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    1. Kim Bora face challenges in persuading investors to choose a middle school student as the protagonist.(page 14)

  3. Apr 2023
    1. Working with a vast number of characters, all of whom defied expectations, demanded a different kind of film language. It became clear that an observational film wouldn’t work, and not only because of the number of subjects involved; it just wouldn’t do justice to the girls. “We didn’t want to just follow them,” Van Hemelryck says. “We felt there was much more that could be done with them.”

      challenges while making the film Alis

  4. Mar 2023
    1. In what other fields can the concept of “grand challenges” be used?

      Pretty much all fields, I think. I guess it's like formulating a problem, a possible future, giving a vision to aim at. And then gathering the people to collaborate and work toward it together.

  5. Feb 2023
    1. “formulations of global problems that can be plausibly addressed through coordinated and collaborative effort”.

      Global Challenges

    1. understand the nuances and obstacles that so frequently stymie the initiatives they undertake

      There are so many nuances to consider and learn about. In a way, we can all lead and learn by acknowledging that sometimes good intentions are perceived differently. I appreciate the author emphasizing core needs.

  6. Jan 2023
    1. Our species faces two great tasks in the next few centuries. Our first task is to make human brotherhood effective and permanent. Our second task is to preserve and enhance the rich diversity of Nature in the world around us. Our new understanding of biological and cultural evolution may help us to see more clearly what we have to do.

      !- modern humans : face two challenge - universalising Humanity - preserving the rich diversity found in nature

  7. Dec 2022
    1. doughnut economics does questionthe dominant economic growth paradigm [1,14]. How-ever, Brand et al. [49] see the absence of upper limits onthe social foundation as a particular limitation of thedoughnut, proposing that ‘societal boundaries’ areneeded to address injustice and slow the metabolism ofsocieties that overshoot ecological boundaries. Indownscaling efforts, determining such societal bound-aries would require powerful local leadership and in-tensive public engagement to foster their legitimacywhile also helping to identify the social and culturalresources that can support collective self-restraint [49].Such engagement may also help to counter the interestsof powerful actors who oppose socioeconomic limits orbenefit from greater inequality [69].

      !- local doughnut economics : challenges - incumbent power will resist constraints to socio-economic limits - local doughnut economic champions will need to provide strong leadership to counter such actors

    2. Translating the ambition behind the doughnut to localaction is inherently political given the demand for socialand economic shifts that imply a significant redistribu-tion of power and resources [23,65]. Critical social sci-ence research highlights the need for principles tounderpin such decision-making processes, ensuring thatgovernance for sustainable development is transparent,accountable, and responsive, particularly to those whoare marginalised [49].

      !- doughnut economics : local governance -will require major power shifts so becomes political - there is a need for transparency, accountability and responsiveness, especially to those who are marginalized

    3. Thisraises questions about the mechanisms to coordinate andmonitor change across scales, as well as the challenge ofmaintaining coherence over time while wider prioritiesand goals may shift. Given this, and the plethora of localgovernance institutions and arrangements that exist,successfully deploying the doughnut will require re-newed attention to coordination across multilevel gov-ernance regimes [5,53].

      !- challenges of : cross scale coherence - coordination of different government layers will be critical for a coherent strategy

    4. he concept of planetary boundariesprioritising scientific expertise and discussed primarily inacademic debates [14], and the doughnut commonlyappealing to policy-makers and practitioners at nationalor subnational scales, neither has the traction acrossspatial scales that has been achieved through the steerby the UN in the case of SDGs.

      !- downscaling : planetary boundaries and doughnut economics - neither has the traction as SDGs

    5. If the doughnut is to bea practical tool for governance it will need to involve newconversations incorporating political institutions, civilsociety organisations, and the wider public

      !- downscaling : doughnut economics - challenges - wider stakeholder engagement than just scientific community is required

    6. downscaling poses the additional complexity ofunderstanding place-based dynamic systems to identifypathways that are safe and just over time [26,37]. Incomparison to national processes, where issues are ad-dressed by separate government departments and siloedpolicy agendas [22], local institutions may be better ableto generate integrative place-based policy and action[43,44]. However, institutional capacity and integrationmechanisms may be needed to support these kinds ofpolicies [45]. Applications of the doughnut present fur-ther challenges in this regard because of a need to in-tegrate and respond to changing scientific knowledgeregarding non-linear change, tipping points, interactionsand feedbacks [35], for which it may be difficult toidentify the implications for local contexts.

      !- downscaling : doughnut economics - challenges related to place-based dynamic systems

    7. Downscaling the doughnut may require more attentionto connectivity across scales than has been demanded bypast approaches to local governance for sustainable de-velopment. The task of downscaling global models in-tensifies established challenges around goal setting,indicator selection, data availability and ongoing mon-itoring [18,22,23,26,39] because it requires goal setting tobe informed by an understanding of context-specificsocial and ecological trends and how they interact toinfluence both local and planetary outcomes. There areparticular complications in incorporating a burden-sharing approach that explores the extent to which localactivity contributes to global trends and problems.

      !- downscaling : doughnut economics - challenges in downscaling

    1. To put any of these ideas into practice requires the involvement of diverse actors across scales from the local to global (Ostrom et al., 1999). While cross-scale translation is necessary to inform decisions by such actors at sub-global scales, translation is complicated by the spatial heterogeneity of pressures and impacts (Biermann & Kim, 2020) and the value-laden (Biermann & Kalfagianni, 2020; Häyhä et al., 2016) and potentially iterative (Pickering & Persson, 2020) judgments involved in the allocation of these targets.

      !- challenges of : cross scale translation - spatial heterogeneity of pressures and impacts - value laden judgments in allocation of the targets

    1. think I would add complexity and the fragility of six continent supply chain. The inability of global leaders to actually say some of the things that you're saying, 00:09:30 because that would cause a phase shift in how we approach the resource situation. I would add that everything is optimized for growth, and we will kick any possible can forward. So the default would be to grow a bigger global system using more fossil fuels and more renewables, 00:09:54 even with renewables growing at a faster rate. And in the process of decarbonizing our energy source, as you pointed out, we will re-materialize our mineral product source on the manufacturing side.

      !- summary of challenges : Nate's additional comments - complexity, fragility of global supply chains, global leader stuck on dangerous economic growth story

    2. So now we are in a situation where we want to build a new system. And that system is going to be built with really, really fragile and expensive energy. No sorry, ineffective and expensive energy using a fragile finance system. It's probably a better way to say it. So our finance sector is not in a fit state to engage in industrial reform. And now we're also finding because energy's becoming a problem, and natural resources 00:06:52 are decreasing in grade, and getting harder to get hold of. So our ability to bring more resources online are getting harder and harder. At the same time, we have a massive pollution stream that is historically unprecedented and an environment that is deteriorating, that's the only way to describe it. Deteriorating at all levels. And we've got an unprecedented number of human population embedded in this system.

      !- summary : current challenges - have to quickly build an entirely new system but... - fragile, expensive, low EROI, scarce energy - fragile financial system not fit for industrial reform - scarce and insufficient mineral resources - massive pollution stream - environmental degradation at all levels - unprecedented human population

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    1. GWG, Some random thoughts:

      Your challenge question is tough, not just for the mere discovery portion, but for the multiple other functions involved, particularly a "submit/reply" portion and a separate "I want to subscribe to something for future updates".

      I can't think of any sites that do both of these functionalities at the same time. They're almost always a two step process, and quite often, after the submission part, few people ever revisit the original challenge to see further updates and follow along. The lack of an easy subscribe function is the downfall of the second part. A system that allowed one to do both a cross-site submit/subscribe simultaneously would be ideal UI, but that seems a harder problem, especially as subscribe isn't well implemented in IndieWeb spaces with a one click and done set up.

      Silo based spaces where you're subscribed to the people who might also participate might drip feed you some responses, but I don't think that even micro.blog has something that you could use to follow the daily photo challenges by does it?

      Other examples: https://daily.ds106.us/ is a good example of a sort of /planet that does regular challenges and has a back end that aggregates responses (usually from Twitter). I imagine that people are subscribed to the main feed of the daily challenges, but I don't imagine that many are subscribed to the comments feed (is there even one?)

      Maxwell's Sith Lord Challenge is one of the few I've seen in the personal site space that has aggregated responses at https://www.maxwelljoslyn.com/sithlordchallenge. I don't think it has an easy way to subscribe to the responses though an h-feed of responses on the page might work in a reader? Maybe he's got some thoughts about how this worked out.

      Ongoing challenges, like a 30 day photography challenge for example, are even harder because they're an ongoing one that either requires a central repository to collect, curate, and display them (indieweb.xyz, or a similar planet) or require something that can collect one or more of a variety of submitted feeds and then display them or allow a feed(s) of them. I've seen something like this before with http://connectedcourses.net/ in the education space using RSS, but it took some time to not only set it up but to get people's sites to work with it. (It was manual and it definitely hurt as I recall.)

      I don't think of it as a challenge, but I often submit to the IndieWeb sub on indieweb.xyz and I'm also subscribed to its output as well. In this case it works as an example since this is one of its primary functions. It's not framed as a challenge, though it certainly could be. Here one could suggest that participants tag their posts with a particular hashtag for tracking, but in IndieWeb space they'd be "tagging" their posts with the planet's particular post URL and either manually or automatically pinging the Webmention endpoint.

      Another option that could help implement some fun in the system is to salmention all the prior submissions on each submission as an update mechanism, but one would need to have a way to unsubscribe to this as it could be(come) a spam vector.

  10. Apr 2022
    1. Best Ways to Scale a Startup or Business Successfully

      Your dream project is no longer merely a concept. It's now a reality. You've successfully launched your product, and it's gradually growing in popularity. You might be wondering now, "How does one scale a startup?"

      However, there is another critical question to consider: Is your project ready to scale?

      According to the Startup Genome Report, up to 90% of all startups fail because they try to scale too quickly. You risk a lot if you make a mistake and start scaling a business before you're ready.

      It's not easy, but you can avoid those dangers. In this blog post, we'll show you how to tell if your startup is ready for scale, and if it isn't, how to get ready. We’ve

  11. Mar 2022
    1. This demands that mobile technologies take into account differences in gender, education, and resource levels among farmers, and are responsive to changing circumstances. The impact and success of these tools and programs should be monitored and evaluated, with ineffective approaches being improved or replaced.
    1. Lastly, the large number of con-nected sensors and devices can produce a huge amount of data whichcan easily overwhelm small scale server infrastructure
    2. Power consumption canbe an issue since these IOT equipment requires power sources, whichcan increase the production cost of the vegetables
    3. Another important facet of aquaponics is in pH stabilization. One ofthe most commonly reared fish species in aquaponics is nile tilapia(Oreochromis).
    4. Pest and disease control is another challenging aspect of aquaponicsthat requires attention.
    5. Firstly, for aquaponics to be a sustainable system for food produc-tion, nutrients input have to be used efficiently with minimal discard toachieve a zero discharge recirculating
    6. aquaponics isdifficult to sustain due to several factors such as temperature control,lack of sunlight, excessive wind and moisture of air.



  12. Nov 2021
    1. upcoming challenges

      upcoming challenges

    2. challenges

      teacher challenges excessive number of tasks,

      1. Challenges persisting after the initial phase of the COVID19 crisis in regard of online learning.
    3. suggestions
      1. Challenges persisting after the initial phase of the COVID19 crisis in regard of online learning.

      this is where we can ask her about the hyflex model; her findings based on the surveys

  13. Oct 2021
    1. Lean Canvas

      For the builders collective, I created some tools that are open source and useful for design and social architecture. Other projects are coding challenges to experiment with what is possible on the web.

      This experiment is based on the Lean Canvas, based on the Business Model Canvas from the book Business Model Generation.

      Type in the grey box at the top of the page. Click or tap in the boxes to add the text as a box in each section of the Lean Canvas. Click on the box to delete.

      There is no save functionality, so be sure to take a screenshot. Or roll your own by using the code on Codepen and GitHub.

  14. Sep 2021
    1. the online classroom might be challenging for some to grapple with

      During the OTL Advisory Board meeting, I'm hoping to pull out some of the areas/ideas that faculty are seeing challenges in. I'm sure we will hear about proctoring and academic integrity. However, this is a small percentage of our learner population. I'm also curious what areas you are seeing as ITSs, IDs, or multimedia team members.

  15. Jun 2021
    1. He was telling me it was 3,500, but the landlord was keeping 2,500 and giving him 1,000 of it. And I had found out, because the own landlord lady told me, and I had to move and I had to lose my job.

      Return to Mexico - challenges - economic well-being Family relations - father tricking him for more money

  16. May 2021
    1. I like the idea in theory, however it doesn’t feel very robust – you are relying on the layout of the page in question. Many authors regularly revisit articles and add new sections and paragraphs. Now your #h2:3 link points to a previous section. (This is far less likely to happen with IDs.)
  17. Mar 2021
    1. Teachers and administrators need to be aware of their community and who may or may not have access, not only in school but at home as well.

      Example.. students from low-income countries may not have reliable or affordable access to the internet in which the elements include digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, and digital security. Other examples like the prolific use of the internet in tertiary education advocates the responsible use of technology, in which practices and standards are essential informants on the importance of digital citizenship.

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    1. I had one issue with snap and that involved VLC but I can see how it would lead to issues with other packages. I hav the libdvdcss2 package installed to allow me to watch DVDs on my laptop. The snap version of VLC was not aware of that and wouldn’t play the DVD. I had to uninstall the snap and install the .deb package. Just one example, but I know there will be others. Due to the quasi-legal nature of libdvdcss2, I doubt it’ll ever be bundled in a VLC snap package.
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    1. 480Gabriela Grosseck / Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 (2009) 478–482 2. Web 2.0 – Opportunities and Challenges for Higher

      Great perspectives considering you're making an investment...you would want to know the advantages.

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    1. One of the more clever aspects of the agent is how it can verify a user's identity (or more precisely, possession of a private key) without revealing that private key to anybody.
  27. Nov 2019
    1. It makes sense that the incoherent render would not be committed to browser and that it would not have any consequences most of the time. But that means that you render logic must be ready to manage incoherency between props and states without crashing. E.g. a list of resource ids in props that doesn't match a list of http requests from a previous id list in the state could lead to weird situations. This is a worry that didn't exist in class components.
    2. But that means that you render logic must be ready to manage incoherency between props and states without crashing
    1. The thing is that each UI decision depends on countless other UI decisions. A simple example is keybindings. On UNIX/Linux, it’s nearly impossible to pick reasonable default bindings for global desktop navigation because they all conflict with bindings that some app is using. On Windows, the desktop navigation bindings are hardcoded, and no app uses them, because apps know for sure which bindings to avoid.
    1. Validate Candidate’s Skills with Coding Assessment Test

      Test coding skills of candidates using Wild Noodle's online coding assessment tests. Their automated online coding challenges to assess developers' programming skills and also have an extensive pool of role based programming and objective questions. Contact now!

  28. Jul 2019
    1. One dystopian potential outcome would be that, despite the best efforts of many institutions of all kinds, we could see a devolution back to a distinctly two-tiered system like what existed in 19th Century Britain. In this negative projection one can envision a very small number of well-endowed institutions that cater to the wealthy, well-prepared class as well as a small number of carefully picked representatives from various groups. These students would receive a world-class education, while most students would be at risk of receiving a much lower quality education that is overly-reliant on poorly built computerized teaching systems or online learning courseware that does not provide the kind of encouragement and motivation that is required to help students through the many challenges encountered when learning. Following this path could well lead to a self-perpetuating system across generations where a small elite group benefits from a compounding level of social capital, while most students are left out, leading to a widening of social, political, cultural, and financial gulfs.

      This is the dystopian vision that I fear a market-fundamentalist, machine-first approach will generate.

      Pet peeve: Points taken away for Kevin's use of "devolution back" here, given that evolution does not go backwards.

  29. Jun 2019
    1. Is something supposed to load under the 3 bullet points? I see a 'loading circle' but nothing is popping up.

  30. Mar 2019
    1. A Pedagogical Framework for Technology Integration in ESL Classrooms 191is that in an online reading environment designed with embedded compre-hension strategy supports, ELLs’ comprehension gains were significantly associated with their frequency of using coaching avatars that provided sup-port for effective use of reading comprehension strategies (Proctor et al., 2007). Ubiquitous technology environments can arouse student interest in us-ing the technologies (Huang, Huang, Huang, & Lin, 2012; Sandberg, Maris, & de Geus, 2011) and promote better learning outcomes in listening, speak-ing and vocabulary acquisition (Gromik, 2012; Liu & Chu, 2010; Sandberg et al., 2011). Sandberg et al. (2011) observed that when students took home a smartphone to learn English about zoo animals, they were motivated to use it in their spare time, which enabled them to outperform those who did not take the mobile applications home. Technologies designed to adapt to individual learners’ needs have also demonstrated positive effects in promoting learning (Lo, Wang, & Yeh, 2004; Chen & Chung, 2008; Hsu, Hwang, & Chang, 2010; Jia, Chen, Ding, & Ruan, 2012; Wible, Kuo, Chien, Liu, & Tsao, 2001). Lo et al. (2004) used a hypermedia-based English prepositions learning system2 to diagnose students’ errors and provide adaptive remedial instructions, which signifi-cantly improved students’ confidence and learning outcomes. Challenges. The degree of freedom that teachers should give students when students use technology for language learning deserves exploration. Experiments have shown that, when students were free to choose how and when to use CALL, their choices could lead to poor learning and wasted time (Sciarone & Meijer, 1993). Another challenge is that, although learning tools provide easy access to resources, learners may feel overwhelmed by large amounts of information and become passive receivers of knowledge (Schmid, 2008). Easy access to resources can encourage laziness and pas-sivity of learners when it comes to checking materials and exploring knowl-edge themselves.

      This paper exemplifies the technology integration into an ESL classroom. The author has found many great things about using technology to teach her students as well as many challenges associated with it. Some of the positive ways technology has helped her teaching is the student interest in technology, the scaffolds it can provide for these students and how it can adapt to students individual needs. On the flip side, some of the challenges technology presents for this ESL classroom are the initial engagement with technology is short lived, teachers are not trained adequately and there are few guidelines to provide a framework for ESL teachers. Rating 8/10

  31. Nov 2018
    1. Adult learners face numerous challenges that include changing definitions, overcoming circumstances, relearning, and motivation. Addressing these challenges in a timely and personal way is especially important in distance learning environments. This roundtable will discuss how WGU addresses these challenges and prepares educators in a manner independent of place and time.

      This article discusses ways to help adults in distance learning environments. The panelists are university workers sharing how they address the issues.

  32. Aug 2018
    1. Malaysia’s smart cities are some way behind as they are still new. That is not a bad thing as Malaysia has avoided the pitfalls of being an early adopter. Authorities can apply advanced technology and systems that already work.


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    1. I’m sure lots of you out there may have challenges to the above ideas and even better ones.

      I struggle with annotating texts that are potentially controversial. For example, last semester we annotated some texts on GamerGate. It's such a touchy subject that I felt that I couldn't express my full opinions, I had a fear of retribution.

  35. Apr 2016
    1. new solutions for societal challenges

      If TDM is limited to non-commercial and/or academic use, then addressing societal challenges basically excludes contributions from outside the non-commercial and/ or academic realm, i.e. from large parts of society.

  36. Feb 2016
    1. Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenge

      A second grade student should be able to identify what challenges the main characters goes through in a story and how they get through it.


      A good example of this would be the book David Gets In Trouble. This book shows the challenges David goes through and how he overcomes them in the end of the story.

  37. Dec 2015
    1. So far this has been minimally to moderately successful.

      Challenges relating to policy adoption, particularly administrative policy. What type of "policy" typically encourages the most participation in open initiatives?

  38. Jul 2015