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  1. Feb 2024
    1. partage les coulisses de contournement là vous voyez un tableau dans le ça alors on va juste faire un truc c'est imaginons que je veux veiller à chaque 00:33:09 fois qu'il y a le mot clé #noode sur Twitter ou alors qu'il y a hâte solidatech
  2. Dec 2023
    1. Matt GrossMatt Gross (He/Him) • 1st (He/Him) • 1st Vice President, Digital Initiatives at Archetype MediaVice President, Digital Initiatives at Archetype Media 4d • 4d • So, here's an interesting project I launched two weeks ago: The HistoryNet Podcast, a mostly automated transformation of HistoryNet's archive of 25,000+ stories into an AI-driven daily podcast, powered by Instaread and Zapier. The voices are pretty good! The stories are better than pretty good! The implications are... maybe terrifying? Curious to hear what you think. Listen at https://lnkd.in/emUTduyC or, as they always say, "wherever you get your podcasts."


      One can now relatively easily use various tools in combination with artificial intelligence-based voices and reading to convert large corpuses of text into audiobooks, podcasts or other spoken media.

  3. May 2021
  4. Apr 2021