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    1. To understand this helper, you should understand that every step invocation calls Output() for you behind the scenes. The following DSL use is identical to the one [above]. class Execute < Trailblazer::Activity::Railway step :find_provider, Output(Trailblazer::Activity::Left, :failure) => Track(:failure), Output(Trailblazer::Activity::Right, :success) => Track(:success)
    2. The macro automatically wires all of Validate’s ends to the known counter-part tracks.
    1. Some assets will be compiled as top-level assets when they are referenced from inside of another asset. For example, the asset_url erb helper will automatically link assets:
    1. When you use this syntax the lines on either end of the areas are actually getting named automatically.
  4. Jan 2021
    1. Potentially competing impulses and inhibitions are controlled by instinct and habit processes, plus any motives (wants or needs) that are present at the time. Wants and needs are generated by feelings of anticipated pleasure or satisfaction and of anticipated relief from discomfort or drive states. All of this makes up our ‘automatic’ motivation.

      Potansiyel olarak rekabet eden dürtüler ve engellemeler, içgüdü ve alışkanlık süreçlerinin yanı sıra o sırada mevcut olan her türlü dürtü (istek veya ihtiyaç) tarafından kontrol edilir. İstekler ve ihtiyaçlar, beklenen zevk veya tatmin duyguları ve rahatsızlık veya dürtü durumlarından beklenen rahatlama duyguları tarafından üretilir. Tüm bunlar "otomatik" motivasyonumuzu oluşturuyor

    1. Automatic Motivation is less conscious and more reflexive, driven by emotional states, impulses and context triggers.

      Otomatik Motivasyon, duygusal durumlar, dürtüler ve bağlam tetikleyicileri tarafından yönlendirilen daha az bilinçli ve daha refleksiftir.

    1. Automatic firmware updates can be accessed from your software settings on System76 hardware. These updates help to promptly quash any threat of security risk to your computer.
  5. Dec 2020
    1. Don't worry about the fact that we're redeclaring the foo function for every component instance — Svelte will hoist any functions that don't depend on local state out of the component definition.
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    1. But then, I still want to upgrade my dependencies from time to time, in a painless way. I recommend checking Renovate which handles JavaScript and Ruby dependencies auto updating. Use it.
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    1. Arguably what is in­ter­est­ing about Svelte’s approach to state man­age­ment is not the store itself but the auto-sub­scrip­tion that is possible because of the Svelte compiler. By simply appending a $ to a variable inside of a component, e.g. $myVariable, the compiler will know to expect an object with a subscribe method on it and generate the boil­er­plate of sub­scrib­ing and un­sub­scrib­ing for you.
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    1. Automatic Sequence Computer

      The Harvard Mark 1 was an ASCC or an Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Mark_I) - so Clarke was using this term for what was possibly the most powerful computer during his time. Our smartphones now are more powerful than several of these ASCCs