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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Foam bọt nở hay keo bọt nở là một foam với thành gốc Polyurethane (PU) dùng để trám trét khe hở có khả năng cách âm cách nhiệt và chống thấm, là vật liệu quan trọng trong xây dựng trám trét lắp đặt, chà ron, chèn, lắp các khe, lổ hỏng và dán các tấm tường.
  2. Oct 2022
    1. Khi mà chúng ta càng nhiều tuổi thì lượng collagen trong cơ thể bắt đầu bị giảm sút. Bởi lượng collagen sản sinh ra không đủ để bù đắp vào lượng bị mất đi. Vì vậy làn da sẽ bắt đầu gặp phải các vấn đề như khô da, có các nếp nhăn. Chính vì vậy bạn cần phải bổ sung collagen cho cơ thể. Webdanhgia.net sẽ giới thiệu cho bạn sản phẩm bột uống dưỡng da Coco Collagen. Để bạn có thể hiểu thêm về sản phẩm cũng như tin dùng sản phẩm
    1. So, bots are computer algorithms (set of logic steps to complete a specific task) that work in online social network sites to execute tasks autonomously and repetitively. They simulate the behavior of human beings in a social network, interacting with other users, and sharing information and messages [1]–[3]. Because of the algorithms behind bots’ logic, bots can learn from reaction patterns how to respond to certain situations. That is, they possess artificial intelligence (AI). 

      In all honesty, since I don't usually dwell on technology, coding, and stuff. I thought when you say "Bot" it is controlled by another user like a legit person, never knew that it was programmed and created to learn the usual patterns of posting of some people may be it on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. I think it is important to properly understand how "Bots" work to avoid misinformation and disinformation most importantly during this time of prominent social media use.

  3. Apr 2022
    1. How many bot can I have at the same time? Both platforms limit the maximum number of active trading bot that users can have in their accounts. KuCoin allows users to have up to 10 trading bots. If you have 10 active bots already, then you’ll need to shut down one of them before starting another new bot. Pionex allows you to have up to 30 bots on each trading pairs, that means you won’t be able to create new bots with BTC/USDT if you have 30 active bots with it, but you can still create a new bot with other trading pairs. KuCoinPionexDiff. types of bot313Trading fee0.08% for classic grid0.06% for futures grid0.05%Max. bot allowed10 for each accounts30 for each trading pairs As KuCoin and Pionex both provide grid trading bot and DCA Bot, we’re going to compare the difference between these two bots on each platform.
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  5. Jan 2022
    1. We've been having great conversations at [[agora discuss]] lately.

      I agree, it's been great! I'll try to get a [[matrix bot]] running soon to complement and interlink all that activity.

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    1. Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text
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