just download and install the XPI file. Go here for a discussion about it. So far only thing I found that doesn't work is annotating local PDFs, because Firefox is more restrictive about this than Chrome.

    1. preferred browser.

      I published an unofficial Firefox extension here. Just download and install the XPI file. Go here for a discussion about it. So far only thing I found that doesn't work is annotating local PDFs, because Firefox is more restrictive about this than Chrome.

    1. A Firefox/Hypothesis extension has been in the works for quite a while,

      I published an unofficial Firefox extension here. Just download and install the XPI file. Go here for a discussion about it. So far only thing I found that doesn't work is annotating local PDFs, because Firefox is more restrictive about this than Chrome.

    1. Firefox

      I published an unofficial Firefox extension here. Just download and install the XPI file. Go here for a discussion about it. So far only thing I found that doesn't work is annotating local PDFs, because Firefox is more restrictive about this than Chrome.

    1. other browsers

      I published an unofficial Firefox extension here. Just download and install the XPI file. Go here for a discussion about it. So far only thing I found that doesn't work is annotating local PDFs, because Firefox is more restrictive about this than Chrome.

    1. access the "file://" scheme,

      There seem to be semantic differences between Firefox and Chrome as to what "access" means. See here.

    1. semantic differences in meaning of this flag between browsers - in Firefox it currently means "false -- cannot load file:// urls, but *can* access them" in Chrome, it means "false - cannot access file:// urls".
    1. If an earlier version of your extension is public, this becomes the one seen by visitors to AMO.

      If the earlier version was human reviewed and approved, I suppose?

    2. submit to addons.mozilla.org (AMO)

      Does this mean to include self-distributed add-ons?

    1. All add-ons are subject to these policies, regardless of how they are distributed.

      So these policies apply to self distributed add-ons too, I suppose. Are they manually reviewed too? What happens if review is rejected in these cases?

    1. your add-on may still be subject to further review,

      Are self distributed add-ons manually reviewed? What happens in these cases if review is rejected?

    1. una actualización anual hace perder el valor del alquiler real en perjuicio del propietario",

      Esto no tiene por qué entenderse así. Una actualización anual no implica un desfasaje igual en perjuicio del inquilino al principio de cada año actualizado?

    1. query parameters:

      I have published this tool here to make the process of building the query string easier.

    1. «aprender sobre la extensa experiencia de Corea del Sur en utilización de boleta electrónica».

      De dónde es esta cita textual?

  4. May 2020
    1. # Configure routing for those marked packets ip rule add fwmark 0x1 lookup 100 ip route add local dev lo table 100

      Made persistent in Raspbian by adding these two lines to /etc/rc.local

    2. # DROP martian packets as they would have been if route_localnet was zero # Note: packets not leaving the server aren't affected by this, thus sslh will still work iptables -t raw -A PREROUTING ! -i lo -d -j DROP iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING ! -o lo -s -j DROP # Mark all connections made by ssl for special treatment (here sslh is run as user "sslh") iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner sslh -p tcp --tcp-flags FIN,SYN,RST,ACK SYN -j CONNMARK --set-xmark 0x01/0x0f # Outgoing packets that should go to sslh instead have to be rerouted, so mark them accordingly (copying over the connection mark) iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT ! -o lo -p tcp -m connmark --mark 0x01/0x0f -j CONNMARK --restore-mark --mask 0x0f

      Made persistent in Raspbian by running

      iptables-save > /etc/iptables/rules.v4


    3. # Set route_localnet = 1 on all interfaces so that ssl can use "localhost" as destination sysctl -w net.ipv4.conf.default.route_localnet=1 sysctl -w net.ipv4.conf.all.route_localnet=1

      Made persistent in Raspbian by adding these two lines to /etc/sysctl.conf:

      net.ipv4.conf.default.route_localnet=1 net.ipv4.conf.all.route_localnet=1

    1. As of today, this provides version 4.3.12 for Windows. This version seems to lack EV3 bricks. See here for older versions.

    1. public data release

      Any news?

    2. Fig. 6.

      I would love to see this very figure with number of puzzles attempted on the y-axis instead.

    3. There are a variety of factors that may lead to this

      One obvious factor may be that students with a teacher may have attempted more puzzles, and we know that the number of puzzles attempted correlates with the probability of reaching proficiency.

    4. larger percentages of older students reach proficiency,

      Given that the probability of "reaching proficiency" depends on the number of puzzles attempted, it would be nice to show how this number of puzzles attempted changes with age too.

    5. **


    6. tagging each of the ~500 puzzles across all of the CS Fundamentals courses to associate each puzzle with one or more concepts, and for each concept, a difficulty rating.

      Available here for CS Fundamentals International (i.e., Courses 1-4 + Accelerated).

      Is it available for the newer CS Fundamentals (Courses A-F + Express) too? I couldn't find it, but given that they are still reporting Proficiency in CS Fundamentals in 2019, I would say it is.

    7. heat map below

      It seems impossible to demonstrate proficiency in level 5 of difficulty for both "Repeat Until/While Loop" and "Events" concepts, because there are less than 3 puzzles for each of them.

    8. CS Fundamentals Course

      As described here, CS Fundamentals Course 1-4 + Accelerated (now CS Fundamentals International) was expanded for the 2017-18 school year as CS Fundamentals A-F + Express.

      Although Minecraft Hour of Code was released in 2015, no Minecraft activities seem to be available in the original 1-4+Accelerated course, whereas there are some in the newer A-F+Express course.

    9. courses designed for K-8

      K8: from kindergarten/pre-K (age 5–6) to 8th grade (up to age 14).

    1. You can get an RSS or Atom feed for annotations made at a specific url, a specific Hypothesis tag or group, or for a specific Hypothesis user.

      Domain-level query is also available with RSS and Atom feeds. This tool here makes the process of getting these feed urls a bit easier.

    1. AP Computer Science

      Offered by the College Board to high school students

    1. Atom feed format.

      In both the RSS and the Atom feeds, the link points to the annotation, instead of to the annotation in context. I think it would be more useful if it pointed to the annotation in context. Specially because there is no easy way to go from the annotation to the annotation in context (one has to copy the "share" url and paste it on the address bar).

    1. query Parameters

      Isn't there a way to search in the title field?

    2. contain

      Isn't there a way for an exact tag match? I mean, a way in which "web" would only match a "web" tag, and not a "web annotation" tag too, for example.

    1. estudio

      Quevedo, Luis Alberto y Roberto Bacman (2006): Sistema Nacional de Consumos Culturales – Tercer Libro. Buenos Aires: Secretaría de Medios de Comunicación, Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros, Presidencia de la Nación.

    1. Argentina es el único país latinoamericano calificado como país de «alta aptitud» en el inglés, ubicándose en el puesto 15 a nivel mundial en el año 2015, según un informe del Índice de Aptitud en Inglés (EF EPI).[5]​[6]​ En el 2017, Argentina descendió diez puestos con respecto a su mejor posición y se ubicó en el puesto 25, aunque aún continúa siendo el país con mejor dominio del inglés en Iberoamérica.[7]​

      Es importante destacar que esta evaluación es probable que esté sesgada porque los participantes se autoseleccionan. Según el propio sitio de la institución evaluadora: "la población examinada representada en este índice eligió hacer la prueba por sí misma y no se garantiza que sea representativa."

    1. Algunos especialistas cuestionan la representatividad de la muestra, pero lo cierto es que el índice gana terreno como la única medición en la materia.

      El propio sitio de la institución indica que "la muestra de examinados para el EF EPI está sesgada hacia participantes que están interesados en seguir el estudio del idioma y adultos jóvenes". Y "La población examinada representada en este índice eligió hacer la prueba por sí misma y no se garantiza que sea representativa".

    1. Enter "SI Appendix" into the file title field and select "Supporting Information (SI)" from the File Type menu.

      This confirms that SI should be uploaded separately.

    2. Upload a single SI PDF

      This does not match what it says above of submitting just one PDF file including main text and SI. This leads to think that SI should be uploaded as a separate file.

    1. the Bluebook,

      A style guide, which prescribes the most widely used legal citation system in the United States.

    2. open source
    3. The Madison Project,

      This was shut on Feb 2019, and a static site is now available at https://mymadison.io/.

    1. alivio planetario ante la retirada humana;

      Hablar de "alivio planetario" no supone un poco esa lógica de ecología como competencia entre especies? "Reconfiguración planetaria", quizá?

    2. no hay manera de que podamos abarcarlo en todo lo que es.

      Pero, ¿qué es un objeto? ¿Y cómo diferenciarlo de un concepto (como podría ser el concepto de polietileno), o de un fenómeno (como el calentamiento global)?

    3. esta lógica,

      La lógica kantiana, no la OOO

    4. el virus no existe para atacarte, el virus simplemente existe. Las formas de vida no compiten entre sí, aunque nos cueste creerlo desde nuestro paradigma capitalista. Las formas de vida colaboran entre sí.


    1. estadísticas

      Es absurdo que un organismo público sólo publique estos datos "abiertos" en formato de imagen (sí, "imagen" de una tabla) o PDF. Ignorancia o mala intención? Acá publico la data cruda extraída con el excelente software libre Tabula, el 05/may/20.

    1. wait = ms => new Promise

      It creates a function named 'wait' with one argument 'ms' which returns a promise

    1. Callbacks

      Won't the getMoneyBack function below fail because no callback function is passed as second argument?

  5. Apr 2020
    1. Adobe AcrobatPro.

      gImageReader is an excellent open source alternative. It runs both on Windows and Linux, and it provides a simple (yet powerful) frontend GUI to Google's robust open source OCR engine, Tesseract.

      I think an open source tool as this is a better fit to the open annotation ecosystem, based on libre software and standards, that Hypothesis promotes, instead of a proprietary (and expensive) tool such as Adobe AcrobatPro.

    1. “It is pretty cool, right? You cut the crap, for lack of a better word, and you get to be part of a global enterprise.”
    1. scoped to a particular domain.

      Climate Feedback group (see here and here) seems to be one of these Restricted Publisher Groups. However, it doesn't seem to be "scoped to a particular domain" (see for example here, here, or here).

      Is this a third configuration of Publisher Groups? Or a different kind of groups altogether? Or have these domains been enabled one by one to the Publisher Group scope? Is this behaviour explained somewhere?

    1. people encountering public Hypothesis annotations anywhere don’t have to worry about their privacy.

      In the Privacy Policy document there is an annotation that says:

      I decided against using hypothes.is as the commenting system for my blog, since I don't want my readers to be traceable by a third party I choose on their behalf

      Alhtough this annotation is a bit old -from 2016- I understand that Hypothes.is server would in fact get information from these readers through HTTP requests, correct? Such as IP address, browser's agent, etc. I wonder whether this is the traceability the annotator was referring to.

      Anyway, I think this wouldn't be much different to how an embedded image hosted elsewhere would be displayed on one such site. And Hypothes.is' Privacy Policy states that

      This information is collected in a log file and retained for a limited time

    1. at any time,

      It would be nice that it said here that Hypothes.is will notify its users if the Privacy Policy is changed.

    2. you may encounter annotations made by visitors that include media or links to other websites that set cookies that collect personal information. You can adjust your browser to block such cookies before viewing annotations on our website.

      As this is written now, it leads me to understand that these cookies can be set by just viewing these annotations on your website; that is without having to go to those other websites. Is that possible? Is that what was meant?

    1. keep annotations and other data publicly available and preserved for as long as possible.

      What happened with the original intention of having annotations saved by the Internet Archive? See for example here.

    2. If you have contributed to public conversations that others have replied to we will not delete your individual annotations. If you want to delete your annotations,

      Does this mean that annotations that others have replied to will not be deleted automatically if I choose to delete my account, but that I can delete these replied-to annotations myself, one by one?

      What about other annotations (i.e., those which have not been replied to)? Are they deleted automatically when my account is deleted?

    1. Hypothesis will display a red icon at the top of the Sidebar.

      Given that it is often the case that one is reading with the sidebar closed, it would be useful if the "<" button used to show the sidebar would be painted in red, for example, if new annotations become available.

    2. Format your annotation

      More on markdown formatting with Hypothes.is here.

    1. Visit our form to generate the key and secret you’ll need during the installation process.

      The form that shows in the picture below is here: https://lms.hypothes.is/welcome

    1. without losing sales

      Assuming that a book not lent is a book sold, which of course it's a falacy

    2. code embedded that makes it impossible for them to go to more than one patron at a time

      DRM-impossible. Hence legally -not technically- impossible

    1. Meta-moderators are chosen by their reputation in the associated area. By domain proximity.

      Meta-moderation: second level of comment moderation. A user is invited to rate a moderator's decision.

    1. The gene behind the fusion function in Sars-CoV-2 was not found in other coronaviruses in human or animals.But some deadly human viruses such as Aids and Ebola have similar sequences,

      What is the source for this? Protein S, which binds ACE2, has been described in other coronaviruses.

    2. this protein has an extremely low presence in T cells.

      While true, this does not explain why T cells are more sensitive to SARS-CoV-2 than to SARS-CoV. It only explains why they are not infected by SARS-CoV.

      In the paper they speculate that "the S protein of SARS-CoV-2 might mediate potent infectivity, even on cells expressing low hACE2" or that "other receptors [may] mediate the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into T cells".

    3. clinical report
    4. The surprise discovery, made by a team of researchers from Shanghai and New York,
    5. The virus’s genes then entered the T cell and took it hostage, disabling its function of protecting humans.

      Nowhere does the paper say that this is the case. Although the researchers found that SARS-CoV2 does infect T cells, they did not find a link between this and T-cell death and lymphocytopenia: "whether the infection induces apoptosis in T cells still need further research".

    6. “More and more people compare it to HIV,” said the doctor who requested not to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue.

      This is, at least, irresponsible. If the issue is so sensitive (which in fact is), casting rumours anonymously, without sources, does not help at all.

    7. severe acute respiratory syndrome, or Sars, another coronavirus,

      A syndrome is not a virus. It's a syndrome. SARS is the syndrome caused by SARS-COV. Researchers did the same experiment with SARS-COV

    1. T cell counts are reduced significantly in COVID-19 patients, and the surviving T cells appear functionally exhausted.

      Cause or consequence? Figure 2C shows that T-cell levels rise with infection decline.

    1. students responded to messages more actively and engaged in more in-depth discussions when discussions were moderated by a peer.

      This could be a good argument to push Hypothes.is to introduce some sort of moderation, in combination with the finding that annotation threads would be rare, and not very deep (Wolfe & Neuwirth, 2001)

    1. along an axis in a linear style.

      A → B → C → D

    2. other text

      George Landow refers to these texts linked by hyperlinks as "lexia". This is also the term used by Catherine Marshall in "Toward an ecology of hypertext annotation".

    1. No single definition exists for Consciousness—we here discuss phenomeno-logical awareness.

      Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


    1. prototypical examples for the gift economy's prominence in the technology sector, and its active role in instating the use of permissive free software and copyleft licenses, which allow free reuse of software and knowledge.

      Knowledge (that intangible good) seems like a perfect fit for Weiner's "inalienable possessions": the paradox of keeping while giving.

    1. a retarded

      Literally, that's what the original lyrics say.

    2. Devoto Jailhouse

      The only prison still working inside the city of Buenos Aires. Also in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city, "Devoto": It is currently in the process of being moved out. Picture by Mario Quinteros.

    3. armored truck

      Prosegur, maybe the most typical of these in Buenos Aires. Source: Flickr.

    4. Belgrano

      One of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the City of Buenos Aires. Source: Wikipedia).

    5. General Paz Av.

      Highway that surrounds most of the City of Buenos Aires, and separates it from the parts of the metropolis which belong to the surrounding Province of Buenos Aires (aka. "Conurbano"). Source: Wikipedia.

    1. ThirdVoice is now a “defunct” system

      It was taken down because they couldn't find a way to make it sustainable. In addition, it suffered pressure from a group of independent web hosts which likened the service to "web graffiti". See Wikipedia's article on Web Annotation.


    1. drain more of our mental resources while we are reading

      In the abstract, the study cited points to "dual-task effects of fulfilling the assignment and working with the computer resulting in a higher cognitive workload".

      Although this load may decrease with people getting more and more familiar with computers (and computers getting more and more intuitive), it is also the case that more distractors are available too.

      This reminds me of a webinar hosted by Hypothesis in which Amanda Licastro mentioned Cathy Davidson's book "Now you see it" to talk about "Productive Multitasking". In the view that Amanda presented (at least what I understood of what she said), multitasking and distractions are unavoidable, but we can canalize them productively through web annotation, for example -instead of switching to Facebook and disconnect from what we were reading.

    1. HASTAC

      HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) is an interdisciplinary community of humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists changing the way we teach and learn.

    1. an evaluation of social reading platforms; an analysis of social reading applications;

      This book includes a few sections about defunct Readmill.

    1. anotar, subrayar, compartir y comentar lo que otros comparten.

      Intenté dejar este comentario, pero no aparece, y no sé si quizá el autor tenga que autorizarlo, o tal vez el formulario no funcione correctamente.

      Es interesante, pero una pena que no tenga opción para exportar las anotaciones contribuidas. Estos modelos de software dependen en parte del hecho que sus usuarios son cautivos. Es decir, si un producto mejor surgiera, muchos usuarios dudarían en migrar, porque ya han invertido mucho en la plataforma cerrada, y no pueden recuperar lo que les pertenece y llevarlo a la nueva plataforma. Lo único que se menciona en los términos y condiciones de Glose es que si uno tiene una cuenta en Glose Education y quiere transferir sus contribuciones a una cuenta estándar, ellos harán "su mejor esfuerzo" para hacerlo (?).

      Este tipo de trampas son viejas y como usuarios creo que debemos evitarlas y hacerlas caer (o, idealmente, cambiar). Qué pasaría si un día Glose decidiera (o se viera obligada a) cerrar? Es inadmisible perder tanto trabajo de tantos lectores.

    1. in-line revisions or notes as well as marginal annotations.

      How easier would it be if the same thing happened with science journals.

    1. Their review of 16 experimental studies

      Only 8 of the 16 studies which met the inclusion criteria were experimental or quasi experimental.


    1. moderating entities.

      But do this entities have to be central, monolithic? Can't they be distributed, collaborative?

      I usually like to think of the reddit model as a proposal for moderation of web annotation. Reddit is quite flexible as of what it is allowed and what it is not (this has, of course, brought heated debates in the past). But reddit has multiple reddits (as web annotation may have multiple groups or sublayers), each with a set of rules, administered and moderated by one or more people.

      Do you like the moderation rules of one subreddit? You can join and even help with moderation. You don't like them? Then don't join and find another one you feel more comfortable with.

    2. a script

      This script can be easily circumvented with uBlock or similar. Just add a rule that forbids this script from loading. One simple rule is as follows (I guess there must be neater ways to doing it):


    3. Audrey Watters

      It's fun (?) that a few months before Nate Angell published in the Hypothesis' blog that Hypothesis was doing pretty well with the Audrey Watters' Test for Educational Technology.

    1. Genius blocker

      This can be very easily circumvented with uBlock or similar. Just add a rule that forbids this script from loading. One simple rule is as follows (I guess there must be neater ways to do it):


    2. If the troll tries

      And what if it isn't a "troll"?

    3. never even implemented a way for webmasters to opt out of it,

      There were discussions about opt-out mechanisms in the Web Annotation Working group (see here), but in the end it was decided that further work would be deferred to to a future version of the specifications.

    1. CC BY licenses.

      CC0 Public Domain Dedications?

    2. digital redlining,

      The practice of creating and perpetuating inequities between already marginalized groups specifically through the use of digital technologies, digital content, and the internet (Wikipedia).

    3. retains credit for their intellectual property.

      As far as I know, the CC0 Public Domain Dedication under which public annotations in Hypothesis are released, does not enforce attribution. Although Hypothesis supports Creative Commons' Public Domain Guidelines, which suggest that credit should be given when the author is known, these guidelines are voluntary and non binding. Do you know why Hypothesis has decided to have annotations released under CC0 Public Domain Declaration, instead of CC-BY license?

    4. give credit and attribution,

      Hi, Remi! Do you know of any agreements as of how to cite web annotations? Thanks!

    1. right now,

      It'd be nice if the blog post said when it was published.