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    1. The random intercept and random slope are only weakly correlated (0.294/19.493∗0.416−−−−−−−−−−−√≈0.1)

      How can I know this from statsmodels alone?

    2. labeled "Intercept RE" in the Statmodels output above.

      "Group Var"?

  2. Jul 2019
    1. ATM withdrawals are limited to five per month for primary account holders

      Unless card is shipped to Italy, Austria or the UK

    1. containing GTK.

      Where is GTK? Why isn't it encrypted?

    2. first EAPOL message

      Why MIC is not sent with this message?

    1. países pequeños con un alto nivel de educación uniforme acompañado con una fuerte ética que enfatiza en el valor del trabajo.

      ¿Es una consecuencia, o una causa? ¿Qué evidencias hay a favor de una y otra hipótesis?

    1. Code quality can have a major impact on software quality,

      Notice it differentiates code quality from software quality.

    1. There’s a pretty good reason why both Dat and Beaker are sketchy about describing keys: right now, you can kind of break it if you try to write to the same Dat from two computers.

      I understand this changed with Dat's introduction of multiwriter support. https://github.com/beakerbrowser/beaker/issues/815

    1. If a lot of nodes host a little bit, these little bits quickly add up to more space, bandwidth and availablity than any centralized HTTP service could ever possibly provide.

      How accurate is this? Think of Google, Amazon, etc. They are huge!

    1. Filter values support the same methods of spelling correction and partial matching as other Geocoding requests.

      However, whereas request (a), with locality "Coronel Moldes" (abbreviated as "CNEL.MOLDES") passed as address component returns ZERO_RESULTS; request (b), with locality passed within the address parameter returns a better result.

      request a) https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=1 DE MAYO 0&components=locality:CNEL.MOLDES|administrative_area:Provincia de Salta|country:AR&language=es-419,

      request b) https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=1+DE+MAYO+0,+CNEL.MOLDES&components=administrative_area:Provincia+de+Salta|country:AR&language=es-419

    1. ratificará la inconstitucionalidad del cierre dominical.

      Debería decir "la inconstitucionalidad de la obligación de cierre dominical". Cerrar nunca debería ser inconstitucional

  3. Jun 2019
    1. Crucially, a node loses its ability to function as soon as the node it is dependent on ceases to function while it may not be so severely effected by losing a node it is connected to.

      But isn't this comparison unfair? I mean, doesn't it actually depend on the number of connectivity and dependency links it has?. In other words, it is true that the node ceases to function if it loses the only node it depends on. But wouldn't it be equally dramatic if it loses the only node it is connected to? It seems to me it is all a matter of how many nodes it is connected to/it depends on.

    1. A Google or a Facebook will step in to help ensure that your customers are able to access your business’s website.

      This would be like internet.org

    2. either pay for the open internet or just get Facebook for free. They chose Facebook.

      Well, but internet.org seems to provide access to other services, not only Facebook. I understand that it is still questionable, but it is biasing.

    3. The Apple App Store isn’t a level playing field.

      Is Google's Play Store a little more of a level field? It would be nice to see how numbers are there.

    4. Zero Rating

      when you charge nothing for some services

    5. if we stop treating them like the utility that they are, they can find ways to charge a lot more money.

      Yeah, but don't they also do it to save money? If they favor services hosted in their own networks (such as a Netflix CDN installed in their facilities), aren't they saving money by not paying peer or transit?

    6. The water company shouldn’t care whether you’re turning on a tap to wash dishes or to take a shower.The power company shouldn’t care whether you’re plugging in a TV or a toaster.

      But they both charge you based on how much you use. ISPs usually don't do that, or their transfer quotas are quite high.

    7. Here’s all the fiber that carries internet data around the United States

      Figure is missing

    8. It’s not magic. And more people are waking up to this reality each day.

      What does she mean?

    9. instinctively try to keep the call as short as possible, because they want to avoid the massive long distance fees historically associated with such calls, even though these no longer apply.

      Doesn't it make some sense that long distance calls cost more than short distance? The same way driving a longer distance means paying more tolls?

    10. imagine that a corporation purposefully delayed the introduction of email by a decade. What would be the total impact on the productivity of society?

      What are the real implications (poverty reduction, etc) of this delay in economy growth?

    11. But the “baby bells” wouldn’t stay divided for long. In 1997, they were able to start merging back together into a corporation even bigger than before the break-up.

      This reminds me of Mickey's broom in Disney's "Fantasia". Can I write "Mickey"? Or will I be sued by Disney Corporation?

    1. more details can be found at the Echo Nest Analyze API documentation.
    2. 10 sections

      sections: large variations in rhythm or timbre, e.g. chorus, verse, bridge, guitar solo, etc.

    3. the mode the song is in

      0 or 1, minor or major

    1. Since November 2015 links to messenger app Telegram are no longer clickable or copyable in Whatsapp’s Android client,

      I tested it today in Android and it seems to be working now

    1. subset of 45,129 files from LMD-full

      correspond to 31034 MSD songs, an average of 1.45 midi files per song

    1. h5

      should be msd_Id

    2. extract beat and downbeat annotations

      The downbeat is the first beat of the bar,

    3. direct access to the pitch and start/end time of each note

      This looks to me like the same as above.

    4. The directory structure of both of these packages follows the Million Song Dataset.

      root, subdir 1, subdir 2 = third, fourth, fifth character of msd_id (after 'TR')

    1. If we evaluate non-C major key annotations separately, we achieve a score of 0.84 - very close to the human-to-human baseline.

      If there is a C major key signature, most likely it was set by default and it is wrong.

    2. MIDI-derived key annotations are not very reliable

      That is: key signatures provided as meta messages.

    1. Key Signature

      I understand this meta message has two data bytes, but the second byte (minor, major) could have been replaced by a bit (as it may either be 0 or 1 only). Couldn't it have been defined as first data byte = root note, second data byte = one of seven modes (ionian, dorian, etc)?

    1. Only supports major and minor keys.

      This is by design of the MIDI specification

    2. instruments

      I understand each instrument should correspond to one channel in one track, as long as the channel doesn't change program. Correct?

    3. numerator

      Why does it need the numerator for this? Shouldn't the denominator be enough?

    1. Cb Db Eb Fb Gb Ab Bb 7 flats Gb Ab Bb Cb Db Eb F 6 flats

      These first two are the same than last two

    1. In Chile, the national telecom regulator ruled that this practice violated net neutrality laws and had to end by June 1, 2014.[3][4]

      But "Claro" offered in December 2018 data plans which only allowed access to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

    1. rate of 24 per quarter note.

      Would this change if bpm changed through meta message?

    1. Pulses Per Quarter Note (PPQN):

      This is called "ticks per beat" in Python's mido.

    1. Most common web browsers can retrieve files hosted on FTP servers,

      This seems to have been first implemented by Tim Berners-Lee, when he was trying to popularize his World Wide Web and Web browser (according to himself, in his "Weaving the Web" 1999 book).

    1. some people don’t like the idea that anyone can essentially copy their blog post or website and then add a layer of criticism to it without their permission.

      Are they "copying" the websites?

    1. I wouldn’t even know this extra layer existed over my blog if one of the women annotating it hadn’t tweeted the link.

      Naturally, as she wouldn't know someone was commenting about her article in Twitter, reddit, etc, if she didn't know those sites existed.

    1. catch-22: the utility of the service requires a certain scale.

      catch-22: paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations.

    1. divulgación de imagines intimas, violación a la intimidad y daño moral.

      Pero se divulgaron imágenes suyas? O de su ex esposo?

    1. will not know that it was hidden from other group members.


    2. unspoken codes of conduct that apply to any annotation that’s created within that group.

      Why unspoken? Couldn't they be advertised in the group's page to make sure everyone is aware of them?

    1. toolbar buttons color is white on white background in slashdot

    1. Rufus Pollock and Philip Schmidt’s joint grant while active Shuttleworth Foundation grantees allowed Nick to focus for a time on that project.

      Open Knowledge Foundation

    1. Banks 0 to 127 are called the Melodic banks while bank 128 is reserved for Percussion presets.

      It's talking about banks! Not presets :)

    1. the architectures of extension/plugin technologies are user-agent specific.

      I'm still not sure what the WebExtensions API is, but this may have been sent before its (widespread?) use

    1. A pre-print is the Author's version of the Article before peer-review has taken place ("Pre-Print").

      And what happens with versions before acceptance but after peer-review has started?

    1. a expensas de aumentar los tiempos de espera en los otros cruces.

      O creando servicios cortos entre Belgrano o Núñez y Retiro, pero harían falta o bien un playa de maniobras, o bien un cambio de vías

    1. Este sitio tiene un problema. Calcula como año de menor popularidad el inicio del dataset. O sea, si hay varios años con cero registros para el nombre, devuelve el más antiguo como año de menor popularidad.

  4. May 2019
    1. V/VI significa "dominante del VI grado".

      equivalente al tercer grado de la escala en la que vengo

    1. Adobe Acrobat

      I think we could explain how to do this using open source alternatives, such as gImageReader with Tesseract.

  5. Feb 2019
  6. Aug 2018
    1. child = elm.childNodes[i]

      I understand this goes undefined (which is 'false') when i goes beyond the last element in the array

    1. conda install -c conda-forge pyglet pysoundfile python-bidi moviepy pyosf

      downgrades python to 3.5 and then psychopy fails because it needs >3.6. These can be installed with pip instead

    1. Juan José Cresto

      Ex director del Museo Histórico Nacional. Habría sido destituido y luego restituido por denuncias en su contra. Finalmente en 2005 no habría sido renovado en su cargo.

    2. razas que no eran ni son comparables

      dice "razas", ignorando el consenso mundial de hablar de "etnias"

  7. Jul 2018
    1. increased the extent to which people perceive that they have free choice, which in turn has led to higher levels of happiness

      free choice perception correlating with happiness. How does this relate to Erich Fromm ideas in "The Fear of Freedom"

    1. puede hallarse online), “Un estudio en torno a la intervención de una ONG en el campo de la nutrición infantil: el caso de Nutrir Los Hornos”
    2. en el texto cambió el nombre por preservar, en ese momento, “en el anonimato la identidad” de la ONG y algunas personas que testimoniaban.

      La ONG se llama (o llamaba) "Nutrir la vida". No entiendo por qué en el artículo se sugiere que el nombre fue ocultado a drede en la tesis.

    1. large swaths of the old town center were becoming a huge Airbnb hotel.

      I was told the same thing was happening in Amsterdam: people buying houses just to rent them for tourism.

  8. Apr 2018
    1. It returns a collection of paths. Each path in the collection describes the shape of the marker. For example, if the marker is a circle, the path would be that returned by mpl.path.Path.circle() (with some affine scaling if applicable). The collection of paths also has an offset value which describes where each path (marker) will be drawn.

  9. Sep 2017
    1. https://speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize
    2. gcloud auth application-default print-access-token

      Seems to fail if environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS is not set: https://cloud.google.com/docs/authentication/getting-started#using_a_service_account_in_your_application. Seems to work as well if run as gcloud auth print-access-token (without "application-default").

    3. -H "Authorization: Bearer access_token"

      to pass your authentication as a bearer token in an Authorization header

  10. Aug 2017
    1. Psychonomic Society's 58h Annual Meeting

      not 58th Annual Meeting; but 3rd International Meeting

    1. The best parameter values should always be cross-validated

      Cross-validation does not return any model with parameters tuned. It does, however, give a measure of out-of-sample (generalization) accuracy. It does so by averaging over several random partitions of the data into training and test (validation) samples.

    2. when splitting a node during the construction of the tree, the split that is chosen is no longer the best split among all features

      According to Wikipedia, a random subset of features is chosen "at each candidate split in the learning process"

    1. Simply training many trees on a single training set would give strongly correlated trees (or even the same tree many times, if the training algorithm is deterministic); bootstrap sampling is a way of de-correlating the trees by showing them different training sets.

      "simply" training many trees; i.e. without selection of random subset of the features

  11. Jul 2017
    1. [1]

      The evidence p(x) can be evaluated (using the sum and product rules) in terms of likelihoods (probability of data given parameters) and priors (prior believes about parameters): \(p(x) = \sum_{i} p(x|\theta_i)\)

  12. Feb 2017
    1. I thought they could help us some way

      There must me a difference between "thinking thay they [Mr. Jovic as President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia] could help them in some way", and "being left [by them] in no doubt that Belgrade would help them".

    2. Mr. Jovic is allegedly to have promised to 18 Mr. Babic? In the transcript we received in written form, it says -- it's 19 about Mr. Babic's order: "We did not get a specific promise, but I was 20 left in no doubt that Belgrade would help us."

      See BBC's Death of Yugoslavia chapter 2: Road to War, 9m20s, here with spanish subtitiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM5ewil4lws

    3. MR. NICE

      Wikipedia's article on Geoffrey Nice: deputy prosecutor at the trial of Slobodan Milošević in The Hague and initiated the prosecution's initial case of linking atrocities committed in the former Yugoslavia to Milosevic

  13. Jan 2017
    1. non-zero entries

      Cada non-zero entry es una palabra del diccionario (o feature) -una de las dimensiones del espacio vectorial- seguido de un valor proporcional al número de veces que la palabra aparece en uno de los documentos, pesado por la frecuencia de la palabra en el corpus (palabras más frecuentes tienen valores más bajos).

    2. sparse TF-IDF vectors

      Observar que no usó una stoplist para ignorar palabras comunes. Probablemente, éstas perderan peso a causa del vector space model algorithm tf-idf.