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  1. Apr 2023
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    1. The magic bullet of education and skillseliminating poverty is an alluring one, but without a substantial increase in thenumber and quality of opportunities available, it is only a mirage.
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  5. Jun 2021
    1. But I looked for a job. I was blessed to find a job actually with my stepdad. My stepdad did all the solar stuff—solar panels.

      Time in the US - employment, job - Homelife - stepfather

    2. I could see them--that they were advancing in life, and I was still in the same spot. So I asked my mom if I could get a job, and that's when she broke it down to me that I wasn't even from here. And that was right there like a slap in the face.

      Time in US - immigration status - being secretive - lost opportunities

  6. Jun 2020
  7. Apr 2019
    1. Hemmes lifts lid on project APRIL 03, 2019 Pub titan Justin Hemmes’s $1.5 billion redevelopment will dominate a Sydney city block, taking up to seven years to complete, with world-class local and international architects engaging in a design competition for the proposed five-star extravaganza. In his first interview on the yet-to-be-named project, the billionaire said he planned a 52,500sq m tower opposite Wynyard Station, amalgamating his Ivy party palace and adding a substantial office component, a luxury hotel and an opulent hospitality precinct.

      Awesome news. This MUST be rolled into Crossrail/West Metro planning works.

  8. Jan 2019
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    1. hey have those auto ones where you've got to sit in there and manually type in however many digits. One of the other things that bothers me about Binance is they don't allow you to copy and paste a number because a lot of times like say for instance in Bittrex, and I'll get to them in a moment, is that they, uh, allow you to basically look down sell and ether and I can look down at the bottom of the previous trades and I can just select that revenue from the old trade in bitcoin and just copy and paste that straight into the buy side and then buy back, you know, ether, uh, hopefully one point, oh, something or one point something
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  14. Sep 2015
    1. "If you leave those there it will make a mess and make me spill things. That's one reason we don't let you bitches behind the bar."

      Well.. that's a little over the top.. Was the waitress ever told previous to this situation to make sure to remove the bottle caps? If you want the waitress to use the space like you do out of routine, then teach the waitress the rules of keeping the area clean before you leave the bar unattended and she has customers to serve.